Alien in the Scream Painting by Munch
Alien in the Scream Painting by Munch
Alien in the Scream Painting by Munch. Member reactions:
Freaking excellent futuristic remake of the classic masterpiece.
Cool transformation... Congrats on the silver

Funny Easter Alien Egg in the Garden

Easter Alien Egg in the Garden
Watch where you reach
Member reactions:
Congrads fine work.always money in the Bank.
Congratulations. Scary thought...the Pod people are with us.
Creative stuff. Such an evil predator bunny
Bronze Easter egg for Hitz-man. Congrats.

Funny Alien Last Supper

Alien Last Supper
a universal supper invite
Member reactions:
Heavy search for expressions on this chop.

Funny Elephants and Aliens in the Sea

Elephants and Aliens in the Sea
Member reactions:
Superlative composition. Excellent use of colors and lights. A technical suggestio, as far as I know light rays get diverted thruough the water.
Hmmmmmm where is my earlier comment. Frickin hate when that happens. I think I said Awesome or something like that, Awsome chop Pree, you know you won my hear whenever you put the gray aliens in a chop. One of my favorite chopables hehe. Congrats on the silver
Congratulation on the cup Pree. One Funny entertaining Chop.
Congrats on the silver, Pree. This elephant is naturally ele(phant)vated.
Thanks everyone sorry for the late reply.. Glad you all liked it,, Grey USO's Soo thats where their hiding..

Funny Prometheus Alien Art

Prometheus Alien Art
havent been on here in quite a while so i thought i would put something into the pot
Member reactions:
Looks like it was done in photoshop from scratch (except for the credits at the bottom) - very impressive. ... and welcome back.

Funny Alien Taster of the Worlds

Alien Taster of the Worlds
Member reactions:
This is a mind melting beauty.
Out of the box, floating body with lots of curves and HD quality of shadows/lights its awesome
Excellent Nicely done..Very well executed..
Congrats on the gold, opcrom. If aliens ever visit our planet again, they promise to abduct you first.

Funny Man Opening An Alien Rocket

Man Opening An Alien Rocket
Member reactions:
Terrific. What's the name of the rocket . ( I don't know alien language yet )
плохо, что идет бум
Yikes. I can feel the radiation emission from this chop. Well Done. and so is the curious rocket inspector. Great Idea.
Opening Alien rocket turns you to become one of them great work using the green fumes and aliens hovering around him good one
Such a great story. Love it, love the textures.
Congrats on the win, Hitz. As a bonus you get a golden rocket and a ticket to Mars
So busy I am getting behind. Newsey. I'd go too. Thanks NM, Doc, Alias, Luciano, Icy, Rajesh, Armatien, Jim, Splatshot, and Evirio.
Hey, Hits, that translated message hardly makes sense ("bad that we go, bang")
I replied to the Google translator "Bad thing that goes BOOM." in reply to you. Lol and that is the translation it gave me hahahahaah that is so funny. Thanks Pat and Bob.
Usted es bienvenido. He estado disfrutando de los concursos de los últimos tiempos. Pero voy a frenar un poco. Gracias por el buen cumplido usted.
My goodness, I love this one, you rock as always. Congrats on the win...

Funny Alien Treating a Psychotic Clown

Alien Treating a Psychotic Clown
The evil Psychiatrist Doctor makes Happy the clown sad.
Member reactions:
Freak-tastic work... The levitating clown balls here are cool. (did I just say something bad, ) One nitpick - the blurriness of the clown face is quite noticeable compared to the other objects of the composition.
It has been a troublesome source. I gave it another go and this is as tight as I dare push it up from the low rez thumbnail I borrowed it from. Thank you for the compliments Ricky and Vlad
Mastewrpiece . Clown's face is simply fantastic.
Oh. Rackin' up the Trophies, I surmise-. Very crazy work-I love it.
We shall see, Pat. Sometimes the chops with the most crazy amount of work don't do as well as you might expect. My hopes have been crushed too many times to invest too much hope anymore. It is a crapshoot Thanks, crosses fingers
Amazing chop and their head,effects of the color in the mouth and all parts of the image is excellent..
Mindblowing stuff Good to see little beard to the alien Well done
Very eye-catching with great colors and lighting fx … I concur with NewsMaster, it's a great looking clown figure and I think if it was more hi-res it would have had this chop ringing the bell … Fantastic work nonetheless.
I probably should have answered Newsy's comment with this which shows just how much resurrection had to be done to use the old album cover source. It might have offered a little more appreciation. Getting it up to where it is now was the best I could do: ) thumb source for clown Thanks for the comments QMS, Balodiya, Eric and Sulli
Congrats on bronze Hitspinner, great work as usually.
Thank you all very much. Small but g reat contest this time.
Another brilliant work, HitMan. Congratulations on the Bronze.
Bronze Congrats, Hitspinner … It's all the more special for me to win among such wonderful talent … it is its own reward indeed.
It was a great showing for sure. The quality is rising again at Freakingnews... Thanks Bob and QMS
Fantastically Freaky. The Quintessential Freak Show Chop.
Hits, I was going to suggest to use an alternative clown head, but could not find anything that resembled this clown. Great chop anyhow. congrats on the bronze.
Thanks man, I just have always loved this image. There might even be better resolution versions but I could not find it. No worries, it still came out pretty awesome considering and it scored incredibly well.

Funny John Travolta the Alien

John Travolta the Alien
Member reactions:
This looks great Great imagination..Best of luck
Simply fantastic.. i would ad a little noise to his body,...but not so sure .
Very creative and kinda in line with Travolta being an avid Scientologist
Full marks to this mega creativity.... great work on the mega sculpture like image and the spill of beer is really awesome great job done
Thank you Rajesh, NM, Luciano, balodiya, HoHouse, Geriatric, Jim Shorts. Hmmm I had not predicted this chop would be interpreted as having a Scientology slant. I know of several Scientologists that chop here, so no offence intended. First off, I would not insult John. His wife would kill me as we are old school chums from acting school. This is a tribute to a great actor who has entertained the heck out of us, not bashing a Scientologist or any reference to beliefs.
Darn good work as always, congrats on the win.
Congrats on the Silver and Wood. I think I've seen that Chinese chalk drawing somewhere before.
Congrats on the cup Hits... This may have nothing to do with Scientology, but I still think Scientology is funny.
Thanks Bob. Probably you saw it in a skateboard chop I did a while back about a kid wrongfully shot and killed by police. If I like the sources once in a while I will use them again.
. Don't understand it...but that's what makes it interesting. Congrats Hits.
Thanks LC. Close contest, good chops. I understand perfectly. It all comes down to a couple of voters that wield the power. Well done
Congrats on the silver, Hits. and thanks for the insights about Scientology
Thanks Pat, Thanks Newsey. Sorry for the dissertation. Probably better suited for the forums.

Funny Atlas and The Alien

Atlas and The Alien

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