Animal Handler
Animal Handler
Animal Handler.

Funny Sentimental criminal lover of exotic animals

Sentimental criminal lover of exotic animals

Funny Is Turtle an Animal? he's Smiling

Is Turtle an Animal? he's Smiling

Funny Party Animal

Party Animal

Funny if animals ruled

if animals ruled

Funny Mixed Up Animal Insects

Mixed Up Animal Insects
Pray Mantis/ Parrot Monkey/ Spider Aardvark/caterpillar
Member reactions:
The cookie and banana are great touches too.

Funny Cricket and Sea Turtle Hybrid Animal

Cricket and Sea Turtle Hybrid Animal

Funny Blob Fish and Tardigrade Hybrid Animal

Blob Fish and Tardigrade Hybrid Animal
Microscopic Tardigrade, caterpillar, marine animals. Water Bear
Member reactions:
A real head turner, luv it. Congrat on the Bronze, Hits.
Great Job. I'm glad the Blob won something.

Funny Octopus and Moth Hybrid Animal

Octopus and Moth Hybrid Animal
Member reactions:
No Luciano yet the choice is similar to the original moth body

Funny Pig and Caterpillar Hybrid Animal

Pig and Caterpillar Hybrid Animal

Funny Fractal Animals

Fractal Animals
This is a sequel to the Fractal art contest. The idea behind Fractal art, is to use iterative transformations on an initial common figure - straight line, triangle, cube, or even a complex object like a cat. The result can be quite interesting. Many thanks to crusader234 for the themepost. Take any animal (or human) and do fractal iterations to its head. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. To view examples of Fractal Art from past contest CLICK HERE

Funny Human/Animal Eye Swap

Human/Animal Eye Swap
The visual abilities of humans and animals have distinct differences. While we may have some of the best all-round visual abilities, other species have their own unique features. Dogs have a greater field of vision and their night vision is also superior, but have inferior color vision. Eagles eyesight is 4 to 8 times stronger than ours. Sharks have an almost 360 degree field of vision and their underwater vision is 10 times better than a human. In this contest let's swap the eyes of any human (celebrity, politician, or person), with the eyes of any animal of your choice. To See Differences Between Animal and Human Vision Visit This Link

Funny Animal Sports

Animal Sports
Thailand now entertains its tourists with a barbaric show - orangutan kick-boxing. The apes kickbox each other as a spectacle for tourists in a show lasting more than 30 minutes, before being returned to their dark cages. Other orangutans, dressed in bikinis, are trained as round card girls and bell ringers. Photoshop animals participating in any official sports. Many thanks to lucianomorelli for the themepost.

Funny Animals with Front Eyes

Animals with Front Eyes
Unlike humans, most animals have their eyes on the sides. The reason is simple - such construction allowed animals to be on their guard, proving better survival by observing predators on the sides. Today we'll place their eyes where the nature did not intend them. Take any animal and place its eyes on the front of its head instead of on the sides.

Funny Animals Using Cell Phones

Animals Using Cell Phones
It's said that animals can enjoy life more than humans because they never have to stop and answer the phone. The company called Petsmobility attempted to change that. In 2005 they developed the world's first cell phone for dogs - Petcell, attached to a dog's collar. You could easily call your dog (the call would be automatically answered) and give commands to your pet, or simply talk to it so that your dog does not feel alone. If the dog would bark (possible sign of danger - e.g. house or car burglary) a call to your number would initiate and you could hear what's happening and give your dog commands. It was a very handy thing to have for those dog owners who have to leave dogs on their own when they are at work or away for some other reason. The Petcell price was on the expensive side - about $400, and after 7 years of operations and $120 mln of investor capital, Petsmobility closed its doors in 2012, citing slow sales. Well, it was good while it lasted... Photoshop animals using cell phones. All types of animals (except humans) are allowed - e.g. birds, insects, aquatic life, mammals, etc. Many thanks to JannaR for the themepost.

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