My friend anniversary concert.
My friend anniversary concert.
My friend anniversary concert.. Member reactions:
Yes. My friend's 40-year anniversary concert serves as the background.

Funny Exit The Dragon 40th Anniversary of Bruce Lee's Death

Exit The Dragon 40th Anniversary of Bruce Lee's Death
Bruce Lee Dead, 40th Anniversary Since Death Of Martial Arts Film Star God Bless.

Funny 50th Anniversary Tour of the Rolling Stones

50th Anniversary Tour of the Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones

Funny Hundredth Anniversary of Royal Wedding

Hundredth Anniversary of Royal Wedding
Fantastic centenary.
Member reactions:
Superb everything is perfect, awesome jobbbbb, all the best for the medal
This is brilliant and Excellent execution. Congrats in advance.
Hahaha, brilliant. and a bit scary I would say. Gotta be nominated for the Halloween Chop of the Year award.
Congrats. Fantastic concept/execution. Mandrake this is you,right.. The one and only..
psmandrake u deserve it. no need to say thanks
Congrats on the win, PSM. This is a Royal Trophy.

Funny Lady Gagarin 50th Space Flight Anniversary

Lady Gagarin 50th Space Flight Anniversary
Gagarin flight 50th anniversary (No FN contest on this 50th anniversary of man in space.)
Member reactions:
This is my favorite chop in this contest for visual quality, but also because you brought this important anniversary to our attention. However, I've been asking myself, why did you choose to portray Colonel Gagarin as a woman. Valentina Tereshkova (who Yuri trained) was the first woman in space, 26 months later. Well, I guess the answer would be that this Cosmonaut babe is prettier than either. At this site there are tributes to Yuri Gagarin as well as other Cosmonauts and Astronauts.
Thanks All. SteveX: thanks for the site address... The face is Lady Gaga (source) , thus the chop's title "Lady Gagarin" ( My trite effort for a laugh and thereby hangs the tale ).
Nice work Pepper...I like how you gave it all a painterly effect.
Great stuff and excellent concept. LOVE IT.

Funny Jimmy Wales Celebrating Wikipedia's 10th Anniversary

Jimmy Wales Celebrating Wikipedia's 10th Anniversary
Celebrating Wikipedia's 10th Anniversary Jimmy Wales(1966) is co-founder and promoter of Wikipedia. Denis Diderot (1713 – 1784) was a French philosopher and writer best-known for serving as co-founder and chief editor of and contributor to the Encyclopédie. Based on original portrait of Diderot by Louis-Michel van Loo, 1767
Member reactions:
Gotta say that this is the best Jimmy Wales depiction I've ever seen. Much more interesting than what we see on Wikipedia, .
Excellent... great idea, too... congrats..
Beautiful work PixJockey, congrats and thanx for the 10 my friend
Bellissimo lavoro.. Beautiful work and congrats PixJockey..

Funny Freaking News Anniversary

Freaking News Anniversary
Gratz newsy and on 3000 contests, and to many more.
Member reactions:
. Many fine details here, and thanks for the honor.
Can i say one thing HERE..., Why dont all of us make a show to whoop the simpsons, Southpark..Between us all we could rule the world of comedy..we represent every country and faith on earth..we all good humored and are just all awesome artists..with rain and newsy as boss i reckon this group could be the most visited site ever..probably is already...but , i think we could all change the comedy world...plz tell us what you think..ive had a few beers and happy so im game to challenge you all..your all been an inspiration to me and id like to meet you all at a big doooooo one day..this way we all could have a jet.... Bless ya all...
now that would be a great idea, but with so many artists headbutting for ideas it could turn chaotic, maybe even violent haha... as for the beer, im in.. tongueing for one right now actually, but got a stupid meeting in the mornin. think im definately getting a carton of inspiration juice tomorrow arvo though. as for the meet-up, i think all the Aussies on here represent a different state (im VIC), i reckon newsy should send the FN Aircraft over and pic us up. (with free accom. in Jamaica im thinkin.)
We are already doing it, Goat - We are taking over the world, one chop at a time.

Funny 40th Anniversary Apollo Eleven Lighter

40th Anniversary Apollo Eleven Lighter
Member reactions:
not a real zippo...It's a fake... Nice chop
Looks like a real photo. Love what you did with it

Funny Soviet Anniversary Postage Stamp

Soviet Anniversary Postage Stamp
The Soviet Union went out of business shortly after this stamp was released, never quite making it to its 70th anniversary. Full view is helpful. source image
Member reactions:
I see the stamped words "DO NOT BEND" - which is my advice to you when you go visit Keb.
the stamp do not look so real, but the idea and execution on the rest is just awsome, out of the box .

Funny 30 year anniversary iPod

30 year anniversary iPod
Apples 30th anniversary commemerative edition of the iPod, styled after the Macintosh 128K.
Member reactions:
Who needs the gym, when you have to carry this baby around....
I love the 128K detail, . So what is that, one second of music.
Brings back memories for me...maybe people would buy these just for the nostalgia, .
Good one. Brings back great memories. I actually had Apple II with 64 KB RAM, and it was great.
Nice Chop. Sassyfras.
this one made me laughhhhhhh good job on the 80's effect.

Funny Beatles' Anniversary

Beatles' Anniversary
It is (almost) 50 years ago that The Beatles released Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Liverpool is celebrating the landmark album's anniversary with a festival. Create images to honor the Beatles, together or any of the individual members of this iconic band! To learn more about this story Visit This Link

Funny Oktoberfest, 200th anniversary

Oktoberfest, 200th anniversary
Oktoberfest is here with more visitors, more beer, and more celebrations than usual - as this is the Oktoberfest's 200 anniversary. The festival began two centuries ago as a celebration of the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. Today, Oktoberfest is the largest festival in the world, with six million visitors. Part of the fun there is that you actually do dress up in traditional costume. But of course beer is the most important part of Oktoberfest, and organizers say around six million liters are consumed this year. Six different types of the "liquid gold" are available in the tents. There's a reason why so much alcohol is consumed there - you have to drink beer from a one liter stein. It's a lot of beer and you have to drink it fairly quickly otherwise it goes stale! To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest, photoshop Oktoberfest any way you wish. Some examples are: giving Oktoberfest theme to any movies and paintings, show how Politicians and celebrities could spend Oktoberfest, etc.

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