He loves animals and all animals must love him!!!
He loves animals and all animals must love him!!!
He loves animals and all animals must love him!!!. Member reactions:
A 6 for this Beauty.....Come on man.... Congrats on Top 5 Wanderer. Great Job
The look on the tiger's face is priceless.

Funny Animals Are Running For Mayor

Animals Are Running For Mayor
In a small Colorado town, animals are running for the office of Mayor
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Why not, there is already a few a..es in the White House. Good chop, congrats on the win. Love it....
but are they conservative ... Congrats pcrdds.
Thanks, Bob, G-Man, Armatien, Tim, Elegary and Miss Pree. Yes, they are, Miss Pree.

Funny Animals Leaving Yellowstone

Animals Leaving Yellowstone
Anywhere But Here In an emergency news conference two hours ago President Obama stated from a secure bunker deep beneath Camp David that "If you like your animals you can keep them". Further He assures the American Public that the NSA has in addition to our phone calls and for their own safety been tracking every animal in the world too and that there were no missing animals from the park. He also said that should the need arise for the animals to leave the park that the Dept. of Homeland Security and the TSA would issue travel Passes to the animals.
Member reactions:
Cool animal riot - lotsa work to put this one together.
Some animals are also using their own transport like the bear funny and good one
I do so love a well built chop. Congrats on the top 5
Yellowstone will not be the same without the bison...a sad day indeed. Must have been an impending volcano eruption that frightened them away. Great story.

Funny Animal Crackers in my Soup

Animal Crackers in my Soup
William Adolphe Bouguereau Shirley Temple
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Animal crackers is a thoughtful link. Well done
Excellent Great imagination..Remind the childhood..

Funny Animal Bestiality

Animal Bestiality
Member reactions:
Amazing situation that could hurt also in other ways

Funny Animal House

Animal House
Please view full
Member reactions:
The Master of the out-of-frame image is back. Cool chop.
Gold congrats, Hobbit. You ARE the master of "Out Of The Frame."
A real beaut and I was pretty sure would place top spot. Congrats
Very creative, imaginative and dazzling creations. Well done and congratulations on your victory, and yours is the Gold Cup, Hobbit. )

Funny Jack Hannah Animal Guy with No Neck

Jack Hannah Animal Guy with No Neck
Wild Kingdom
Member reactions:
Hi, where'd ya'll go. Even Rajesh has not commented. It can't be the pic, stupid thing won a cup. So, did the rapture happen. Did ya'll disappear. Is it my breath. I think I figured it out. The little bear farted and cleared the room, right.
Congrads on the cup, how's that, this is more work then a penny is worth.
Congrats on the Wood. Bet if the head were moved just a tiny bit to the left it would have won (should have won anyway, in my opinion).
I agree Bob. I struggled with that collar big time. I realize after it was over that I goofed on the corner of the pocket. Thanks for the votes folks.

Funny Girl with an Animal Mouth

Girl with an Animal Mouth
Some people want children, some people want a cat. Sequencer Genetics supplies both in one
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Creepy GMO child,nice.Monsanto created
Thanks andwhat and geriatric. I hope we never go to that possible future
I already got one of these Creepy pic u made here.
:o at Kellie. Yes it is if you really stop and think about it.
Like the concept of Genetics and the way her teeth and nails were done is really awesome good one
Yikes...glad I'm out of that market. good one HS.
Thanks folks, It was doing so well and then some high karma no names clobbered it. "I'll get even with them in the afterlife hahahahhahha," he said, rolling a booger and twitching his right eye.
My wife would like nothing more than to have a beautiful baby girl. I'd like a pet tarantula. Imagine the joy in Mommy's eyes when little Charlotte takes her first step. Freaky chop.
Tarantulas make interesting pets. I had a Mexican Red Leg for about ten years. Her name was Darth but she would never come when called Thanks

Funny Save The Trees For the Animals

Save The Trees For the Animals
FYI- The Rainbow Eucalypyus tree hails from rainforrests in the Philppines. It now can be found on the Hawiian Islands, South and Central Florida in the United States.
Member reactions:
Bigfoot, koalas, amazon death parrot and even a a flightless dragonflyles... you covered it all the way to weird hahahaaha Loks like it was fun to chop, cheers
Colorful and expressive. It's one of the best of the bunch Nanny

Funny Aussie Tree with Upside Down Animals

Aussie Tree with Upside Down Animals
Thanx to morgue files for the images used the bats are down side up because thats upside down for them and the little roo is right way up because he fell out of his mothers pouch

Funny Human Animals

Human Animals
The modern theory of evolution says that humans descended from animals - our ancestors were fishes, reptiles, and finally monkeys. From biology schoolbooks, we all remember the images of human embryo development and how at different stages the human embryo looks very similar to the embryos of different animals. Surprisingly, in our early stages, we look closest to rabbits. That may explain some human mating habits too. Photoshop any animals with mouths, eyes, or noses changed for human's. You can also add some human hair (and haircuts) to animals. Many thanks to preemiememe for the themepost.

Funny Animals Using Cell Phones

Animals Using Cell Phones
It's said that animals can enjoy life more than humans because they never have to stop and answer the phone. The company called Petsmobility attempted to change that. In 2005 they developed the world's first cell phone for dogs - Petcell, attached to a dog's collar. You could easily call your dog (the call would be automatically answered) and give commands to your pet, or simply talk to it so that your dog does not feel alone. If the dog would bark (possible sign of danger - e.g. house or car burglary) a call to your number would initiate and you could hear what's happening and give your dog commands. It was a very handy thing to have for those dog owners who have to leave dogs on their own when they are at work or away for some other reason. The Petcell price was on the expensive side - about $400, and after 7 years of operations and $120 mln of investor capital, Petsmobility closed its doors in 2012, citing slow sales. Well, it was good while it lasted... Photoshop animals using cell phones. All types of animals (except humans) are allowed - e.g. birds, insects, aquatic life, mammals, etc. Many thanks to JannaR for the themepost.

Funny Insect Animals

Insect Animals
Did you ever wonder why there are no insects or spiders sized as big animals? The answer lies in their respiratory system and hemolymph (blood). In humans and other animals, body cells get oxygen through blood cells that capture oxygen from the lungs. Insects' blood (hemolymph) does not carry oxygen, and body cells get it directly from the air that is supplied by the complex system of little hollow tubes (called tracheas or windpipes). Since insects don't have lungs but only "passive" tracheas, such primitive "ventilation" system can only stay effective as the length of tracheas is short enough, otherwise the "deep down" cells will not be ventilated enough and will die of oxygen starvation. That is why those scary old Japanese movies with huge insects (gigantic moth shooting thunderbolts from its eyes, etc) fighting giant animals are physically impossible in real life. If insects had some features of animals (lungs, etc.) huge size would not a a problem for them. So today, let's combine any insect(s) with any animal(s) any way you wish. (For the sake of this contest we'll consider spiders as insects, though formally belong to separate order Araneae). Many thanks to johnx1 for the themepost.

Funny Animals without Necks

Animals without Necks
Animals with long necks mainly evolved in places where the competition for food on the ground was too high. Giraffes, thanks to their long necks, can easily reach tree leaves and fruits that are unreachable for other ground animals. However there's a dear price to pay for having a long neck - the heart has to pump blood with huge pressure to reach the head located several feet up. Running and stopping with a long neck also becomes difficult as the heck and the head have their own momentum which may break them when the legs and torso suddenly stop. Since running is a crucial survival skill for most ground species, long necks are really an exception, and the short necks are the rule. From the survival point of view, necks need to be just long enough to allow the head to move freely, and not longer. Modern fish species do not have necks, but some extinct "curious" fish species did develop necks and eventually moved to the ground turning into reptiles, dinosaurs, birds and mammals. So, perhaps, originally, curiosity became the reason for developing a neck? Today we'll create some neckless world on earth. Take any animals (except humans) and show how they would look without necks, with their heads smashed on their torsos. Themepost image credit: reddit.com

Funny Half Animals

Half Animals
The stunning photo of half cat that was apparently captured on Google Street, quickly turned viral and got millions of views in just two days. Many explanations were suggested - ranging from "Camera glitch" to "this cat is real". The real answer? It's a clever photoshop work - check out the original photo. Create half animals by reducing their length and number of legs, similar to the example above.

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