Underwater Suburb with Amphibious Cars
Underwater Suburb with Amphibious Cars
Underwater Suburb with Amphibious Cars. Member reactions:
good thinking on the car. futuristic. just the corals looks a bit big.
Decent work. I would consider adding bubbles from the car exhausts gor extra effect.

Funny Amphibious Frog VW Car

Amphibious Frog VW Car
The Amphibious Vehicle runs entirely on flies (But its exhaust smells kinda funny).
Member reactions:
Decent job. I love how you integrated eyes as headlights. I would try experimenting with making the car body spotted similar to legs.
Good suggestion. The body spots make it look more like a hybrid. Didn't want to take it too far because the contest instructions specify that the chop should look more like a vehicle than an animal.
Your were talking to the site owner and he wrote the contest though. Looks great.
True I think the edit made it look even better though. It looks a bit like a reflection on a polished car surface.

Funny Amphibious Motorcycle

Amphibious Motorcycle
We're not sure that it will float...a life perserver is supplied just in case.
Member reactions:
Matches nicely,but the shadow is still of the bike only.

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