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Funny Animals Pictures

Animals Are Running For MayorFunny Animals Are Running For Mayor
Member reactions:
In a small Colorado town, animals are running for the office of Mayor
Why not, there is already a few in the White House. Good chop, congrats on the win. Love it....
excellent job , I love . congrats on the silver and bronze , friend
but are they conservative ... Congrats pcrdds.
Thanks, Bob, G-Man, Armatien, Tim, Elegary and Miss Pree. Yes, they are, Miss Pree.

Animals Leaving YellowstoneFunny Animals Leaving Yellowstone
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Anywhere But Here In an emergency news conference two hours ago President Obama stated from a secure bunker deep beneath Camp David that "If you like your animals you can keep them". Further He assures the American Public that the NSA has in addition to our phone calls and for their own safety been tracking every animal in the world too and that there were no missing animals from the park. He also said that should the need arise for the animals to leave the park that the Dept. of Homeland Security and the TSA would issue travel Passes to the animals.
Cool animal riot - lotsa work to put this one together.
Some animals are also using their own transport like the bear funny and good one
I do so love a well built chop. Congrats on the top 5
Yellowstone will not be the same without the bison...a sad day indeed. Must have been an impending volcano eruption that frightened them away. Great story.

Animal Crackers in my SoupFunny Animal Crackers in my Soup
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William Adolphe Bouguereau Shirley Temple
Animal crackers is a thoughtful link. Well done
Excellent Great imagination..Remind the childhood..

Animal BestialityFunny Animal Bestiality
Member reactions:

Amazing situation that could hurt also in other ways

Animal HouseFunny Animal House
Member reactions:

Please view full
The Master of the out-of-frame image is back. Cool chop.
Gold congrats, Hobbit. You ARE the master of "Out Of The Frame."
A real beaut and I was pretty sure would place top spot. Congrats
Very creative, imaginative and dazzling creations. Well done and congratulations on your victory, and yours is the Gold Cup, Hobbit. )

Jack Hannah Animal GuyFunny Jack Hannah Animal Guy
Member reactions:

Wild Kingdom
Hi, where'd ya'll go. Even Rajesh has not commented. It can't be the pic, stupid thing won a cup. So, did the rapture happen. Did ya'll disappear. Is it my breath. I think I figured it out. The little bear farted and cleared the room, right.
Congrads on the cup, how's that, this is more work then a penny is worth.
Congrats on the Wood. Bet if the head were moved just a tiny bit to the left it would have won (should have won anyway, in my opinion).
I agree Bob. I struggled with that collar big time. I realize after it was over that I goofed on the corner of the pocket. Thanks for the votes folks.

Vladimir Putin (He didn't love animals before)Funny Vladimir Putin (He didn't love animals before)
Member reactions:

The face is incredible and the source for Putin. Bu the cat ....
Very good, but I'm not sure about the cat...
Poor cat.... he did'nt love animals... and nice face mask on Him looks cute with this crying face
The cat can't produce that kind of shadow and look really flat

Member reactions:

ha ha lOL Snake and Hippo were not reacting but Obama and his knight Rat is reacting and playing to the tunes very funny
Nice placements of the freaky animals especially that Cat-warrior and the another buddy

Farm Science Review Animal-to-HumanFunny Farm Science Review Animal-to-Human
Member reactions:

Farm Science Review to discuss animal-to-human diseases
Ever saw this type of skin color of Rhino... well illuminated and bright sky ... good news entry

Animal AbuseFunny Animal Abuse
Member reactions:

Stuborn donkey

Animal CostumesFunny Animal Costumes - January 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Since we at FreakingNews care for animal welfare, we like you to give your pet (or any animal) a digital make over. After all, they are man's best friends and deserve it. Start up your editing programs and create the perfect attire for animals. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is stylish enough for your pet's good taste and remember: "No animals were hurt during the process of this all" In recognition of National Dress Up Your Pet Day, dress up pets or any animals. Thanks to Doxieone for the themepost image and the inspiration.

Half AnimalsFunny Half Animals - The stunning photo of half cat that was apparently captured on Google Street, quickly turned viral and got millions of views in just two days. Many explanations were suggested - ranging from "Camera glitch" to "this cat is real". The real answer? It's a clever photoshop work - check out the original photo. Create half animals by reducing their length and number of legs, similar to the example above.

Animals in SpaceFunny Animals in Space - Iran successfully sent a monkey into space and it returned back alive and safe. This is an important step in the Iranian space exploration program, says Iranian Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi. "There's still a long way to go till we send man into space, but today we became one step closer to this", adds Vahidi. Iranian television showed still pictures of the monkey in a capsule after it landed. Previously, Iran successfully sent several small animals into space, but the previous attempt to send a monkey into space failed in 2011. Photoshop anything related to space exploration by animals. E.g. show how space exploration history would be different if animals explored space instead of humans, photoshop animal astronauts, etc. All animals - living, extinct, or even mythical are accepted for this contest (except for humans)!

Animal WigsFunny Animal Wigs - Dog shaved like a lion set off a panic in Norfolk, Virginia. After several 911 calls from people seeing "a lion on the loose", Norfolk police called the Virginia Zoo to see if any of its lions were missing, then came to catch the lion only to find a Labrador-poodle dog whose owner groomed it to look like a small lion. "At close look, it seemed like a dog wearing a lion wig, nothing to be scared about", said a Norfolk police officer. Photoshop animals with wigs (from human hair or from animal hair).

Fractal AnimalsFunny Fractal Animals - Fractal art is getting quite popular. The idea behind it is to use iterative transformations on an initial common figure - straight line, triangle, cube, or even a complex object like cat. The result can be quite interesting. Take any animal (or human) and do fractal iterations to its head like in this example.

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