Alyson Hannigan Painting by Renoir
Alyson Hannigan Painting by Renoir
Alyson Hannigan Painting by Renoir. Member reactions:
Very nice, but her face needs to be softened a little,
Yes, eyes, nose, eyebrows and mouth need to be softened
Softened is a bit of a misnomer. Sample texturing is I think the better terms. Still, this is a legitimate impressionistic style by throwing all the finer definition into the focal subject and less on supporting elements. Nice one HH

Funny Alyson Hannigan and Crystal Harris Lesbian Wedding

Alyson Hannigan and Crystal Harris Lesbian Wedding

Funny Alyson Hannigan the Carrot

Alyson Hannigan the Carrot
Member reactions:
Heads look all proportionally different d

Funny Skinny Alyson Hannigan

Skinny Alyson Hannigan
Brings the Animal out in Me

Funny Alyson Hannigan Doll

Alyson Hannigan Doll
Member reactions:
that polar bear in the background is hilarious.
hot dogs idea is so good. keep up the good work

Funny Alyson and JR Painting

Alyson and JR Painting

Funny Alyson Hannigan Eye Mouth

Alyson Hannigan Eye Mouth

Funny Alyson Hannigan Inverted Face

Alyson Hannigan Inverted Face
Member reactions:
One of the cleanest works in the contest. It's so well blended you feel it's just her face expression until you take a closer look.

Funny Alyson Hannigan with Tattoos

Alyson Hannigan with Tattoos
src1 src2
Member reactions:
I like it. The dragon on her leg is my favorite part.
Congrats on the triple crown. I have always been fondest of redheads

Funny Alyson Hannigan the Waitress

Alyson Hannigan the Waitress
Member reactions:
body language really matching to her expression

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