Bruce Almighty with a Halloween Pumpkin
Bruce Almighty with a Halloween Pumpkin
Bruce Almighty with a Halloween Pumpkin. Member reactions:
Now the mask of Jim scares the viewers good one

Funny Bruce Almighty Halloween

Bruce Almighty Halloween
Member reactions:
Thank you very much preemiememe, D-man and geriatric, I'm glad for you liked.
Thank you very much IcyAllEyeCan, Hobbit90 and rajeshstar.
CAAAARAAACA. mandou benzaço. parabens camarada
Thank you very much qtrmoonshop, pcrdds, nepaguy59. Valeu grande Ivan, é nozes.
Thank you very much Sunshin3, premiememe and Luke999666.
Fantastic remake, JoaoN. Congrats on the gold. Happy Halloween, everyone.
Thank you very much Newsy, i'm glad for you liked of my work, Happy Halloween for you too.
Golden Congrats JoaoN . . . really nice work . . .

Funny Harry Potter Almighty

Harry Potter Almighty
Potter Almighty
Member reactions:
Good job and I like how you changed the ball.

Funny Ronald McDonald as Bruce Almighty

Ronald McDonald as Bruce Almighty
WIP sources
Member reactions:
Congrats. How do u make those WIP thangs.
Congratulations on the gold Big Mac, liltim.
liltim Congratulations, Excellent good competition...

Funny Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty
Member reactions:
Wonderful composition, but the board needs to sit deeper in the water
check your reflections in the water...i think the old boat is still there.

Funny Praying to Almighty Oil

Praying to Almighty Oil
Member reactions:
Decent concept. Full view shows the better version without compression.
a different approach make this image looks good. love to see the source and the year of painting when it was done.

Funny Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty
Evan Almighty

Funny Ben Bernanke the Almighty

Ben Bernanke the Almighty
When debts are piling and the coffers are empty Gideon Gono, the country bumpkin Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, a man with a bizarre fetish for the pungent smell of ink cartridge, gets down and dirty with the bare equipment, churning note after shiny note of worthless currency. He is rightly condemned as a money-printing maverick of the Iron Age era. Across the Atlantic, faced with a similar predicament Ben Bernanke, the City slicker Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve, digs deep into his bag of tricks. Instead of dusting up his Epsom LaserJet printer, the bearded computer geek punches his keyboard in anger and bellows out, “Let there be money.” Instantly there is money everywhere, enough to mop up all the toxic assets in Wall Street. He calls it quantitative easy. Surprisingly, Boy Ben is hailed as a pragmatic visionary. True, many have assailed the man with a plethora of charges, but even his harshest critics are not prepared to accuse him of the more dangerous taboo of money-printing. It seems some men have all the luck.
Member reactions:
A little more attention to the neck to finish off a really good job.
Good job, you will be able to print your own money on your computer soon, it will all be worthless. I brought a new wheelbarrow.
Thanks 'guys' for your kind comments. As you can see I am not much of a graphic artist, but I love to harness picture, video and text to dramatise a real-life situation. I just recently set-up a satirical blog on the economic crisis.

Funny Bruce Willis Almighty

Bruce Willis Almighty
You know you trust him too .

Funny Walter Cronkite Almighty Movie

Walter Cronkite Almighty Movie
And that's the way it was... and that's the way the cookie crumbles... and that's the way uh-huh, uh-huh I like it.
Member reactions:
Nice chop, but "Walter" should be placed slightly higher and the red "A" (in "Walter Almighty") has been partially rubbed out. It could be easily and quickly fixed, methinks.
The face is quote big for the body. Nice idea though

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