Ancient Spirits
Ancient Spirits
Ancient Spirits. Member reactions:
Sort of looks like a watercolor at first glance. Good job.
Thanks Reg and Hits 😎👍🏼

Funny Ancient Egyptian Game `Ready or not, here I come`

Ancient Egyptian Game `Ready or not, here I come`

Funny i-Phones for sale at the ancient market in Rome

i-Phones for sale at the ancient market in Rome

Funny Alexis Tsipras Austerity Measures by Selling Ancient Antiques

Alexis Tsipras Austerity Measures by Selling Ancient Antiques
Member reactions:
so sad... dog expressions can reveal the truth

Funny Ancients Protecting Stonehenge Underwater

Ancients Protecting Stonehenge Underwater

Funny Jeans Sale in Ancient Rome painting

Jeans Sale in Ancient Rome painting

Funny Woman in an Ancient Painting

Woman in an Ancient Painting
Member reactions:
Very clean artwork. Thanks for posting the sources.

Funny Ancient Roman Giant Found

Ancient Roman Giant Found
Ancient Roman Giant Found
Member reactions:
Looks totally real. Might pass as a hoax. Love it
I reckon this will end up being passed off as real eventually out there in web-world
thanks I was hopin it would end up on Ancient Aliens next season :o)
It is a very cool, realistic presentation

Funny Ancient Egg Aliens

Ancient Egg Aliens
Some say Giorgio Tsoukalos is just a yokel, but in this Universe he is the Eggman (and Erich von Däniken the Walrus). After all, if it's on the Eggstory Channel, it must be true. Is Giorgio right about the coming Lunar Egglipse being a harbinger of the return to Earth of Ancient Eggliens who laid human eggs here thousands of years ago. What other possible eggsplanation could there be for our Eggistence. It's all about Ancient Eggliens. Q.E.D.
Member reactions:
Like the concept of the oval shape or Egg shape world
Loved the text you wrote to go with the entry. Good comedy.

Funny Ancient Ape Woman

Ancient Ape Woman
Member reactions:
... Chimp and the Woman.. Good merge and love those nostrils and the hair coming out of Ears good one
Excellent. Great work done Unable to identify the real character very well done
Perfect to the contest, great context shown using crazy hairs all over and modern outfit and accessory its awesome idea, complete freak show here
But I hope we didn't look like that Silver congrats.

Funny Ancient Pop

Ancient Pop
Back in the 16th Century, the composer and lutenist John Dowland was similarly popular – pressing into a vein of moping soppiness that made him famous, and has served English musicians ever since.For such an influential musician, we know surprisingly little of Dowland’s own life. He was born about 1563, probably in London. He travelled widely, first working for Queen Elizabeth I, then for the Danish King Christian IV. Add modern musical instruments to any Vintage Paintings or Sculptures. NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Ancient Waterfalls

Ancient Waterfalls
The largest waterfall that ever existed was twice as high and three times as wide as Niagara Falls, making it the largest confirmed waterfall in the planet’s history. Add flooding or waterfalls to any recognizable area or location of the world. This can include cities, famous places, etc. For more on ancient falls and flooding Visit This Link

Funny Ancient Statues

Ancient Statues
[ Ancient Greek Cycladic statues and figurines known for their smooth flat-faced style, look strikingly modern and inspired the works of 20th century masters like Pablo Picasso. ] Nowadays many celebrities continue to be inspired by the ancient art - just like Greek statues they have no underwear on. In this contest you are asked to add any modern elements to ancient statues. Give them modern helmets, gadgets, tools, glasses, sports equipment, modern clothes, paintjobs, etc.

Funny Ancient Shrimp

Ancient Shrimp
50-Million-Old shrimp was discovered. It was discovered by a customer eating at "Red Lobster". In this contest you are asked to show us how ancient, 50-million old shrimps look like. Feel free to show them with glasses, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, etc. You can also humanize them and show old shrimps living a human life.

Funny Ancient Food

Ancient Food
Photoshop images of ancient food items or drinks that would be used by people thousands of years ago.

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