Wes Anderson and Graham Moore win Award
Wes Anderson and Graham Moore win Award
Wes Anderson and Graham Moore win Award. Graham Moore (Left) and Wes Anderson (Right) win the Writers Guild Award for Best screen play. Characters Aadrien Brody and William Dafoe peer in. The Grand Budapest Hotel Wins Screenwriting Award
Member reactions:
Quality work, and I love how you did the peers
Really Cool Work. IMO... This shoulda finished much higher.
Yep. It has a frosty mist going on. Pretty cool. Try one like this again. Sometimes it takes a style a few attempts to get past the fixed ideas

Funny Pamela Anderson Commemorative Stamp

Pamela Anderson Commemorative Stamp
The most googled Canadian of all time is Pamela Anderson. No matter how Canada distinguishes itself at home, it's always the tawdry exploits of Pamela, Rob Ford, and Justin Bieber, it seems, that leaves the lasting impressions.
Member reactions:
Sweet. I will have to buy some tomorrow.
If it was 69 cents, it would almost be Not Safe For Work chop Pamela used to be #1 googled Canadian, these days Bieber has taken over that top spot

Funny Pamela Anderson Barbie Doll

Pamela Anderson Barbie Doll
Member reactions:
Good chop but, a little rought around the edges and the bottom of the legs.
Superb like it, u would have worked on the background to suit her

Funny Pamela Anderson with Onions

Pamela Anderson with Onions

Funny Anderson Cooper Attacked in Egypt

Anderson Cooper Attacked in Egypt
Member reactions:
ha ha ha ha look those injuries hurt me :-S
The mummies with the exes sell this composition for me. Mr. Cooper looks mighty scary too - even mummies could get scared.
Excellent Chop , well worth the trophy .. Lots of sources in this ....
Thanks, Goat...thanks, Chili...thanks, pegleg.
that's cool chop pcrdds .. congrats on the silver and keep going was close race too ..
Thanks, Kratos. Don't worry, I'll keep going.
and don't let the Mummies stop you, even if they stuffed a paper dart in your Ear this is crazy funny Mr. P congrats.
Congrats on the silver Paul. As a bonus you get to be a temp for Anderson Cooper until he recovers
Thanks, Newsy...but I'd like a different assignment if you don't mind.

Funny Pamela Anderson with a Big Nose

Pamela Anderson with a Big Nose
Member reactions:
Finally, it's not only her chest that got enlarged.

Funny Pamela Anderson Mugshot

Pamela Anderson Mugshot
Member reactions:
You get to share a cell with jailhouse barbie.

Funny Gravity Pamela Anderson

Gravity Pamela Anderson
Member reactions:
They must have fallen into the booby trap

Funny Pamela Anderson Miracle Bra Advert

Pamela Anderson Miracle Bra Advert
Sometimes a girl needs a little help.
Member reactions:
I know it was simple, but I liked the idea, so I thought I'd toss it out there. And besides, hey...Pamela Anderson.

Funny Pamela Anderson Inside Mans Head

Pamela Anderson Inside Mans Head
Member reactions:
That's the Aussie doctor from the tv series House

Funny Pamela Anderson pregnant

Pamela Anderson pregnant
If you saw Pamela Anderson's pictures from last week, you've gotta be wondering if she's pregnant or just has a beer belly. Well, I'm wondering too, because with all the beer she's drank on her three weddings with Kid Rock, even if she doesn't give birth to a baby in nine months, she'll give birth to a beer keg. And it'd better be a beer keg only, folks, because if she does have a baby in there too, the baby may go straight to Alcoholics Anonymous meeting right after his birth, and his first words will be: "I am Pamela Anderson's new baby and I am an alcoholic..." And what's the deal with her four three weddings and a funeral anyway? Obviously just one does not count as everybody was drunk and does not remember what happened anyway, so you gotta repeat the whole thing again and again until both Pam and Mr. Rock have at least some vague memories of the event. And when Pam realizes she's pregnant, she can't help but wonder whether the baby is from Kid Rock, because Pam is very fertile and can get pregnant merely by standing downwind from drunken weirdos who still consider her a beauty queen in well preserved condition. And well preserved she is, because with the amount of silicon injected into her, she'll soon receive a scientific award for being the first living mummified person on earth. Anyhow, let's get down to business and photoshop Pamela Andersen pregnant, because that was the original intent of posting this contest.

Funny Pamela Anderson marries Kid Rock

Pamela Anderson marries Kid Rock
They were engaged, then split up; four years later they reunite and announce their wedding. Photoshop "Pamela Anderson - Kid Rock wedding" showing all shocking details media missed.

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