Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper.

Funny gillian anderson

gillian anderson
Member reactions:
Gillian is Great. Her surgery was a success.
Ha... My Favorite. Glad it made the podium. Congrats, Again Fugit..

Funny Burt Reynolds Loni Anderson

Burt Reynolds Loni Anderson

Funny Pamela Anderson Justin Trudeau

Pamela Anderson Justin Trudeau
Oh Canada.
Member reactions:
Cute, but his head is badly cut out (feathering by a couple pixels might help).
Gold Congrats. Perfect match, they look great together. Awesome Trudeau Hairdeau.
Congrats on the Gold, HH. Pamela looks great. And I think the bear likes her too. : -->

Funny Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper
Now this would be newsworthy.

Funny Pamela Anderson Tommy Chong

Pamela Anderson Tommy Chong
Member reactions:
congrats on your bronze hohouse this was one of my favs
CONGRATS, Mr.HHs. Excellent quality and performance.
Congratulations H.H. great job an match up.
Perfect. Congrats on the bronze. Well done chop, Duane

Funny Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Funny Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper
Member reactions:
I was going for Elf but Martian works TY
Good chop but difference in size looks excessive to me.

Funny Anderson Cooper and Tim Cook in Love

Anderson Cooper and Tim Cook in Love
Member reactions:
Tim cook looks quite blurry. Great job otherwise.

Funny Wes Anderson and Graham Moore Win Best Screenplay Award

Wes Anderson and Graham Moore Win Best Screenplay Award
Graham Moore (Left) and Wes Anderson (Right) win the Writers Guild Award for Best screen play. Characters Aadrien Brody and William Dafoe peer in. The Grand Budapest Hotel Wins Screenwriting Award
Member reactions:
Quality work, and I love how you did the peers
Really Cool Work. IMO... This shoulda finished much higher.
Yep. It has a frosty mist going on. Pretty cool. Try one like this again. Sometimes it takes a style a few attempts to get past the fixed ideas

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