Foster Farms Ambulance
Foster Farms Ambulance
Foster Farms Ambulance. Foster Farms chicken sickens nearly 300 with salmonella
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It really looks like he is inside the van and the text looks good.

Funny Injured Fakir Being Loaded into an Ambulance

Injured Fakir Being Loaded into an Ambulance
Street Fakir is very similar to Chuck Norris, is he.
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Dear Misspix, It is caricature and I used a little bit bigger heads. If you agree I will leave it as is. Thank you, W
AmazingVery good thinking and nice execution
At last he got into Ambulance.... love to see Bruce and Stallone helping him

Funny Man With a Black Eye Loaded Into an Ambulance

Man With a Black Eye Loaded Into an Ambulance

Funny Mini Yellow Ambulance

Mini Yellow Ambulance
Another attempt by the Canadian Prime Minister to save money on health-related expenses.
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I love this one. the colors are original and you did a good job fixing up the Ambulance..
Nice concept seen here funny driver he do not care what is behind him

Funny Tiger Woods with Ambulance

Tiger Woods with Ambulance
Tiger Woods ambulance call latest incident in a saga that's destroying a golf legend

Funny Ambulance in Front of Hospital

Ambulance in Front of Hospital
See full please. This is what I am afraid will happen if his idea goes thru, English citizens have died in an ambulance in front of the ER entrance because of the red tape, and they just don’t have room for the patients in the hospital. The wait is ridiculous to get in a hospital. Then the doctors and nurses are over worked and many misdiagnoses are made. yes there is a chop here is the link Source Images ABC's John Stossel Destroys/Pulverizes/Crushes Obama's anti-American 'Health Care' Plan
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You got that one right.....................
, people still do their own dental procedures here in the mountains. take a string, tie one end to your tooth and the other to a doorknob, take three steps back and slam the door. drink whiskey. save $300 if his plan passes it will also create a medical underground. well it is already there but it will get worse. more people will be abducted for their organs and all sorts of witch doctors will appear out of the blue with their "homeopathic medicine", don't get me wrong, some of it works but people are generally uneducated about natural medicine and it is dangerous. Another thing that will happen is another decade or two of "dark innovation", experimental treatments will be out the window and only the elite will get decent healthcare. strong chop
The effect fits the image-stong chop as jerrylambert said.
Maybe it's the point, but is there a chop here. Love to see the sources.
Yep, glad you explained there was a chop and posted source. I though it was the real deal its chopped so well. Good point too. I have been hearing a lot of unhappy comments one universal healthcare from those that have it. I reckon the Aussies are the only ones that have a fairly sensible system that seems to work well enough. Haven't heard any complaints yet out of the ones I have spoken to.
There you go, I thought it was a real pic except for the caddy. Good stuff.
GREAT PIECE. DOES LOOK REAL. We have universal healthcare in Canada. When i get sick I go to the doctor. He gives me a scrip. i get it filled. I get better. Doesn't matter if you are rich or poor. Seems simple enough to me. 0 complaints.

Funny Cellist Playing For a Patient Being Put in an Ambulance

Cellist Playing For a Patient Being Put in an Ambulance
The news is at: this link (Link fixed by moderator this time, - please read the comments for details.) I don't know how to link it, sorry.
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The directions for making a link are in the contest directions.
Here they are repeated: You should use this format to make a link: news title If you want to plug this link: you should type this: news title
tks newsmaster I promise I will try harder...
She looks better in your chop than real life.

Funny Walmart Ambulance

Walmart Ambulance
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There's a bit of odd masking debris on the ambulance on the right....On the box just above the cab. And the City & State name is backwards on the left ambulance.

Funny Weed Ambulance

Weed Ambulance
Weed is becoming more acceptable in society. The weed mobile could make deliveries to your neighborhood.
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For coherence you should blur WEED on the ambulance

Funny Ambulance Chaser Gloria Allred

Ambulance Chaser Gloria Allred
You’re “Blackmailing” Meg Whitman

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