Bearded Amanda Seyfried
Bearded Amanda Seyfried
Bearded Amanda Seyfried.

Funny Amanda Seyfried the Spanish Dancer

Amanda Seyfried the Spanish Dancer

Funny Noseless Amanda Seyfried

Noseless Amanda Seyfried

Funny Amanda Seyfried by Picasso

Amanda Seyfried by Picasso
Member reactions:
She looks beautiful even her nose is displaced
One of my favorites in the contest. Truly combines photo realism and Picasso style.
congrats opcrom I love the skin work... excellent.
Yes yes, a wonderful work, silver cup congrats, Opcrom.

Funny Amanda Amanda Show Wig

Amanda Amanda Show Wig
Amanda's Wig for Court
Member reactions:
LOl she looks even hot with the blue wig and the Mariguna leaf decorated on her hair The bong thrown out of the window still keeps its smoke oozing out and spreading all over the place good work on the smoke and to see the middle fingers of her feet good work overall
I love the toes too ..; ty Gugulanul Thanks Pcrdds the last time I checked you were in the lead ,,I guess it was a close contest
Congratulations winnning the gold premiememe, witty with the factor. Great Job

Funny Neckless Amanda Lepore

Neckless Amanda Lepore

Funny Amanda Seyfried Sloth Face

Amanda Seyfried Sloth Face
Member reactions:
Really good one. Strange that she still looks pretty

Funny Amanda Seyfried Manga Caricature

Amanda Seyfried Manga Caricature
Amanda Seyfried
Member reactions:
Lovely deep eyes... which has some desire to fall into it. here ear rings were also so matching with the eye lids beautiful
The eyes is working like a weapon Marvaleous work done
Wonderful eyes, cute face with smooth skin

Funny Amanda Seyfried Manga

Amanda Seyfried Manga
Member reactions:
So clean like her big eyes good and lovely job done
Thank you this is my first attempt at Manga

Funny Amanda Peet's Beard

Amanda Peet's Beard

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