Ghost Alligator Wrestler
Ghost Alligator Wrestler
Ghost Alligator Wrestler. Member reactions:
Great chopping, but the sources are quite blurry it seems

Funny Alligator Found In Swimming Pool

Alligator Found In Swimming Pool
A Woman in Florida found an Alligator in her swimming pool
Member reactions:
ha ha ha... picture is telling different and naughty story about that cutie Alligator

Funny Alligator Sneaking Up on Little Boy

Alligator Sneaking Up on Little Boy
Member reactions:
Super clean job, hidden. How about something reflected in the lens so it doesn't look like the lens cap is still on.
Thanks, we Pauls have to lookout for each other. Thanks
OH..... 2 seconds from now the camera lens will go dark again A Linear consequence, I suppose.
This is cool..... good chop in putting the boy and the croc together and creates a realistic image good one
Freaking realistic...... Obvious that pic could have been taken nearby Great job. Bet we see that in the Nat. Enq,
Thanks guys, We all know how hard it is for photo-realism to score around these parts so this is really a treat for me. I'm a happy Gummy Bear. (Yes I know there's a song in there).
Congratulations Gumster. Great title. Fits perrrfectly.

Funny Hillary Clinton with an Alligator Bag Being Attacked by Alligators

Hillary Clinton with an Alligator Bag  Being Attacked by Alligators

Funny Alligator Bites Golfer

Alligator Bites Golfer
Man Bitten, Dragged By Alligator While Playing Golf
Member reactions:
Its too perfect to the Story link looks as if the Alligator is about to Eat him great expression on his face

Funny Osama Bin Laden Killed by Alligator

Osama Bin Laden Killed by Alligator

Funny Alligator Sneaker

Alligator Sneaker
Member reactions:
This is nicely done, great work... There seems to be some dark grey stuff in the mouth and at the sides of the page. I would get rid of them and either use the new image to create a shadow or just delete it all together... Great work and good luck...
thanks hamid. it is all back shadow. will have a tweak though mate.
cool work johnx , very nice blended .. congrats on the silver and keep it up
Excellent Work John and great edit... Congrats on the very well deserved trophy...
thanks guys.... ah great minds think alike......I prefer mine

Funny Alligator Eats a Tourist

Alligator Eats a Tourist
Member reactions:
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH and the hat on his head no less. This is absolute gold.
The composition is hilarious. One small nitpick - I'd remove the shadow cast by the crocodile's butt onto the air

Funny Man Catches and Alligator Fish

Man Catches and Alligator Fish
Member reactions:
LoL at title Great blend.
thanks kell. caught a few monster fish over the years but nothing this bad .
well blended mate... evolution is scary...
FYI, in the southern US they do have a fish called the Aligator fish or "Gar" Some people eat them, mostly Southern Black folk and it is said to be real tasty.
i forgot about gar fish. here in scotland we are infested with pike. its like a cross between a gator and a great white shark. my record is a 22 pound monster a few years ago. had more teeth than a dentists bucket

Funny Alligator Egg

Alligator Egg
Member reactions:
Aww, NewsMaster you are too kind.. Thank you so much

Funny Alligator Farm

Alligator Farm
Photoshop African alligator farm image any way you wish. Examples may include taking the alligator out of this image and pacing it somewhere else, changing alligator for another animal, men or object; or photoshopping the man on the picture. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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