Animal Olympics
Animal Olympics
Animal Olympics. Member reactions:
This is awesome. Looks like something one would see in the old comic strip The Far Side.
So, did your jaw fall off the hinge to discover a cup for your chop...... Hahahah great one Duane, funny stuff and congrats. Really stiff competition this time
Got Milk. No got Wood. Congrats on the cup, H-H Great piece of work.
congrats, HH. it made me laugh, so thanks for that.

Funny Animal Rights Activist Beaten with a Duck

Animal Rights Activist Beaten with a Duck
Animal rights activist beaten with a duck PETA, People Eat Tasty Animals

Funny Donatella Versace the Ugly Animal

Donatella Versace the Ugly Animal
Member reactions:
It looks like she found her spirit animal. Looks creepy and great.

Funny Animal Astronauts

Animal Astronauts

Funny Farm Animal Training

Farm Animal Training
Member reactions:
The first milking tiger I have ever seen.

Funny US President among Animals

US President among Animals
Member reactions:
He looks like an alien who is forced to sign a treaty

Funny German Shepherd of Frau Merkel and animal lover

German Shepherd of Frau Merkel and animal lover
Member reactions:
Hehe, Putin's expression is really funny. You forgot a white border on the right side of the picture(see full)
Thank you, Jeremix. If you mean red piece of fabric in right bottom corner it is Pu's pants.
no, if you look ast the original, you see the border has an edge you forgot to cut off. congrats mate.
I will be wondering if you like him. I think German shepherd loves him and tries to mark him as a friend.
Shepherd is not mine. All questions address to Angela Merkel, it is her dog.
...Andrew. mark him as their friend...rof
mark him as a friend.
Jeremix, picture was updated. Thank you. Thank you, Vlad.

Funny Animals in an Old San Francisco Steakhouse

Animals in an Old San Francisco Steakhouse
Find Waldo.
Member reactions:
great pic. the ape seems to really get annoyed for not getting his food. congrats dd.
Congrats, DD. Figured this sto be at the top. Funny Stuff. Especially the tire-man.
Very solid clean work, DD. Congrats on the wood. Featuring Paul and FN is a nice touch.

Funny Animals at War on a Tank

Animals at War on a Tank
Member reactions:
...I almost hear his war cry. Nice Job, Hidden.
Sargent Furry Fuzball . Cute one Andwhat

Funny Dr Zulou Treats Half Animals

Dr Zulou Treats Half Animals
Please view full.
Member reactions:
Congratulations on the Gold, Hobbit. Funny Rocks. I think the plunger was my favorite.
Creative chop, congrats on the gold, Hobbit.
Excellent Hobbit. Well deserved win. Gold....

Funny Celebrity Animals

Celebrity Animals
The modern theory of evolution says that humans descended from animals - our ancestors were fishes, reptiles, and finally monkeys. From biology schoolbooks, we all remember the images of human embryo development and how at different stages the human embryo looks very similar to the embryos of different animals. Surprisingly, in our early stages, we look closest to rabbits. That may explain some human mating habits too. Photoshop any animals with mouths, eyes, or noses changed for those of celebrities, similar to how it's done in the themepost (credit to macwithfries). Please list celebrities you are using either in the titles or creator's comments. Note that mixing black people and monkeys is against the FN rules.

Funny Animals in Space

Animals in Space
Did you know that this spring NASA's cargo spaceship (SpaceX CRS-6) delivered 20 mice to the International Space Station? These mice are studied for the effects of gravity absence on mammals - such as muscle and bone loss, as well as tendon mass loss. Sure, astronauts experience the same gravity absence and they are studied too, but the lifespan of mice is much shorter thus the long term effects can be seen faster. Yet mice and rats share about 96% of their DNA with humans, so they make perfect lab subjects (thus the expression "lab rat"). Photoshop anything related to space exploration by animals. E.g. show how space exploration history would be different if animals explored space instead of humans, photoshop animal astronauts, etc. All animals - living, extinct, or even mythical are accepted for this contest (except for humans)! Many thanks to pcrdds for the themepost.

Funny Half Animals

Half Animals
Google Street uses panoramic technology to make photos. Unfortunately this technology does not work well on moving objects, often creating freaks like this half cat. Create half animals by reducing their length and number of legs, similar to the themepost by lucianomorelli.

Funny Animal Groomers

Animal Groomers
Those of us who have dogs or cats know that cutting our pets' hair is much more challenging than cutting humans' hair. Not only do cats and dogs have hair all over their bodies, their hair is also very thick, so any trimmers designed for human hair will quickly get blunt and go out of order. Grooming one's pet takes a lot of time and skills , so many owners turn to professionals for this task. Today we'll imagine if these "professionals" could be animals too. Photoshop animals as both groomers/hairdressers and customers. You can use different kinds of animals (except humans) for groomers and customers, even those without hair (in this case please add at least a patch of hair on the customer's head). Many thanks to Sunshine for the themepost.

Funny Many-Eyed Animals

Many-Eyed Animals
Most animals, like humans, have two eyes. Some common animals we consider to be two-eyed - frogs, lizards, and tuna - actually have three eyes. The third eye is located at the top of the head and is called "parietal eye" (or pineal eye) - it's associated with the pineal gland, and regulates animal's circadian rhythms and hormone production for thermoregulation. The peanal eye is visible as a small light spot in frogs, but is very distinctive and developed in Iguanas. There are some animals that have more than three eyes - spiders have eight, while sea stars, jellyfish, and scallops may have over 50 eyes. Photoshop any animals (except humans) with extra eyes. Many thanks to Shlvng for the themepost.

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