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Funny Ants Pictures

Them Crazy AntsFunny Them Crazy Ants
Member reactions:
Just struck me as an odd story. Crazy Ants Crazy ants invade....... Large View
Glad you did NewsMaster. Thought it might do a bit better. Who knew Crazy Ants would not be better liked. Lol. ; )

Snail Eyed AntsFunny Snail Eyed Ants
Member reactions:

Considered giants for their specie, the Snaileyed ants had two major flaws: no interest for work and no instinct for danger.

Rocket Man Covered in AntsFunny Rocket Man Covered in Ants
Member reactions:

thanks everyone for your comments. krrish, i updated the image, hope you like.

Ant Carrying a Pi Shaped LeafFunny Ant Carrying a Pi Shaped Leaf
Member reactions:

Ant Using World`s Smallest ComputerFunny Ant Using World`s Smallest Computer
Member reactions:

World's smallest computer measures just 1mm *Stock see here: STOCK
that's was my favor sebopo .. keep up top works
thanks all... I'll try harder next contest

Ants Eating 2011Funny Ants Eating 2011
Member reactions:

Elephants are Scared of AntsFunny Elephants are Scared of Ants
Member reactions:

Elephants scared of ants
Fantastic work .. i really had same idea and i was going to do it now but there is no chance to do it . you forget to post the link of news though
Or as Neil from the Young Ones said: Well I feel sorry for the Elephant
Awesome chop, but why rather small image size.

Ant Eater CamouflageFunny Ant Eater Camouflage
Member reactions:

Great camo blending. it ANT easy.
Woody for Slixta and his long-tongued friend. Congrats.

Mutant Robot Ant KillerFunny Mutant Robot Ant Killer
Member reactions:

This picture is inspired by my yearly battle with pharoah ants in my house every single freaking year.
I can already tell this will take the Gold..great work
I hate Pharoah ants we had a bout wit them this last summer.
Fantastic. Clean & pulled together so well.
Top job, finally got into the contest. Glads it got a trophy. Congratulations, Bracey.

Ant SpacecraftFunny Ant Spacecraft
Member reactions:

Story Full view.
Whats the reason for the edit. I kinda liked the first one better.
The theoretical background has prepared you, and to Google I found, but pieced together a different background, so it is in Latvian.
everythings bigger in Texass...Plane-o Texas.

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