iScanner X-Ray Phone Application
iScanner X-Ray Phone Application
iScanner X-Ray Phone Application. =)
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Clever work, clean execution. Congrats on the woody, shkiperx.
Coool work shkiperx congrats on the woody

Funny Joe Biden iPod Application

Joe  Biden iPod Application
Biden Reveals Location of Secret VP Bunker
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Ohhhhh if only this were true.... Hahhahaahahahaha
i like this,especially the nancy pelosi joker.
I want this phone. Nancy Pelosi joker is is hilarious.

Funny Twitter Mobile Application

Twitter Mobile Application
Building Businesses Tweet by Tweet
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Supremely imaginative. I love the way you seemlessly connected the old-style TV to the vintage Royal typewriter. The rabbit ears adds a nice touch. Good work.. I LOVE it.
I agree with bob. Clever work. Needs a full view for full appreciation of all details.

Funny Job Application

Job Application
Calgary Flame Broiled.
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. . . or "How do you spell NHL."

Funny Freaking News Adobe Application

Freaking News Adobe Application
This is what the Freaking News application would look like if it were part of CS5.

Funny iPhone Pregnancy Application

iPhone Pregnancy Application
The I-Phone has an App for every task in life.

Funny ihate iPad Application

ihate iPad Application
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Talking about wooden bombs - they do explode.

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