Short ant
Short ant
Short ant.

Funny Ants on the Moon

Ants on the Moon
Just struck me as an odd story. Crazy Ants Crazy ants invade....... Large View
Member reactions:
Glad you did NewsMaster. Thought it might do a bit better. Who knew Crazy Ants would not be better liked. Lol. ; )

Funny Snail Eyed Ants

Snail Eyed Ants
Considered giants for their specie, the Snaileyed ants had two major flaws: no interest for work and no instinct for danger.

Funny Rocket Man Covered in Ants

Rocket Man Covered in Ants
Member reactions:
thanks everyone for your comments. krrish, i updated the image, hope you like.

Funny Ant Carrying a Pi Shaped Leaf

Ant Carrying a Pi Shaped Leaf

Funny Ant Using World's Smallest Computer

Ant Using World's Smallest Computer
World's smallest computer measures just 1mm *Stock see here: STOCK
Member reactions:
that's was my favor sebopo .. keep up top works
thanks all... I'll try harder next contest

Funny Ants Eating 2011

Ants Eating 2011

Funny Elephants are Scared of Ants

Elephants are Scared of Ants
Elephants scared of ants
Member reactions:
Fantastic work .. i really had same idea and i was going to do it now but there is no chance to do it . you forget to post the link of news though
Or as Neil from the Young Ones said: Well I feel sorry for the Elephant
Awesome chop, but why rather small image size.

Funny Ant Eater Camouflage

Ant Eater Camouflage
Member reactions:
Great camo blending. it ANT easy.
Woody for Slixta and his long-tongued friend. Congrats.

Funny Mutant Robot Ant Killer

Mutant Robot Ant Killer
This picture is inspired by my yearly battle with pharoah ants in my house every single freaking year.
Member reactions:
I can already tell this will take the Gold..great work
I hate Pharoah ants we had a bout wit them this last summer.
Fantastic. Clean & pulled together so well.
Great work
Top job, finally got into the contest. Glads it got a trophy. Congratulations, Bracey.

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