Woman in Alma Tadema Painting with Steampunk Glasses
Woman in Alma Tadema Painting with Steampunk Glasses
Woman in Alma Tadema Painting with Steampunk Glasses. Member reactions:
Excellent glasses but should be a bit blurry to match the original painting.
Thanks, nobody is more surprised than me. So many great chops, makes that gold mean more.
Chris. I know what you mean. Unfortunately it is not not as popular these days but sometimes one sneaks up and grabs a cup. TY Chris. Seems it survived the 3, 4 and 6 .
Fantastic, love the glasses, I need a pair like that, would probably be able to see better. Congrats on the win.
Congrats on the Gold. LOVE Them All. What a great line up. (Does this message go to everybody.... I hope so...)
If they read it on this comment thread it will go to everyone The forums used to be standing room only but then somebody must have pharted because attendance has dropped off. But... If you have something to say to everyone, that is the place....err generally Thanks all. Now on to a Spock chop.
Thanks I think I understand, but , then again, probably not. Thanks from a fellow fossil

Funny Pandora Sir Alma Tadema

Pandora Sir Alma Tadema
Member reactions:
I have hardly stopped laughing It is so very hard to take abstract art seriously. Here is what the old school definition of abstract art was and it wasn't very kind. "Def: Abstract art. A seperate social arena for the mentally and artistically challanged to pretend they are actual artists and patrons. This is demonstrated by the fact that the artist trained in the classical diciplines can paint abstract images but the abstractionist cannot paint in classical diciplines." It's like a fellow that owns a plunger calling himself a plumber. Yet the interesting thing about this whole conflict is, it really does take talent and I believe, artistic spirit, to capture the essence of somthing in artful representation. That is the primary mission in abstract art. It is about "essence". The reduction of line and form to disolve into elemental geometry is but one of many styles (solutions) to attain that end. Some were painfully yet monsterously complex such as the works of J. Pollack. So this contest is a bit style-restrictive per the instruct we've been given by Newsey but I think that is due to his personal taste or maybe just trying to keep it simple. Anyway, within the abstract movement there were a lot of styles used to make the forms like fragmented, fluid, reduction, impasto, geometric, spatter, splatter, Negative-positive play.... you can probably think of a lot more. So, I respectfully submit an abstract of a fragmentary style, excruciatingly complex yet simple in essence.
There's abstraction and abstraction ^^ Some of them can't paint classical, nor abstract painting, they're just making good or bad jokes, depending on the price people are ready to pay for it
So true. I guess Tom Wolfe said it best in "The Painted Word" which was essentially an expose on the abstract movement and it's corruption and social irresponsibility just to turn a buck and be "chick" in the process. I sort of gleaned from that book that you could market fly droppings if you had the right team of hoodwinkers and guilable wealthy folk. And if you do it really, really well you can actually legitizimize anything in the public perception. Leo Castelli was a criminal marketing genius, Peggy Gugenheim a very close second.
Thanks for this source, sure something I try to read one of these days
Wwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooowwwwwwww so . I love it . It's so creative with the theme abstract...It's wonderful like a real painting...my fav in this contest sure.

Funny The Discourse Painting at Night by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

The Discourse Painting at Night by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Original: The Discourse from Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema Please view full if you have the time - thx
Member reactions:
Superb work IMO, glad you added the source to show the work you've done.
Great job turning this painting into the night scenery.
Thank you very much for your comments. Ive never turned a painting into a Day to Night before - thanks for this great contest idea, the work was fun to do.

Funny Goodyear Blimp in Lawrence Alma-Tadema's Spring Painting

Goodyear Blimp in  Lawrence Alma-Tadema's Spring Painting
There are 10 things wrong in this painting. Can you find them all.. Larger Image here Can't find them all. Spoiler Image here
Member reactions:
WooT. Found 'em all WITHOUT using the spoiler... Cool chop & well blended.
Man, found only 5 first. Had to look at the spoiler image. Quality chopping.
I would of never noticed the feet. Love the image, it's great eye candy and rich in texture. Who's the original artist.
Yeah, the feet are a tough one to see. I'm amazed that JannaR saw them without peeking. WTG girl. The artist of this beautiful painting is William Bouguereau. Hope you all are having fun with my little April Fools puzzle picture.
It's one of my favorite William Bouguereau paintings. So when I looked closly Top to bottom.... I found it.
OMG. I was wrong. This is not William Bouguereau. It's Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. The painting is called Spring.

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