Its Alive
 Its Alive
Its Alive. Dr Nikola Tesla and Elon Muskenstein
Member reactions:
One of my favs of the contest. Big size to appreciate.
Same great one definetely deserved more . Voted 8, but really sometimes voters are bad on freaking news...

Funny Mr Bean Dead or Alive.

Mr Bean Dead or Alive.
A FOX BREAKING NEWS article hoax went viral last month when trolls used the FOX News Logo to spread a rumour Rowan Atkinson had died in a car crash. This is the second time it has been hoaxed. The background sunset is a photo I took in Snowdonia, Wales about four years ago. Sad to see FN come to it's end yet so grateful it happened.
Member reactions:
Nice, Hidden. Over-Cooked to a crisp, poor Teddy meets a tragic ending once again.
Lol Thanks Splatshot. Best wishes for future endeavours.
Didn't heard about it. But something I know: you perfectly made a picture from that hoax.
Cheers TiredTom appreciated. All the best.😎👍🏼
Thanks Hobbit90 All the best for future endeavours
The return of Mr Bean. All the best, Hidden.
Thanks for all who voted. It set out in first place after the first voter which made my day. Happy travels one and all. It's been an epic ride. Vlad you must feel so proud. I don't envy anyone running a webpage. Appreciate you buddy. Best of luck in your new adventures.
8.5 and A+++ ... You can hold your head high. It is a splendid chop... Way to finish up... Hope to see you around Cheers mate
Thanks Hitsy deffo keep in touch. Thanks for your encouragement during my stay
Been great watching you grow. This is a beauty.
Nicely done, PShyst . . . I especially like the foxy shadow cast from the headlight. Good to see Mr. Bean in the last contest. Merry Chopping.
Thanks Kellie I've thoroughly enjoyed the learning curve. Thanks Qtr it's a buzz when a chop comes together. Merry chopping to you too. 👍🏼
However great this chop it is, turns out this was one of your last after all READ MORE HERE
Yes Newsy 🙏 elated my friend 😎
Thanks Xaos54, deaddog and Armatien 👍🏼

Funny The Artist Formally Alive

The Artist Formally Alive
Yea tho I walk through the Valley, With The Shadow Of Death.
Member reactions:
Excellent purple rain theme. Spooks me a tad too
No, The Shadow of Death should walk with us to make the crossing easier, He's an old friend.
I'll make the crossing in my own time and alone, thanks. Good chop...

Funny Jon Snow is Alive Characture

Jon Snow is Alive Characture
Member reactions:
Fine chop, but it's not easy to recognize Jon Snow now.
Congrats on the Gold Elegary. Good Job, but for the likeness is a bit too exaggerated.

Funny Tigers Come Alive in the Gallery

Tigers Come Alive in the Gallery
These ladies got a shock when they saw the Tigers leaping out of the pictured.
Member reactions:
Horrified ... what if it happens in a Museum
Nice. but shadows are missing everywhere. .

Funny Penelope Cruz Sexiest Woman Alive

Penelope Cruz Sexiest Woman Alive
Penelope Cruz receives quite an honor.
Member reactions:
Oh, boy, I see some weirdo interview, same guy as the recipient. Tom's height. Then again, he's 4' 11'' with high heels right.

Funny Animal Come Alive Inside Paintings

Animal Come Alive Inside Paintings
Please view full
Member reactions:
The Master of the out-of-frame image is back. Cool chop.
Gold congrats, Hobbit. You ARE the master of "Out Of The Frame."
A real beaut and I was pretty sure would place top spot. Congrats
Very creative, imaginative and dazzling creations. Well done and congratulations on your victory, and yours is the Gold Cup, Hobbit. )

Funny Paintings Waiting To Be Hung Come Alive

Paintings Waiting To Be Hung Come Alive
Member reactions:
A Magnificent job. Full view is a must see.
Silver congrats, hobbit. You always nail these.
Congratulations Hobbit. Once again super Out Of Bounds work.
Another beauty from the master of OOB paintings. Congrats on the silver, hobbit.

Funny Keep Conan Alive

Keep Conan Alive
Stan Lee Media, Inc. files suit against 'Conan'

Funny Boy Watching Egg Yolk Come Alive

Boy Watching Egg Yolk Come Alive
Member reactions:
hahaha, that's funny. you're off a pixel on the left side
Agree with rw; there's a border on the left. The egg is a macro shot for sure, so it would be better - in my opinion - that you blur the background. The face would still be recognizable, and beholder's attention would center on your nice bad egg
thanks for the advise on bluring the boy's face. it worked out better

Funny If They Were Alive Today

If They Were Alive Today
Every one of us has a celebrity or artist, that made a difference in our lives, that are no longer alive today. How would Jim Morrison look today and would he still be writing songs? What would Audrey Hepburn look like nowadays? Take any dead celebrities and show how they would look if they were still alive today. Many thanks to Camthalio for the themepost.

Funny Osama Bin Laden Alive?

Osama Bin Laden Alive?
Al Qaeda number 1 leader, Osama Bin Laden, has a new video tape, where he addresses his followers. Intelligence sources say the video tape is likely authentic, and is a prove that America's most wanted terrorist is still alive. In the tape Osama Bin Laden, who is now 50, appears with a shorter beard which is black and has no grey hair - a clear sign that the beard must be fake and that Osama shaved his own beard. Intelligence says this can be a clue to the present whereabouts of Osama, and that his likely location may be southeast Asia, the Philippines, or Indonesia - the places where Muslim men do not wear beards. The tape is also studied for other clues to Bin Laden's current location. Photoshop anything related to the recent news that Osama Bin Laden is alive. Examples may include showing where and how Osama may be hiding, how he may look, now that he's older, and perhaps misses a beard. Perhaps he even had a plastic surgery? These are just some ideas.

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