Miguel Angel by Daniel Volterra
Miguel Angel by Daniel Volterra
Miguel Angel by Daniel Volterra. Miguel Angel by Daniel Volterra

Funny Avenging Angel

Avenging Angel
Member reactions:
Super Transformation and Clothing application.

Funny Hells Angel

Hells Angel
Member reactions:
Great job. Only nit-pic would be to remove he white around his earring.
Fits him Well. A Kind Hearted H3ll's Angel.


Member reactions:
Woody Congrats, Mano. A heavy hitter with flash bang with a total annihilation theme.

Funny Angel Aretha

Angel Aretha
Member reactions:
Awesome Aretha tribute, Manosasrt. Love your design. Congrats on the cup.

Funny Blue Angel Red Angel

Blue Angel Red Angel
Member reactions:
A Couple of Freakish Looking Angels. Kewl.
They really need to stop their stand off and go eat a hamburger,,, With fries and a shake.

Funny Angel Merkel

Angel Merkel

Funny Wishing Angel Bottle

Wishing Angel Bottle
Member reactions:
Very pretty Congrats on the cup, Manosart. This is done in a style I love. I introduced a similar version here about 10 years ago but I think it was a bit confusing to some of the purist. It got mixed reviews as I recall. It was an angel rising from the water.
Great looking image and congrats on the Wood.
Mano very nice Pretty... Congratulationsss..

Funny Angel

For a friends daughters Communion

Funny My Little Angel

My Little Angel
Pic of my sweet little girl, who passed on Monday, she was 20 yrs old.
Member reactions:
I am so sorry about the loss of your sweet baby,touching tribute
Sorry to hear of your loss. Our 4 footed ones are as much a part of the family as the 2 footed ones
Thank You andwhat, she had cancer and fluid built up in her lungs, she held on longer then they gave, but her breathing got bad and we had to make a choice to let her go.
Really sorry for your loss.
Thank you Gummy, she was very much so a family member, she was my baby. Thanks jeremix.
This is a very nice memorial for your loved one. I'm sure she loves it.
Thank you SplatShot, I'm sure she does too, thanks CraftyOne.
Sorry to hear about that. Pets really are part of a family, it's very hard when they go
Arrrrhhhhhh. Death of the innocent, what a lousy idea. You can at least Cherish the memories. I am so very sorry hidden. Wonderfully touching poem and tribute. Hugs
Thank you, Hitspinner, NewsMaster and Nanny, she sure is missed, very much so.

Funny Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons
The Boston Globe said that the GOP major strategy these elections is to demonize Clinton, present her to Americans as the devil in human skin. Most Americans however believe that no angels are running for president in 2008. Photoshop celebrities (also politicians, historical figures) as angels or demons / devils. Add halos, wings, feathers, or horns and tails, etc. The sky (heaven) or hell is the limit :)

Funny Modern Angels

Modern Angels
A recent movie from Luc Besson, Angel-A, shows a modern day guardian angel who came down from heaven disguised as a woman to help her man. I noticed Paris Hilton didn't get the part. In this contest you are asked to photoshop angels from paintings, and modernize them in any way - add modern clothes, habits, accessories, etc.

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