Andy Warhol Foot Fetish Paintings
Andy Warhol Foot Fetish Paintings
Andy Warhol Foot Fetish Paintings. Member reactions:
Made me smile Clever entry, though each single entry does not resemble Warhol style. Together they may seem like something eh could do though
Thank you erinorthend, pcrdds, UncleChamp, & NewsMaster Might be something he would do today though if he had photoshop No.

Funny Andy Warhol Paints Barack Obama

Andy Warhol Paints Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Clean work, and nice Obama pop-art portrait. Looks like something Warhol could have done these days indeed.

Funny Andy Warhol Painting a Model in his Studio

Andy Warhol Painting a Model in his Studio
Member reactions:
Great idea but differences resolutions. Proportions between objects in front are too different
Methinks this is hilarious and brilliant.

Funny Miley Cyrus by Andy Warhol

Miley Cyrus by Andy Warhol
I don't usually go for realism, but I think Warhol might have actually done something like this if he lived now instead of then.
Member reactions:
Excellent Warhol-style portrait. And here the realism angle really adds to it. Honestly, I love this chop.

Funny Mickey Rooney Andy Hardy

Mickey Rooney Andy Hardy
Member reactions:
Me likey. He kinda reminds me the young Robert Redford here

Funny Andy Warhol Caricature

Andy Warhol Caricature
Original Process: Restored/cleaned up B&W - --> Colorized - --> Filters Applied - --> Characterized
Member reactions:
Very illuminated chop.... the layout of the image is well appeared
Bronze congrats, Icy. Artistic work, me thins Andy would like it.

Funny Barack Obbama the Andy Warhol Art Fan

Barack Obbama the Andy Warhol Art Fan
Joe Biden's portrait is not finished. I started and Obama continued. He is still working.
Member reactions:
Thanks, Nanny. Can Obama be good for anything. All his projects failed anyway.
A change from his finger-painting diversion-eh. Clean work.
Nice Job.All pictures are very clear. It's new style of Obama.They can do everything .
Once upon a time The Greatest Job done by an Art Fan of Warho... Nice colorful and different shades of Obama seen here
Thank you, Rajeshstar. I hope Obama will finish painting before end of contest.
Thank you, Paul. Thank you, Destonio. We will continue creating our opuses on the FreakingNews until we like to do it.
Congrats on the gold, Wanderer. Another 15 minutes of fame for ya. Pro work here.

Funny Andy Warhol Painting

Andy Warhol Painting
A tribute to Bob Ross, another famous artist - The Joy of Painting
Member reactions:
The greatest works of Warhol.... at his job Like the chop... and good use of grey-scale and colorful images together

Funny Andy Warhol by Warhol

Andy Warhol by Warhol
Member reactions:
I made three entries, for me this one is my worst and my best finish 10 :-S
I liked all 3 of yours. My favorite from them was the Kate Perry one too. But that is not to say this one is bad - in fact it looks very professional.

Funny Zombie by Andy Warhol

Zombie by Andy Warhol

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