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Funny Anthony Pictures

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Anthony Weiner Is Now `Carlos Danger`Funny Anthony Weiner Is Now `Carlos Danger`
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The New York City Mayoral candidate, is yet again in trouble for sending inappropriate photos of himself to women on the Internet as "Carlos Danger."
Freaking amazing chop he is perfectly placed there I like it

Sir AnthonyFunny Sir Anthony
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Even he never scares of the Dragons and the freaky two wives staring at him from the top window of the house

Anthony Hopkins has seventy-five...lambsFunny Anthony Hopkins has seventy-five...lambs
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Welsh actor Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins, better known as simply Anthony Hopkins, turned 75...lambs * Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins has seventy-five...lambs
Poor little lambs well done on the chop with a Mask and the bloody spilled dagger
Lovely idea with ships and Scary thought of knife I like this freaky chop
Nicely done, lucido5 very creatively composed.

Anthony Hopkins & Susan SarandonFunny Anthony Hopkins & Susan Sarandon
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Skin tone is different but This looks fantastic

Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony DivorceFunny Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony Divorce
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Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony divorce Model mjranum-stock
Not a hair out of place...a Beauty to be sure. Very nice.
congrats sunshin3... very pretty work .
PixJockey, Preemiememe, Geriatric thank you so much, I appreciate.

Evil Casey AnthonyFunny Evil Casey Anthony
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news source
Excellent chop , right on target. This was a terrible ending for everyone involved in this case. She will get whats coming to her one day , Karma always wins at the end ...
thanks guys,she will always have the death of Caylee , shackled to her soul.
OUTSTANDING depiction of an unbelievably ghastly crime. This should be a magazine cover.
Good wk on the news story. I agree with Chili KARMA does always bite back....hard.
It is true, the corpse of a child is much karma, we should of children who died.
This is great, it should be all over the internet in no time
Awesome. rotten %$#%# got away with murder
Super-duper Gold congrats, Pree. Fabuloso job.
Truly a saver, Congrads on the win. still crying.
Great chop.Congrats. They really better hide her well, alot of people are very upset.The evil peice of crap will get hers....
I missed the vote and am,truly, sorry for that indiscretion. You would have received a '10' from me P-E. Congratulations....
thanks everyone...,, everyone really mad at this verdict ...sometimes bad things happen to good ppl.. and i guess sometimes good things happen to bad
I was wondering what a good chop would look like of this story, and now I know. Congrats Pree, excellent.
Congratulations friend, beyond the baby, beautiful work.
Congrats on the win, Pree. Powerful chop with powerful message

O J Simpson and Casey AnthonyFunny O J Simpson and Casey Anthony
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Anger and the Anthony verdict

Dexter Reading Casey Anthony NewpaperFunny Dexter Reading Casey Anthony Newpaper
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The ultimate statement. Beauty of an idea.
Well thought Doxie, couldn't find a better man 2do the job the way it needs to be done.
THanks all for comments/votes. Ehlersk: I appreciate your comment, but the photo used was a publicity one for the show, showing him reading a newspaper. The only photoshopping I did was with the newspaper.

Anthony Weiner`s Beach BuggyFunny Anthony Weiner`s Beach Buggy
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Sources Hi-Rez View
Superb Concept and great job done like it
woooooooooow... a great work.... colours-perfect, lights-perfect, composition-perfect, .... is a wonderful.... i love it ...
Congrats, and excellent job on the man-meatmobile.
A threefold for the master of digital art,well congratulations and thanks I saved them all. Beautiful work.
CONGRATS, very well done and cute as can be.
What a fantastic combination of great artwork and humor. Perfect... Congrats.
Too freaking clever. IC WENR licence plate.
omg..... haha he has some wiener ,, mobile...

Anthony HopkinsFunny Anthony Hopkins - Welsh actor Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins, better known as simply Anthony Hopkins, turned 75 this Monday. Hopkins is best known for his roles of mastermind villain Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs (1991), Hannibal (2001), and Red Dragon (2002). Hopkins started acting at the age of 15, encouraged by actor Richard Burton who then told him "You'll make a great actor, kid." Hopkins was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1993. Besides being an actor Hopkins is a brilliant pianist. In fact he took a break from acting in 2008 and went on a world piano tour where he played piano on stage, spoke about his life and acting, and cracked many anecdotes. For years Hopkins suffered from alcohol addiction which ruined his two marriages. "I was never a good husband or father, for which I am sorry" said Hopkins on his piano tour. Hopkins acted in over 90 movies, and at the age of 75 he does not plan to retire any time soon. He's currently involved in 6 movies which are in filming and pre-production stages. Happy 75th birthday, Anthony! To mark the 75th birthday of Anthony Hopkins, photoshop him any way you wish.

Marc AnthonyFunny Marc Anthony - Singer, songwriter, and actor Marc Anthony celebrates his 40th birthday today. Marc Anthony is of Puerto Rican and Indian origin, and he is especially popular in Latin America for his salsa music and ballads. In USA he's most popular for being J-Lo's husband. To celebrate the 40th birthday of Marc Anthony at Freaking News, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: show what alternative professions he could have chosen, put him into movies and paintings, merge Sir Anthony with other celebrities, show how he'll look in the future and what future marriages (if any) await for him.

Anthony HopkinsFunny Anthony Hopkins - One of the most talented Hollywood actors, Sir Anthony Hopkins celebrates his 70th birthday today. While we love him for many roles, millions of people will remember him most for his magnificent portrayal of Dr. Hannibal Lecter in "The Silence of The Lambs", "Hannibal", and "Red Dragon". Hannibal Lecter was voted top screen villain of all time. Even at 70 he continues to entertain us with his roles in the new movies. Hopkins is also a talented pianist and is currently on a world tour with his piano performances. To celebrate the 70th birthday of Anthony Hopkins, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: merging any of his movies with other movies, showing what professions Hopkins could have chosen, what movies he could have played in, or designing sequels. Happy 70th birthday, Anthony!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony WeddingFunny Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Wedding - Photoshop the wedding events of Lopez and Anthony with satire.

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