George Bush Appeal
George Bush Appeal
George Bush Appeal. I am open to changes on the copy.. any sugestions.
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I am sorry, it is my fault, I submited two entries (both with meerkats) I don't like the one with Bush anymore and wish I could remove it.. Can I.
Just to stress his disdain of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Bush talks to the NAAMC.
Yes, it is a disgrace to Meercats
the meerkats are great, love seeing them, sorry

Funny Le Louvre Appeal

Le Louvre Appeal
Les Trois Grāces, Lucas Cranach the Elder
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I can chip in some FN credits, if they may help

Funny Red Leaf Appeal

Red Leaf Appeal

Funny Romney-Ryan Appeal to African Americans

Romney-Ryan Appeal to African Americans
One of the biggest challenges in Romney-Ryan camp is to get votes from African Americans. The recent poll showed that Obama continues to beat Mitt Romney among African American voters with a staggering 94 percent to 0 percent lead. That zero is not a typo - not one of the surveyed black voters said he plans to vote for Romney. The remaining 6 percent said they were undecided. Shocked with the poll results, Romney-Ryan campaign managers are re-crafting the campaign messages to make them more appealing to African American voters. One blogger wrote in this regard "Forget the campaign messages. The only way Romney could get these black votes is if he changed his skin color". So, if Romney or Ryan were black, would they appeal to African American voters? Perhaps they should also design specific campaign posters appealing to black voters? Today you are a Romney-Ryan campaign manager and your task is to change Romney (and/or Ryan's) skin color to black. Additionally, you can design a Romney-Ryan campaign poster targeting African Americans, or show any ways how Romney/Ryan can appeal to black voters.

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