Going Ape
Going Ape
Going Ape.

Funny Two Headed Ape

Two Headed Ape
Two Headed Animals

Funny Thinker, The Inner Ape

Thinker, The Inner Ape
Member reactions:
Thanks for the comment, Crafty. If from He11 is what you see, then so it shall be
Fantastic artwork Splats, shoulda cupped.
Thanks, Uncle-C. I took my Q from you. I blurred a CNN tech background and added some rose petals. I thought it turned out pretty good. Images
It does look good. Excellent work and thoughtful chop.
Thank you very much, Hits. Thanks for the "freaky" endorsement, Bob.
Awesome work with the source pics Splats. Never would have guessed CNN background. I thought blurred view inside a blood vessel
Thank you very kindly, Champ, Andrew, and Gummy.
Thanks, Karar. You have a good eye my friend. Yes, the rose petals were interesting in that you have to pay attention to the position, focus, brightness, and size.

Funny Ape Knight

Ape Knight
Most Sources
Member reactions:
Nice to see the sources. Great work, Hidden.
Congrats on the Bronze, SilverK9. Excellent colors and lighting.
Congrats, SK9... Last time I saw that facial expression, the guy had just stepped barefoot upon a lit cigarette. Nice building K9. I found that if you stare at it long enough the sky begins to move behind the ape.
Great and colorful chop,eye candy.Congrats on the bronze k9

Funny Ape of the Year Movie

Ape of the Year Movie
Member reactions:
Would do a better job, then whats in there now.
I knew this was yours.... Great blend, Luciano.... Elegantly neat.

Funny Abraham Lincoln Ape

Abraham Lincoln Ape

Funny Captain America Ape

Captain America Ape
Member reactions:
nice. maybe soften the hair outline a little.

Funny Stars Wars in Planet of the Apes

Stars Wars in Planet of the Apes

Funny Apes in Rowboat

Apes in Rowboat

Funny Isis Apes Destroy Artifacts

Isis Apes Destroy Artifacts
Artifact Thugs ISIS thugs destroy priceless ancient art
Member reactions:
Excellent and a bit scary too... then again so is their vandalism
I would have expected ,ore outrage considering we are all supposed to be artists. Thanks for the comments, guys.
I expected this one definitely to place. Go figure.
Though not meant to, it may have caused some discomfort with folks sensitive to the subject. Sometimes chops that deal with Islamic bad apples don't do very well and that is understandable. But it is current news, chop-able stuff and that is what we do. It actually takes courage to take these idiots to task because they can't laugh at themselves and tend to get all violently angry and kill people that object to their BS.

Funny Zoo Ape

Zoo Ape
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this zoo ape image any way you wish. Some examples are - making this ape perform some stunts, adding other animals or people into the zoo, designing a poster this zoo ape, putting the zoo ape into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to TiredTom for providing this wonderful photo after his recent zoo trip!

Funny City Apes

City Apes
Save the ape, bring them home - show them adopting and assimilating to life in big cities.

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