Army Ants in a Tank
Army Ants in a Tank
Army Ants in a Tank. Member reactions:
This is pretty funny. The ants and grass are a lot more saturated than the tank.You could balance them for a more realistic blend.
Commander, is it the tank gun, or are you just happy to see me.

Funny Fire Ant

Fire Ant
Member reactions:
I love what a magnifiying glass will do to an ant.
Beauty..I'd like to see the Killerbee, having it out with a fire ant, my bet is for the Killerbee..
Congrats AZ. A sweep. Beautiful work as always.
The Rainman sweeps again... I guess we could say you're on FIRE.
Luna's comment.
Maybe I have fire ants in my pants, LunaC...hehe Thanks for the kind words

Funny Ant Lion

Ant Lion
Rare insect found in Es ... . Scientest call it an "Antlion" How odd. Please full view for realism.
Member reactions:
an Antlion. Looks more like one of those "Lants"
great work, i love how look the flesh of the worm

Funny ant

Member reactions:
Drop the contrast on the ant just a little bit to blend it in with the rest of the pic. Otherwise it's great.
I told you Hunny, we HAVE to get rid of the carpenter ants.
nice perspective, to adjust ant you could mask the bits you need to adjust. Saves a lot of time. Make sure you keep the original,

Funny Worker Ant

Worker Ant
Scientists have not yet determined if this ant is part of the "carpenter ant" or the "army ant" family.
Member reactions:
... looks more like a carpenter ant to me. Really good chop.
That is not an ant. It is a praying mantis.

Funny Ant Eater

Ant Eater
My uncle says it was the best investment he has ever made...

Funny Zebra Ant

Zebra Ant
(please, view full)
Member reactions:
I love the hair all over it. Very interesting idea.
Very scary, gave me quite a turn....cleverly done too

Funny Ants

Liz Hurley regrets using the sugar tasting body wash.
Member reactions:
Congrats. You creeped me out. My ankles itch.

Funny Ant

Jiminy Versus Flick. Promoter: Manny. Boxing Ring
Member reactions:
Great work done here cleaning up the source pic.

Funny Giant Ant Attacking Police Officers

Giant Ant Attacking Police Officers

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