Scottish Anchor Throwing
Scottish Anchor Throwing
Scottish Anchor Throwing.

Funny Brian Williams Lying News Anchor

Brian Williams Lying News Anchor
Well, you just can't trust anyone these days. I still like his daughter. Brian Williams' Dubious Adventures In Iraq
Member reactions:
Man on fire.. good caricature and well merge
Great job, and very news topical. Look at the recent contest we launched too

Funny Popular Chinese TV Anchor With Lots of Cash

Popular Chinese TV Anchor With Lots of Cash
$160K in cash was found in the office of China's most popular tv news anchor
Member reactions:
I think he'll have enough dough to bail himself out. EXcellent work
Thanks, luciano, Newsy, D-Man and its420.

Funny News Anchor Confusion

News Anchor Confusion
Anderson Cooper on FOXNEWS & Glenn Beck on CNN....
Member reactions:
Nicely done. Love the "chalk shortage" comment.
Thank prccds...getting a compliment from a seasoned chopper like you is very nice. Locotus I wasn't aware of that. LOl Been living in the States for a couple of months now...and to me Glenn Beck was all FOX. Well, he is now...
Make it even better by adding something funny running along the bottom.
Lots of work here and solid idea behind it. Looks pro.
In my humble opinion, this was very well done, clever and should have scored much higher.
Thanks for all who voted and commented. pcrdds Yes, I expected to score higher than 15th place....very disappointing...but it ranked as high as ppl voted it to be. Thanks again for the complementary words JoaoN, krrish, Newsy & pcrdds....that keeps me going and work even harder to come up with good chops.
Wish it would place higher. It's really well done. Your chops are always a feast for the eyes, Arch.
Thank you Newsy....glad you like my photochops. We'll just keep on going... On to the next chop. Hehehehe

Funny Anchor Temple

Anchor Temple
Member reactions:
Fair composition and blending. The lower part may use some increase in contrast

Funny Sarah Palin the New Turkey Anchor

Sarah Palin the New Turkey Anchor

Funny Fat Cat Chained to an Anchor

Fat Cat Chained to an Anchor
Too much bad food could easily give you gas problems.
Member reactions:
How are your Anchor Management classes going.
Sparky lkearns the hard way that eating lots of bubble gum is not a good idea

Funny Exspensive anchors

Exspensive anchors
Apple, Celebrating the Most expensive anchors money can buy since 1976. Full view.
Member reactions:
Nah....ya got it wrong. Apples are doorstops....DELLS are boat anchors.
Muahahah controversial
heheh ... deeeep

Funny Cardboard Anchors

Cardboard Anchors
Due to ESPN's expensive acquisition of "Monday Night Football" programming, the producers hoped that no one would notice the cardboard anchors. Full view needed.
Member reactions:
. Could have been neater but you still got me to laugh.. Good one.
as well. terrible use of the "blue smoke-bomb", but yet the FUNNY is somehow still clearly visible.
It was the cheap blue paint that ESPN provided. Thanks for the views.

Funny Anchor

I wonder how he'll spin the Iraqi Elections.
Member reactions:
"It appears that the American forces have peed their pants and the Iraqi insurgency has taken over the entire region."

Funny Anchors

You get to make an executive decision and choose anchors. Choose your replacement for news anchor of ABC or CBS. It could be a celebrity, politician, or any well-known face that you think would do a great job bringing the public the news!

Funny Monday Night Football Anchors

Monday Night Football Anchors
Who do you think will be the new Monday Night Football anchors? Will there be any changes to the format (new faces, or possibly adding some additional "entertainment" to the football show?) Create images showing us the changes that might occur with the new Monday Night Football.

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