Boy Looking at an XRay Aquarium
Boy Looking at an XRay Aquarium
Boy Looking at an XRay Aquarium. Must not be feeding the fish much lately.

Funny Fiat in an Aquarium

Fiat in an Aquarium
Member reactions:
I can only suggest you to change the color of the carin order to make it more evident in respect of the background.
I've heard of flooding a car but.... Nice one DD
Excellence in chopping,DeadDog.. Love the exhaust bubbles

Funny Aquarium Poachers

Aquarium Poachers

Funny Pet White Shark in an Aquarium

Pet White Shark in an Aquarium
Not recommended for homes with cats

Funny Mr Bean in an Aquarium

Mr Bean in an Aquarium
The river UNDER the sea Background Model
Member reactions:
Awesome news entry.... Love the visuals of the Under sea River and the way you have composed putting the mermaid, dolphins inside it is really amazing good chop

Funny Fire Hydrant Aquarium

Fire Hydrant Aquarium
full view please......
Member reactions:
Excellent work on this pipe, a Unique Aquarium which makes fishes swim and jump out of water... Beautiful Piranha and Eel fish trying to come out of it
Very colorful design Hope it would be like by many
Clever. Congrats on the bronze, Silvercanine.

Funny The Penguin's Aquarium

The Penguin's Aquarium
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Love the fish on the counter. Nice touch.

Funny Aquarium Windows

Aquarium Windows
This is what I like to do
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Wont be the last time I use it either..... its a cool car. Need to figure out make model and year.
Nice chop, I am partial to underwater chops.

Funny Aquarium Tool Box

Aquarium Tool Box

Funny Diving in Shark Aquarium

Diving in Shark Aquarium
Diving with the sharks in Las Vegas Aquarium Sharks Sources
Member reactions:
The octopus makes me known, it seems like this. I would like to see the original image. Here
great job, great result .
thanks guys TaitaViracocha : I posted that octopus in my source , it's taken from this movie cover night at museum 2
Thanks for the source. Just what I said because my entry disqualified for using the image signal, and warn the rest of my friends who do not use this octopus in your work. Thanks again and sorry for the insistence. Gracias por la fuente. Solo lo decia porque a mi me descalificaron una entrada por utilizar la imagen que senalo, y advierto al resto de mis amigos que no utilicen este pulpo en sus trabajos. Gracias nuevamente y perdon por la insistencia.
Congrats Kratos, very creative use of sources. I like the lighting too.
Excellent work. Makes me think of "Finding Nemo" movie
Kratos, congrats once more on the win. Looks great..
Way to go...always good and interesting...congrats
Sweet. Congrats Kratos on another great entry.
Congrads, always can find you at the top and thanks for your comments.
thanks all , made only for fun glad all you like it

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