Apocalypse Rat
Apocalypse Rat
Apocalypse Rat. If Rats Ruled. I'm just saying...
Member reactions:
Very apocalyptic and scary good. I loved the feel of this. Good luck in the contest. High marks.
Thanks, RB. Glad you like it. Just a little different take, I thought worth sharing.
Darn good pic, think I saw some that big in Baltimore and New York, Congrats on your win.
Congrats on your win Splat. A beautiful pic
Thank you very much Hobbit and Robin. I'm glad you made it out of there alive Hobbit. (:
Great job Splatshot..loving the dark gothic look
Gold congrats Splats, on an outstanding job done with the perfect background choice. Pro work on the spiked back hair.
Thank you very much, Champ. I was pleased at the way the giant rat blended so well into the scene.

Funny Apocalypse Car Shoe

Apocalypse Car Shoe
Member reactions:
cool pic and all that but,,, I thought we were to turn a shoe into a car, not a part on a car (seat). but I guess it's OK there's a shoe in there somewhere.
Gummy..I think its more than just a shoe as a seat..The car body was built from a Hades chromed high heel shoe with plated multi piece spinal 6 inch heel pump.(looks really fuuturistic)..and the characters placed inside and as it is set an apocalyptic future and as such is more of a buggy with all the other parts like engine,exhausts and wheels scavenged and cobbled together..a 2nd shoe is on the front strapped upside down with flames from the stiletto heel..so hope it is in keeping with the competitions shoe theme..
I stand corrected. and now that you pointed out some of the features I can see them.
I like how you used the strap from the shoe as a shoulder belt. Bunch of cool stuff.

Funny Machete Apocalypse

Machete Apocalypse
Member reactions:
Fantastic caricature with the perfect background. Woody Grats, Fugit.
Great job fugit. This would be more powerful with his eyes aimed at the camera. I always change the eyes otherwise the subject is staring off into space.

Funny Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse
Member reactions:
Nice work, Hobbit. "Zombie Santa" He deserved what he got... Congrats on another cup.
Hahahahaha good one and congrats on the cup

Funny Jeff Sessions Jockeys In The Apocalypse

Jeff Sessions Jockeys In The Apocalypse
Former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, taking justice to a new level.
Member reactions:
Very nice clean look, great Sessions toon.
I do not get this... If ya have a critique in you... tell me why you can score a 12 image build so fricken low...
One horseman instead of 4... budgetary cuts I guess hahahah Congrats, Splat
That's what I thought, MsgtBob. Knowing your A55 from a hole in the ground would help... you need to work on that...
Thanks Gummy, Reggie, Mano and Hits. Actually Tim this idea was for the previous (4 crazies) contest but I just didn't have time to finish it.
Suitable for framing SS. Would have loved to see 4 crazies. Bronze Congrats.
Thanks, Reggie. And Yes Thanks, Vincent. I was thinking maybe Sessions should have been sporting a pair of scales instead of the jockey whip.
Congrats on the win SplatShot, well done and a good one.
Yeah, I think it is well done, though I don't like the different haloes around everything (maybe if they were all consistent.). But still better than average and if you think a seven is low-balling, sorry bout that.
Sorry Bob. Guess I'm a bit out of line. You should certainly be afforded your personal preference. But the same thing has been happening week after week contest after contest for a long time now. I just wanted to know what it is you don't like about my work. And No I don't consider a 7 score low-balling. But then again I wouldn't call a 7 an above average as you have just describe this image. as far as the consistency with the glow, it's set exactly the same on every image that has a glow 8px 3% spread of the element portion in photoshop's Layer Style option. It may have however pick up some slight inconsistencies during the rotation and diffusion used to achieve the painterly effect. Again, Sorry Bob, for all the Drama... guess I was having a bad day. Cheers...

Funny Pumpkin Apocalypse

Pumpkin Apocalypse
Member reactions:
Scary Perspective ... Orange you glad your not the guy on the ground looking up.
Thanks Splat about to become a disembodied Pumpkin 🎃
Darn Good One, Fantastic close up. Congrats...
My fav, but must be seen big to appreciate the detail. Congrats on the Bronze, PS.
Thanks again hobbit I saved yours as a favourite Appreciated Reggie, it was tough to vote on, so many quality entries I was holding second place from the outset right until late on. I must have lived in The Bronze Age 😂. Thanks CraftLord another fine chop yourself.
Equally impressive... Man,, some good competition in this contest. Congrats.
Congrats, PSH. So many Great images this contest but I think this might be my favorite.
Thanks Hits and SS. Appreciated 👍🏼

Funny Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse
Member reactions:
My fav of the contest, killer original view. Congrats on the cup.

Funny Apocalypse (Day of doom)

Apocalypse (Day of doom)
Member reactions:
Thank God atleast dog and horse got safe during apocalypse

Funny X Men Apocalypse

X Men Apocalypse

Funny The Apocalypse Christmas Movie

The Apocalypse Christmas Movie
Yes, Santa visited Saigon in 1967 and was given a mission, deliver toys to a remote nether region close to the Cambodian border. He went to bring the spirit of Christmas to the jungle, and found his brother Leroy commanding a guerrilla army of reindeer, elves and mountain people against The Horror. Christmas with extreme prejudice. Cruel. Dangerous. And an excellent forum for psychedelic rock.
Member reactions:
Thoughtful chopping here. Should have placed higher
I agree with Newsmaster,this should have scored higher.Dont know why others didn't see it that way 🎅
FN is like fishing. You try to be as smart, funny and technically proficient as possible and then you take your chances - with a lot of other people who are pretty darn good amazing fisherpersons. You have to enjoy the fishing. That's the important thing.

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