Prince Charles and The Alien
Prince Charles and The Alien
Prince Charles and The Alien. Member reactions:
Amazing how little room for error there is in these contests. It is a wonderful effort just needed 2 more minutes of cloning or sampling to fill in that upper lip area. However on another item, the contrast and texture control is splendid...

Funny Alien Easter

Alien Easter

Funny Avatar 2 Illegal Alien

Avatar 2 Illegal Alien

Funny Green Alien Invader

Green Alien Invader

Funny Alien Day

Alien Day

Funny Green Eyed Alien with Pointed Ears

Green Eyed Alien with Pointed Ears
Member reactions:
Thanks Crafty and Hobbit. It was fun deconstructing, modifying and re assembling Yoda's face. One of the best challenges I have come across in chopping. ;0
Congrats on the gold Hits,great masterpiece
Thanks Bob. Sorry you took a hit.
Congrats spinner, this is pretty darn tight.

Funny Man Holding an Alien Animal

Man Holding an Alien Animal
Found in the backyard of my house.
Member reactions:
Hope it doesn't escape and find it's way over to Dagger Bay (ha).

Funny Ironman Attacking Aliens

Ironman Attacking Aliens

Funny Alien's Midnight Snack Run

Alien's Midnight Snack Run

Funny Angelina and Brad Adopt Alien Children

Angelina and Brad Adopt Alien Children
Member reactions:
Wao.... creepy creatures are their children looks so creepy and well designed

Funny Alien Celebrities

Alien Celebrities
Great Britain is the center in the latest massive UFO sightings. Many witnesses reported seeing UFOs, and even a police helicopter had given chase to a UFO after the UFO almost collided with the police aircraft in Cardiff. The helicopter kept in pursuit for several minutes, but had to stop due to a fuel shortage. Ironically, the wave of UFO sightings in England comes just weeks after many comprehensive Government files on UFO activity were opened to the public. Some of these records include numerous reports of air traffic controllers seeing UFOs and military personnel seeing little green men. To prove that aliens do exist, photoshop celebrities and politicians as aliens. Please don't just paste some alien face over celebrities, but instead turn their own face into an alien face by adjusting the facial features. Here's a good example. Please include celebrity names in your titles.

Funny Alien Paintings

Alien Paintings
The United Nations named 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy and called for its member countries to disclose the secret documents on UFO & ET sightseeings. So far, France is the only country that publicly opened its files on UFOs and E.T. (in 2007). In this contest our mission is to prove that alien sightseeings happened through all the history of mankind by including aliens in the famous (and not so famous) paintings, sketches and frescos. You can either add new alien figures in paintings, or turn the existing figures into aliens (alien Mona Lisa, etc.). Take a look at one good example.

Funny UFO & Alien Photos

UFO & Alien Photos
Create UFO hoaxes or create photos and documents that show undisputed evidence that UFOs exist.

Funny Aliens

Create aliens! You can use animals, humans, anything. Just show us what you think alien life might look like.

Funny Alien

In your submissions take your stand and either show the evidence of alien life (e.g. that the aliens are already among us), or show that aliens are only a hoax.

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