AOC : `Is he President? Let's impeach him!`
AOC : `Is he President? Let's impeach him!`
AOC : "Is he President? Let's impeach him!". Four Witches

Funny AOC in Red

AOC in Red
Degas original    "Girl in Red"
Member reactions:
, ya got this right, good one.....
thanks to whomever changed the link. (gotta learn how to do that)
Your welcome Hidden, it works the same as instructions to add a news story link in the News in Pictures contest. Awesome job looking very Degas and realistic.
Looks awesome Vic, very natural and perfectly blended. Russian patch looks great. Bronze Congrats on the Bronze, Vicspa.
Congrats On locking up a Cup, Vic. Great Work on Alexandrian.

Funny AOC Dang Thats Not My Vibrator

AOC Dang Thats Not My Vibrator
It was my Taser
Member reactions:
Hilarious, Gummy Lol.. It could happen with this one.
Always late to the Party, in me top 5 and that all that counts.

Funny AOC America's Laughing Stock

AOC America's Laughing Stock
Member reactions:
When California, freezes OVER.
Laughing Stock. you mean she's already taken Trump's title.
Winner in my Book, HH. Great Blending and work with her hair.
Never thought AOC could ever be easy on the eye Awesome piece of work, H.House.
Thanks boss but this is HoHouse's great work.
So good it was just above average. As you can see by my voting everyone beat me, so I'm in my spot at FN.
Sorry bout the name mix up H.House. I thought it well above average and scored it accordingly. Mainly for the reasons Splatshot gave and a great theme.

Funny AOC, Balanced

AOC, Balanced
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Member reactions:
Ha. If you think her chest is hairy you should see her butt.
Thanks, Gummy. Well.. I guess Hairy wasn't what they were looking for this contest,

Funny AOC just like Poison Ivy

AOC just like Poison Ivy

Funny AOC is Harley Quinn

AOC is Harley Quinn
Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Member reactions:
Congrats on the wood Splat knew it was a podium entry.
Congrats SplatShot, Darn good pic and you put her in the right Body..
Thank you very much Gummy, HH, Hobbit, Bob, and Cos. Yes Hobbit... she's Supervillian for sure
I knew this one would rank in the top spots. Great job
Thanks, Hits. I think the canary helped elevate the score.

Funny The AOC

Photosop 101 This is what Mitch McConnell sees. SOURCE:
Member reactions:
I see it too. Pro make-up work. Thanks for the source.
Nice. She actually looks good in clown makeup.

Funny Cooking with Eddie Murphy & AOC

Cooking with Eddie Murphy & AOC
Member reactions:
Yikes. What's Cooking. I wouldn't want to meet this Eddie in a Dark Alley.

Funny Their New Shiny Thing AOC

Their New Shiny Thing AOC
Her bite is not so bad now that Nancy Pelosi took her out back and set her straight.
Member reactions:
It's a shame to pull all them big ol horse teeth of hers.
No,,, Her crap guarantees Trump 4 more years.
You call him "A Gummy Bear". I didn't know my style was so obvious.
, the burger has more style than AOC. Entertaining chop Gumster.

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