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Funny Application Pictures

Premonition Death_iPad'5 New ApplicationFunny Premonition Death_iPad'5 New Application
Member reactions:
TIME HAS NO LIMITS...DEATH IS PASSING INTO ANOTEHER DIMENSION AND PREMONITION OF DEATH CAN BE A PERFECT PLAUSIBLE GAME * premonition of death_a new application of iPad'5 ...Steve Jobs anticipation and via William Bouguereau indebted Him
Very good like the concept of Ipad 5 and the crow gazing at the application

iScanner X-Ray Phone ApplicationFunny iScanner X-Ray Phone Application
Member reactions:

Clever work, clean execution. Congrats on the woody, shkiperx.
Coool work shkiperx congrats on the woody

Joe  Biden iPod ApplicationFunny Joe Biden iPod Application
Member reactions:
Biden Reveals Location of Secret VP Bunker
Ohhhhh if only this were true.... Hahhahaahahahaha
i like this,especially the nancy pelosi joker.
I want this phone. Nancy Pelosi joker is is hilarious.

Twitter Mobile ApplicationFunny Twitter Mobile Application
Member reactions:

Building Businesses Tweet by Tweet
Supremely imaginative. I love the way you seemlessly connected the old-style TV to the vintage Royal typewriter. The rabbit ears adds a nice touch. Good work.. I LOVE it.
I agree with bob. Clever work. Needs a full view for full appreciation of all details.

Pamela Anderson Marriage ApplicationFunny Pamela Anderson Marriage Application
Member reactions:

Now casting
This marriage application is brilliant and looks realistic for Pamela Anderson
This is one of the funniest submissions I have ever seen. Great job.
Graet entry lots of funny little details i found the "eyes-2" "hair-yes" funnnnnny great job
Hmmmm, I didn't even notice, I guess she does have eyes
...This is very creative. Looks good... i found "birth country: this one" funny
Im surprised she could fill ALL that out.

Job ApplicationFunny Job Application
Member reactions:

Calgary Flame Broiled.
. . . or "How do you spell NHL."

Freaking News Adobe ApplicationFunny Freaking News Adobe Application
Member reactions:

This is what the Freaking News application would look like if it were part of CS5.

iPhone Pregnancy ApplicationFunny iPhone Pregnancy Application
Member reactions:

The I-Phone has an App for every task in life.

ihate iPad ApplicationFunny ihate iPad Application
Member reactions:

Talking about wooden bombs - they do explode.

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