Edgar Allen Poe's Ocean Retreat
Edgar Allen Poe's Ocean Retreat
Edgar Allen Poe's Ocean Retreat. The basis of this is the painting by Edward Hopper called 'By the Sea.' The painting on the wall is of the six brothers.
Member reactions:
Artistic work - creative use of the source painting
Great source pic and clever integration. Reminds me of the Floating head of death, from the "Far Side" and a Monty Python take on Poe. Fun Chop.

Funny Escher Edgar Allen Poe

Escher Edgar Allen Poe
This was another tedious colorization. I love the finished products, but absolutly hate the process. Original MC Escher black and white sketch source
Member reactions:
Excellent. the author's comment (product & process).
Admirable colorization and raven is a nice touch too
Very nice, I like the addition of red BG striking.
love your choice of colors. really captures the time period
Nice work KB. I like the coloring effects
Thank you all for your comments and votes. As I stated in my caption, I really really hate getting myself into these chops. It never seems as if they'll end. I'm a glutton for punishment I guess.

Funny Edgar Allen Poe with Raven

Edgar Allen Poe with Raven
Poe source
Member reactions:
good work. This is as good as it gets. Congrats AZ. Always a tough act to follow.
congratulations rain .. great tribute to mr poe..
Thanks all for the comments "Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore." Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."
Congrats AZ.. Cool Chop. Nice to see you participating again.
Excellent job Rainman, another perfect image... Congrats
Masterwork from the master. Congrats on the win, Rain.

Funny Edgar Allen Poe Statue

Edgar Allen Poe Statue

Funny Poe NEdgar Allen Poeightmare

Poe NEdgar Allen Poeightmare

Funny Woody Allen

Woody Allen

Funny Edgar Allen Poe Turns 200

Edgar Allen Poe Turns 200
Now for something completely different. Hidden in the picture are 10 of Edgar Allen Poe's greatest works. Can you name them all from the clues provided. Spoiler below if you need help. Have fun. Edgar Allen Poe stamps celebrating his 200th birthday are released by the US Postal Service. main source image spoiler - The Black Cat The Gold-Bug Hop-Frog The Masque of the Red Death The Pit and the Pendulum The Tell-Tale Heart The Premature Burial The Oval Portrait The Raven Ms. Found in a Bottle
Member reactions:
Many impressive details. I thought about making a contest for Poe's birthday. Missed it a tad
Another Killer-Bee, but why am I coming out of the ground. Congrads. Oh that's not me.
Congrats on the silver killer. Looking at the source pic obviously a ton of work went into this one. You had my entry pegged but i never would've guessed this one was yours. I'll have to change my pallette a bit I guess. Cheers.
Killer Chop, this one must have been a lot of work, Congrats on the Silver Killerbee.
Silver congrats for the bee. I truly enjoyed this entry

Funny Woody Allen with a Sliced Head

Woody Allen with a Sliced Head
Member reactions:
These days this is the only way Allen gets his morning wood...
Woody has a wood pecker. Be careful of splinters.

Funny Tim Allen as Elvis

Tim Allen as Elvis
Tim Allen Presley
Member reactions:
he soooo looks like a baboon with hair like this

Funny Tim Allen in the Chinese Santa Claus

Tim Allen in the Chinese Santa Claus
"Snatch the present from my hand grasshopper..." Original Poster for comparison
Member reactions:
Excellent.... Love how you changed the name form "Santa Clause" to "Santa Crause". ..

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