Anonymous monk from Shaolin or Eastern way of Russia
Anonymous monk from Shaolin or Eastern way of Russia
Anonymous monk from Shaolin or Eastern way of Russia.

Funny Martin Luther King Wearing an Anonymous T-Shirt at a Riot

Martin Luther King Wearing an Anonymous T-Shirt at a Riot
I dread to think what MLK would think of the current state of affairs. When I read about the riots at his Birthday Celebration Festival, it summed up the lack of progress for me. He had a dream yet a nightmare continues....
Member reactions:
The man on fire drove me nuts and now I know where he's from..a Pink Floyd album cover. Good Use.
I love it when that happens thanks Nanny. 'Wish You Were Here' is the Album.

Funny Uncle Sam's Anonymous War

Uncle Sam's  Anonymous War
Anonymous Fights Back writing close
Member reactions:
Scary stuff...hopefully someone will come to their senses.
i think everyones thinking the hackers are like heros,, but i wouldn't want anyone taking down a site because you disagree with the politics,,, thats called anarchy,,
I like this alot , very vibrant colors . Looks like a combo illustrator & Photoshop work ...
ty Chili i molded some faces out of balloons using liquifi and puppet warp .they are representing the hackers,im as always a bit obscure with my interpretations
its too good job, very well done with the effects on the face and the ballons
Didn't see you in this........and I wish I had CS5.
Congrads Pree, Wonderful work, if you can get it. A double of pic's ago, I looked in the mirror and the chick wasn't me.
Woods always good in the winter Pree ,stay warm by the fire . Congrats .....
chili,, yes wood is good. ..
Wooden Congrats Preeeeeee ... I had no idea who's this was … very cool, great work … coloricious.
One of my favorite chops in the contest. Congrats on the wood, pree.
thanks ,... qt im always trying new things

Funny Anonymous Killer

Anonymous Killer
Member reactions:
please look at full view to get the whole picture effect thanks
Thanks rajeshstar and balodiya for your comments

Funny Anonymous Dog

Anonymous Dog
Jeri. FYI: Unknown comic was a fixture of the 1970's 'Gong Show.'
Member reactions:
. Excellent. Now that's the true face of "Hidden Author"

Funny Over-eaters Anonymous

Over-eaters Anonymous
This was really fun. Too many layers involved in order to pull it off. Hope everyone likes it.
Member reactions:
, the cheeks.

Funny Hillary Clinton at Liars Anonymous

Hillary Clinton at Liars Anonymous
"Hello, my name is Madge...and I'm a liar." Hillary’s biggest lie of all
Member reactions:
...but you can call me Hillary. Bubba calls me that.

Funny Trump VS Anonymous

Trump VS Anonymous
Hackers went after Trump and the Republicans too – using 'tools and techniques' of DNC leak that brought down Debbie Wasserman Schultz The Donald falls victim to Anonymous.
Member reactions:
Dumb move. Trump holds a grudge. Sooner or later computer forensics will advance where they can trace electrical signatures to the original computer if they haven't developed the hardware and software already. I can hear Trump now, " You traced the guy that hacked me... good... send some guys to play soccer with his skull."

Funny Anonymous On Cover of Time Magazine

Anonymous On Cover of Time Magazine
How hackers stole Person of the Year poll

Funny Pirates of the 21st Century - Anonymous

Pirates of the 21st Century -  Anonymous

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