Donut Alien Attack
Donut Alien Attack
Donut Alien Attack. Member reactions:
For coherence if car has a motion effect, the same should be applied to Joe and whay's written on the car.
Good point, some motion effect would be nice

Funny Surreal Bear and Alien with Heart

Surreal Bear and Alien with Heart
Member reactions:
I know how he feels. I had a girl steal my heart once too.
Thanks, Lu. Thanks Newys. Awesome theme post image. I really like Carl3's art works.
Thanks Doc, and Gummy. Thanks Everyone.
Carl does some cool stuff for sure. I miss him. And so do you. Excellent work, I scratch my head on this one thinking it could go either way. I forgot I had band practice and came back to see the results. You do deserve gold too. Marvelous entry and congrats, SS.
Thanks, Bob and Andrew.. Thanks, Hit-man. This time the Gold is your'n.
Thanks, NewsMaster. Splat-Man, I like it.
Thanks, SilverCanine. I know these types of freaky chops are right up your alley. I'm happy you like it.

Funny Dinosaurs in Alien Movie

Dinosaurs in Alien Movie

Funny Zombies and Aliens attack Obama

Zombies and Aliens attack Obama
a zombie attack, and also aliens, obama is so afraid that your brain is stolen, only, think of hiding, where you can
Member reactions:
Congrats Elegary.Some good chooping.The changes you made definitely made the work better.
Another fantastic piece Elegary, congrats on the Silver.

Funny Alien Autopsy

Alien Autopsy
Member reactions:
Interesting concept but strange texture and a bit blurry.

Funny Aliens vs Cows

Aliens vs Cows
Member reactions:
scary cool Silvercanine.... congrats....
Gold congrats Dr. Silvercuspid. Welcome back.
Congratulations, SilverC. That's One Freaky Alien. Great to see you back my friend.

Funny Patrick Stewart as Alien

Patrick Stewart as Alien
Member reactions:
Probably the best chop of Patrick Stewart I've ever seen. Love it.
Pretty Darn Kewl, Ninj. I figured he was a reptilian too.

Funny NASA Looks for Aliens on Other Planets

NASA Looks  for Aliens on Other Planets
NASA is Searching for Alien Life on Other Planets
Member reactions:
Why search in other planet as you can find plenty of them here nearby you Like this in pic

Funny Alien Practical Joker

Alien Practical Joker
Member reactions:
Nice one Dr Paul. You always add a humorous angle to everything you do. Congrats
Top Job, Paul. I always knew aliens were pranksters Congrats on the silver.

Funny Alien Octopus Attack

Alien Octopus Attack
I was short on time. So here's a real quickie with a shortcut or two. Props to Roy's Art for a number of the great images here.
Member reactions:
Awesome chop...nice feel of a hollywood movie
Impressive art. When I look at it I start hearing strange sounds in my head
Thanks Geri, Balo, Gummy, Raj, Lu, Newsy, and Bob. My cousin told me not to sit on this one. Glad I listened now. Thanks people for all the great comments and high scores. . I hear voices too, NewsMaster. Thanks.
Congrats mr Splat. it's like what Dali would make after seeing Alien vs Predator.Love the jumping lion(.) in the back.
Thanks Jere. I think it's a little too tame for Dali. Yes it's a lion.
nonsense. Dali is a pus$y compared to the one and only mr. Splat.
Thanks Andrew, Hits, and Newsy. A Fun Contest.
Great job SplatShot. Congrats on the Bronze

Funny Alien Celebrities

Alien Celebrities
Great Britain is the center in the latest massive UFO sightings. Many witnesses reported seeing UFOs, and even a police helicopter had given chase to a UFO after the UFO almost collided with the police aircraft in Cardiff. The helicopter kept in pursuit for several minutes, but had to stop due to a fuel shortage. Ironically, the wave of UFO sightings in England comes just weeks after many comprehensive Government files on UFO activity were opened to the public. Some of these records include numerous reports of air traffic controllers seeing UFOs and military personnel seeing little green men. To prove that aliens do exist, photoshop celebrities and politicians as aliens. Please don't just paste some alien face over celebrities, but instead turn their own face into an alien face by adjusting the facial features. Here's a good example. Please include celebrity names in your titles.

Funny Alien Paintings

Alien Paintings
The United Nations named 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy and called for its member countries to disclose the secret documents on UFO & ET sightseeings. So far, France is the only country that publicly opened its files on UFOs and E.T. (in 2007). In this contest our mission is to prove that alien sightseeings happened through all the history of mankind by including aliens in the famous (and not so famous) paintings, sketches and frescos. You can either add new alien figures in paintings, or turn the existing figures into aliens (alien Mona Lisa, etc.). Take a look at one good example.

Funny UFO & Alien Photos

UFO & Alien Photos
Create UFO hoaxes or create photos and documents that show undisputed evidence that UFOs exist.

Funny Aliens

Create aliens! You can use animals, humans, anything. Just show us what you think alien life might look like.

Funny Alien

In your submissions take your stand and either show the evidence of alien life (e.g. that the aliens are already among us), or show that aliens are only a hoax.

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