President Alternatives
President Alternatives
President Alternatives. adam sandler, bruce willis and dwayne johnson
Member reactions:
Holewood . Sorry for the joke...but excellent caricatures here.
Nice, but the hands seem levitating separately from the body
Luciano said it. Excellent caricatures.... Very cool all around chop. Congrats on the silver

Funny Alternative Beer Fuel

Alternative Beer Fuel
Smuggled alcohol used as fuel in Sweden

Funny George Bush's Alternative Fuels

George Bush's Alternative Fuels
"We must continue investing in new methods of producing ethanol using everything from wood chips, to grasses, to agricultural wastes."...and oatmeal, Miracle Gro, and Crisco.

Funny Alternative hobby

Alternative hobby
Dick decides fishing is safer, but takes a machine to speed things up.
Member reactions:
When Cheney returned from the trip to the White House something smelled fishy again...
He ought to try to dynamite the fish.....then again,maybe not. Nice Chop.
Do I need my seven dollar permit to catch these many fish.
Nice work. Love the expression on his face.
I always knew there was something fishy about him..

Funny The Other Alternative to Smoking

The Other Alternative to Smoking
The surgeon general warns that nagging me about my smoking can cause footupthebehinditis.
Member reactions:
The Surgeon General warns us about everything. Shadowing of walking man too heavy. Need to decrease the opacity of "IF It BOTHERS . . .".
Thanks, but it was meant to be that dark. This is an example of that little trick your mind does without you knowing it where it fills in the letters of words and builds the sentence in your head despite many important letters being obscured, blocked or missing. I actually placed Chappelle and the shadow very carefully and adjusted the opacity to that level quite purposefully. I appreciate the advice, and under normal circumstances, I would follow it, but that picture is exactly the way it is for a reason and I have no intention of changing it. Thank you for taking the time to advise me of this, though.
I have to agree with Steve on this. Sorry Hidden , no harm intended . I see that it makes no sense in what you are trying tell everyone about the shadow. The whole shadow is taking over focus of this Chop .... Plus i don't know what the whole message says on the wall & pavement . Other then that your chop is great ...
I think it's just a matter of different tastes and visions, then. It's not supposed to be realistic. Think of it as one of those 3-D jumbles that you stare at until the picture becomes clear, if that helps. Plus, I seriously doubt a pro-smoking message is gonna win, or place well, anyway. This was strictly for fun and for me. If it bugs ya, you should give it a bad score. Thanks for the compliment, though (kinda).
well done, closing your eyes, before the death walk apart you

Funny Vuvuzela Alternative Uses

Vuvuzela Alternative Uses
They could have been very handy and QUIET if used during Winter Olympics. As a torch...crutch...splint.

Funny Bruce Springsteen Alternative Album Cover

Bruce Springsteen Alternative Album Cover

Funny Absolut Alternative

Absolut Alternative

Funny The Killing of Bin Laden: Alternative Versions

The Killing of Bin Laden: Alternative Versions
The statements from The White House on how Bin Laden was killed have changed quite a bit in the last two days. First it was "Bin Laden showed resistance and opened fire with his AK-47, used his wife as a human shield", then it changed to "Bin Laden showed unarmed resistance and used his wife as a human shield", and now it's down to "Bin Laden did not show resistance, and did not use any woman as a human shield, and the woman was not his wife after all. She ran to SEALS who shot her in the leg. She died (from bleeding?)." Let's help The White House with their changing story and photoshop some alternative (possible or impossible) versions on how Bin Laden was killed, and what he was really doing then.

Funny Alternative Fuel

Alternative Fuel
Now that oil is becoming more expensive, photoshop alternative fuel and energy sources. Some examples are - motors, and alternative cars made out of foods, and household items - cars with doughnuts instead of wheels, hamster wheels instead of motor, etc.

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