Pass the Ammo
Pass the Ammo
Pass the Ammo . Member reactions:
Would have been nicer if you had added the extras to the original helmet, rather than having him now wear two of them (ha).

Funny Hand Guns in an Ammo Shop

Hand Guns in an Ammo Shop
Member reactions:
yea, I got a different finger for one of those guys.
Ha ha ha nice one... after the guns become ban in the state... People will buy the hand shaped guns.... different angles for different guns good one, well done in the making the hand gestures as of guns

Funny Jugs Made From Ammo

Jugs Made From Ammo
Member reactions:
Creative work, icecream congratulations on the gold.

Funny Ammo Organ

Ammo Organ

Funny Ammo Lipstick

Ammo  Lipstick

Funny Barack Obama on Guns and Ammo Magazine

Barack Obama on Guns and Ammo Magazine
Member reactions:
Nice way of putting him in that Magazine cover

Funny Bin Laden Ammo

Bin Laden Ammo

Funny Ammo

Photoshop this ammo image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include merging this ammunition with some objects or animals; placing these bullets into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Kriss Szkurlatowski and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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