Angry insect
Angry insect
Angry insect.

Funny Angry penguin

Angry penguin

Funny surreal angry man

surreal angry man
sources. Member reactions:, totally freaky and magnificently worked.TY
TY.I changed a lot of details since.
This is the result of Obama Care.You will be Okay, as long as you never catch a cold or the flu. And if you do...Obama and his death panel have a pill you can take for that.Nice re-mix of the angry guys head.Only 1 question. Why.
Great use of source...and the crazy man looks jelly sea creature erupted out of under water volcano good one like it....
Congrats. I know now what it reminded me of, a nighlok
Thanks.(i had to google nighlok but yeah, there are some simularities there.)
Congratulations on the Win Jeremix.Great Freaky Picture
Exquisitely gross Great cloning and knitting. My fav. Gratos my man. Gold for you today.
Gold congrats, jeremix. Super disgustingly cool.
Gross and brilliant. Jere strikes again. Congrats on the gold, you freak.


September 22. Obama tones down Ďangry populistí stance . Member reactions:
Very good one, but I wish it was somebody else.

Funny Angry Birds

Angry Birds
Please view full image. Member reactions:
Good Title.... and these birds were fighting for the Egg... Nice chop and well done to include the cracked egg in his hands
Wood congrats, gugu.Luv this one.

Funny The Angry Bobble

The Angry Bobble

Funny Boy, don't make them angry!

Boy, don't make them angry!
Is North Korea ready.

Funny Angry Balloons

Angry Balloons
. Member reactions:
Fantastic.... put this on playstore you will get a million downloads good one like it
Yeah, congrats on silver, friend.
Silver congrats, Icy.I really enjoyed this one and was glad that you submitted it in good size.
I think I finally figured out the sizing issue -- had to try a few things. We shall see as I go forward. Thanks.

Funny Angry Smith

Angry Smith
. Member reactions:
This is a winner, just wait and see. My predictions are NEVER wrong :0)

Funny Thanks Angry Old White Men

Thanks Angry Old White Men
. Member reactions:
I know the perfect friend for this chop. Yer' famous now....
Nice details and grain effects used on the face good one

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