Apple Pirates
Apple Pirates
Apple Pirates. Member reactions:
Your mixture of hi and lower res sources takes away from the beauty of this fine chop.
Thank you gentlemen but Doc, please note my non-critique preference.
, that was nice to say. Thanks. You can pick and chose from many here.
Tons of work in this one. I like the Apple Jolly Roger. I would also say more, but respecting your "no critique preference"
First underwater pirate...sort of Nemo . Great chop.
Saw this Gold Grats coming from a mile away. WTG Hitster.
Congrads that's two in a row, we be eating tonight
TY Wanderer, Bob, SS, HH, 420, Gummy., NM, Luciano, Andwhat, Elegary, Doc and Silvercanine.
My goodness you're good.Love it, congrats on the win.
All eye candy all the time. Congrats on the Gold, Hits.
Congrats on the gold Hit, your chops are always amazing
Got back on this morning and your pic is the first one I see, Love the colors.
Thanks. I am going through a heavy color saturation phase. Not enough color in the world. If we want to see real colors, we just need to look around. I guess I feel "art" is supposed to take us beyond that. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it heheheehe

Funny Apple iPhone 6 Presentation

Apple iPhone 6 Presentation
Member reactions:
What's wrong. iPhone 6 is thin and lubricated.

Funny Apple Phone

Apple Phone
It makes a great paperweight too.

Funny The Apple iPatch

The Apple iPatch
Arghhh. 'Pair it' with the Parrot, Apple's matching WiFi Hotspot. (optional) Note: Once the depth perception issue is corrected, this design deserves a 2nd look.
Member reactions:
Like the Patch work... Pirates would be the first customers to buy this gadget good work its different

Funny New Apple i-Pregnancy Test-phone

New Apple i-Pregnancy Test-phone
You are unhappy and angry because you are pregnant, pregnant by bad ideas. New Apple product will help you diagnose and resolve your problem shortly or you will be scheduled by UN for surgery.
Member reactions:
Very Innovative and Putin is the first. patient to get his test done good work in designing the packet
I hope it's just a problem of indigestion.
Liiks like the UN will deliver his baby via a c-Section... or more exactly c-sanction.
Great job Wanderer.... Mucho eye candy. Congrats.
Congrats on Gold, Wanderer.. Hilarious work done

Funny Apple iGlass

Apple  iGlass
Member reactions:
Great Innovative idea... this glass shows the world in a real 3d format
Clever thinking, not sure gives you a lot more than actual Google's glasses ot things like that.
Fabulous concept and execution. I would position the shadows a bit further so that the glasses appear a bit further from the face (now they look almost glued on it)
Clean and clever. Well done. Congrats on the wood
Congrats on Wood, GRM.. Unique well done image..
Thanks for the comments everyone.

Funny Adams Apple

Adams Apple
Perhaps it was Adam who took the first bite. I mean, who doesn't love the taste of apples. (Please forgive me if this is too racy)
Member reactions:
Matter of fact which doesn't come with Ancient story book
Quality artwork work. I would remove the Eve's belly button as she was born from the Adam's rib
Yull think I'm lyin', but I thought of that. Belly buttons are just sooooo awesome. I just couldn't drop it. Ya know, It WAS gonna cost Adam "an arm and a leg"... but he negotiated.

Funny Apple iphone Temptation

Apple iphone Temptation
The first Apple
Member reactions:
I hear Apple is trying to sue god. Cos he made a fruit based on their Logo.
Fantasric. And I agree with Luciano about the bitten apple here

Funny Apple Enlightenment

Apple Enlightenment

Funny Did you bite my Apple

Did you bite my Apple
Member reactions:
Steve getting naughty with apple... thank god they are covered
. Very clever play on the apple concept too.

Funny Apple's Next Product

Apple's Next Product
Apple is teaming up with IBM to help boost its slowing iPad sales and gain a larger market share for tablets. Considering the Apple's tablet market share shrank by 5% in the last 6 months, AND the company's second quarter earnings were below Wall Street expectations, Tim Cook has yet to prove the investors he can bring the company to the financial bliss it had in the Steve Jobs days. Last year there were lots of rumors about Apple introducing a new gadget called iWatch, but the product was never introduced. Perhaps today we can make a few suggestions for Apple? Help Apple design and market any of their future products. Many thanks to skitterchick for the themepost.

Funny Apple's Next Product

Apple's Next Product
Apple is hosting a big event on September 10 where it's widely expected to present its next generation iPhone. But rumor has it Apple will show more than just a new iPhone - a few sources close to the company said it'll be a new gadget called iWatch. When asked to comment, Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris said "We don't comment on rumors." What may (or may not) be the Apple's new product kept in secret until September 10? Will it be iWatch or something else? Design the Apple's next product (iPhone, iWatch, or anything else).

Funny Apple IIc

Apple IIc
This Monday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Many of FN members use Apple products. But how many of us actually had Apple IIc in the 80s? With this contest we bring some nice memories of this old computer. Photoshop this photo of Apple IIc computer (image credit Bilby) any way you wish. Some examples are - merge this Apple IIc with other computers or objects, show how it could be modified or upgraded, etc.

Funny Apple's Next Product

Apple's Next Product
Apple's third quarter earnings were below expectations of analysts and Wall Street. Apple, which Tim Cook has led since last August, divided the blame for the shortfall between muted consumer purchases in Western Europe and a pullback in demand as consumers wait for a new iPhone model that many expect will be launched in September or October. Help Apple design and market any of their future products.

Funny Apple Inc.

Apple Inc.
Apple Inc had been under a lot of criticism over the reception issues with iPhone 4. Tens of thousands of loyal iPhone customers are so upset that they are switching to other brands. And if that were't enough troubles for Steve Jobs & Apple, iPod nano has big overheating issues. The Trade Ministry in Japan has ordered Apple to publish information detailing how first generation iPod nano owners can get replacement batteries if their device is overheating. At the moment, Apple is the most criticized brand in the blogosphere, according to research into consumer attitudes toward brands on the web. Apple is the most criticized brand on the web now, but we know they USED to make good quality products. Let's show that they can do it again. Take any product or object and show how it'd look if Apple designed it. Make it the Apple way - simplified and cute!

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