Android Lost In Space
Android Lost In Space
Android Lost In Space. Member reactions:
Nice work, its different. good black-white theme
Awesome effects of the sky and good dark background chosen very well done
Nice Background color and selection Good job done
Pretty cool work done on the mannequin. He looks a tad evil too

Funny Yesterdays Android

Yesterdays Android
"My bookshelves were groaning with these old paperbacks when I was a kid, I just loved those old front covers."
Member reactions:
Great entry, good concept and so the execution, perfect composition
Old front covers totally kick ass. Isaac Asimov wrote many great books and stories, but when it comes to sci-fi, my favorite author is Robert Sheckley.

Funny Android Pr0n Movie

Android Pr0n Movie
I was inspired to create this image by an electronica song of the same name. Female source used with permission from Marcus Ranum (which is nsfw as the model is ... ) and here are my other sources. Please view full = -->
Member reactions:
This is top of the line work, alot of skill here............. Love it.
Thanks, I appreciate your comment, Hobbit.
love what you have made here great inspiration work
Technically Best, Nice concept used to represent the technical WTF

Funny Etch-a-Sketch Android Tablet

Etch-a-Sketch Android Tablet
Old classic,meets new Technology.

Funny World of Android Phones

World of Android Phones
Please use full view if you have a second to spare
Member reactions:
Good job and good use of the differnt things

Funny Android Woman

Android Woman
Member reactions:
J'ai failli posté un travail similaire (même source), mais le vôtre est nettement meilleur .

Funny aPhone Android

aPhone Android

Funny Android Woman

Android Woman
Member reactions:
There's a lot going on but once ya wk it out this is pretty cool Well done.
thanks kellie,as always your comments are always welcome
thanks so much guys and yes if you look at the ball there is indeed a face.

Funny Not so Paranoid Android

Not so Paranoid Android
First attempt at a simple android Stock from DeviantArt
Member reactions:
Great source, I like the plastic feel u managed to give it.
Thank you... Yeah DA has some amazing artists
clean work. the absence of hair and ears makes her look android doll indeed.

Funny Android Doll

Android Doll
Member reactions:
Maybe spice up the colors a bit. Otherwise great chop
Love it, but some metal parts (left of the face next to the eye) look semi transparent

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