AOC Voting At Freaking News
AOC Voting At Freaking News
AOC Voting At Freaking News. Member reactions:
Bigfoot sighting. Nice work. I don't know who the guy is so I;m missing the purpose of the edit.
ooops,,, never mind..... and thanks Fido.

Funny AOC Demorat

AOC Demorat
Member reactions:
I love this contest. So many pics made me laugh. Including this one. Well done.
Bronze Conrats, HH. The mail box is a great touch. Super Chopp'n.
What a beauty..loving your work Hohouse..👍
Impressive job HH, Bronze congrats. The mailbox and AOC work very well with the Little Miss Teen painting.

Funny AOC America's Laughing Stock 2020

AOC America's Laughing Stock 2020

Funny St. AOC, Mother Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

St. AOC, Mother Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
St. AOC, Mother Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
Member reactions:
Another good looking AOC.

Funny AOC 420

AOC 420
My apologies to all the Stoners around the globe.
Member reactions:
Being one of those stoners I would see her as a "Club Drug" pill popper.
I can... see that Gummy. She probably has her Hemp energy Drink spiked.
Killer Chop. Awesome black widows, both of them.
AOC looking good ..congrats on the win splatshot
Never thought I would say this but AOC looks awesome. Great One Splats congrats on the Gold.
Thanks, Champ. Just having fun with a different perspective. AOC's Therapy Training. I'm happy you like it.
This is AWESOME. Congrats on the Gold SplatShot.

Funny President AOC

President AOC

Funny Nerd AOC and his Heroes

Nerd AOC and his Heroes
Member reactions:
Why wear glasses if it's to see horrors😁Very funny, bravo hobbit
Super entertaining image, Hobbit. Congrats on the Win.
Thanks clauder13 and SlapShot, she is good for a Laugh.

Funny AOC With Her Soylent Green New Deal

AOC With Her Soylent Green New Deal
Member reactions:
Congrats on your win, looks great, ya did good.
Congrats on the Gold, Gummy. AOC's (SG) New Deal doesn't sound very appetizing.
Congrats on the Gold Gummy. Like the green treatment n string twister.

Funny AOC For President 2044

AOC For President 2044
Vote For Me In 2044, We Only Have 12 Years Before Global Warming Kills Us All.
Member reactions:
Recognize those crazy AOC eyes anywhere and they fit nicely in there. Awesome job, Gummy. Bronzeness.
Thanks guys, and I would have chopped those horse teeth of hers here but she lost them years ago.
She is really a great source of inspiration for these contests..she must be in at least one entry in nearly every one...great job gummy
Nice Concept, Gummy. Congrats on the Bronze Cup.

Funny Work Harder AOC

Work Harder AOC
Member reactions:
, killer version of AOC minus 3.. Blured background makes those teeth jump out at ya. Great one Fugit, congrats on the Bronze Cup triple play.
. A true Trifecta. Congrats on sweeping the top 3, Fugit.

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