Gollum Putin's Anti-US Kittie Adoption
Gollum Putin's Anti-US Kittie Adoption
Gollum Putin's Anti-US Kittie Adoption. Keep that cat out of the bag.
Member reactions:
Awesome.... Amazing look given by Putin and the face merge is so perfectly done... looks like original
Like the objects placed in the hanads and nice tie

Funny Anti-disease Machine

Anti-disease Machine
Member reactions:
Prostate problems & Sore Throat would sound better. Humorous.

Funny Ron Paul the Anti-War Hippie

Ron Paul the Anti-War Hippie
Kruzic: Ron Paul, the anti-war, pseudo-hippy presidential hopeful.
Member reactions:
great work on caricature but I thinks the skin tones little bit different between body and face...
Congrats for Double win PSM , nice caricature.. ^^

Funny Senator McCain as Anti Gaddafi

Senator McCain as Anti Gaddafi
McCain visits Libya in support of rebels
Member reactions:
Superb caricature work. He reminds me the Cheshire cat too, hahaha.

Funny Anti Smoking Poster

Anti Smoking Poster
Member reactions:
Great smoke work. A small typo in the title though (should be smoke instead of somke)

Funny Anti-slip Toilet

Anti-slip Toilet
Member reactions:
So that you can really "stay" when you "go"

Funny Anti-Gravity Kite

Anti-Gravity Kite
Member reactions:
Stronger, Faster, HIGHER. OK, what are you smoking this time.
Very nice idea and execution. I see this as a watercolor as well, compositionally speaking. Beautiful piece


Member reactions:
Worse. It's a white patent leather loafer. All it needs is a leisure suit.

Funny Absolut Anti War Bullet

Absolut Anti War Bullet
Member reactions:
I agree about the reflection. Excellent work.

Funny Anti-Sleep Springs

Anti-Sleep Springs
Member reactions:
i'm with you newsy...to be able to join again the contest. do we have some clock here too..

Funny Anti Gravity

Anti Gravity
Show proof that anti-gravity is indeed possible. Physics-related entries a plus.

Funny Anti Smoking Posters

Anti Smoking Posters
Create anti-smoking posters or images to send a message on habits that you feel might represent unhealthy smoking life.

Funny Anti Smoking

Anti Smoking
Let's help the UK in their anti smoking efforts. Design an advertisement or other graphic that the British can use in their campaign against smoking. Creativity is the key in this contest.

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