Leave me alone Crimean Hustler
Leave me alone Crimean Hustler
Leave me alone Crimean Hustler.

Funny Home Alone in the White House

Home Alone in the White House
Member reactions:
Certainly won't be anyone else home, mentally or physically.

Funny South Park Home alone 2

South Park Home alone 2
Member reactions:
Me likes a lot. Congrats on the silver, Andrew.

Funny Dinosaurs in Home Alone Poster

Dinosaurs in Home Alone Poster
Member reactions:
It'd be even perfect if the burglar guys were removed (they are naturally replaced by the burglar dinos you added)
Congrads on the Silver Cup,another good one
Thank you, guys. News Master, Thank you for support.
Terrific adaptation. Congrats on the silver, Andrew.

Funny Depressed Man Alone

Depressed Man Alone
Testosterone needs estrogen's help to inhibit depression
Member reactions:
your awesomelevels are off the charts.
Thanx Jere... This is a bit of a touchy subject and difficult to make an appropriate chop for it.
Congrats Funkwood. Fantastic work. Keep 'm coming.
Grim..... I got to go rent a comedy to off set this one Hehehe. Has a lot of oomph, Funk. Gongrats, I really thought I dug my feet in on this battle. Shrugs shoulders. Well done amigo
Congratulations. You hit the Bullseye for me except that this guy has a Cat to talk to.
This is so darn gorgeous, the look on the kitten's face is priceless, congrats on the win.
Thanks all. Yeah Tim, I put the kitten in just to lighten the mood a bit...but yours is a little on the gloomy side too...but exceptionally crafted.
The kitty helped LMFAO. I don't know why I chose a kid, that might have been a psychological turn-off, huh. I was originally going to use a mannequin for the source but then ran across that life-like porcelain doll collection and .... just went with it. That Leonardo image is positioned like it is yelling at the guy to snap out of the funk. Was that intentional. Freaking brilliant either way and would make one he11 of a future version theme as an OOB.
Totally brilliant chop as always Master Funkwood.
Congrats on the gold, Funk. This chop is a real treat.

Funny Macaulay Culkin Home Alone Again

Macaulay Culkin Home Alone Again
Member reactions:
Great except for the text work which isn't up to the rest of the image for me. But otherwise great.
Another sad Xmas.
Top 5 congrats. I thought it might be a winner but this contest had a lot of surprises.
Congrats on top 5, Marian. Excellent job, but why it looks like summer outside (the green tree without snow)

Funny Dinosaur Home Alone

Dinosaur Home Alone
Member reactions:
Love it. It's quite underrated methinks

Funny Home Alone War Movie

Home Alone War Movie
Member reactions:
Classic. I like how you blew up the house in the title.

Funny Mommy's Alone Time by Renoir

Mommy's Alone Time by Renoir
Member reactions:
Looks beautiful, but not really more 2014 than Renoir's time
Thanks Evirio. Actually the furnishing style is one of the most modern trends. Designers call it Shabby-Sheik. It is the art of taking old furniture and items and putting modern colors and treatments to them. Admittedly, the effect is a bit lost due to the painterly effect here but the style is the latest rage in Southern Ca. I 'm probably too far ahead of the 8 ball or too far behind
If you say so, well, you turned some modern stuff into old using your filter, what is, to me, risky, but pretty well done.
You are right. I appreciate your input. My mission was to get as close to Renoir as possible, just as a personal challenge. That is mainly the reason I picked Shabby-Sheik. It allowed me to stay a bit closer to the genuine feel. I don't do much of this master's matching styles though I have won a few of these types of contest. But I never expect to win. Too many others are much better. I consider these sort of contests as back to basic exercises, really vital to expanding skills. They force me out of my comfort zone. So win or loose I still win. Thanks mate, good luck to you if you entered.
Thank you, for your picture, which I find really delightful, and opened my mind to new ideas. I like how you created perspective here. It also reminds me Van Gogh's backgrounds, in a certain way.
Outstanding technique here. Though, indeed, if elements were more modern this would be even better.
Dunno how this could have ended at the 12th spot... Probably tight competition and the vintage/modern issue played part here...

Funny Daniel Stern in Home Alone Lost in New York

Daniel Stern in Home Alone Lost in New York
Daniel Stern(s)
Member reactions:
Great job. would have been perfect if newspaper shadow was only one the face and not on the building and if the faces in front page were in sepia
I agree with Evirio, but all considered, it's an excellent chop.
Well done, I forgot about that guy. He chops up pretty well.. Congrats on the bronze.....
Congratulations for the Bronze Wanderer, Very Nice.
Congratz. Nice Work Wanderer. 5 heads are better than 1 every time.

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