Aliens in Old Vintage Photo
Aliens in Old Vintage Photo
Aliens in Old Vintage Photo. Member reactions:
Over before it started Thanks Andrew, Luciano and Hobbit

Funny Mexican Alien

Mexican Alien
NASA is Searching for Alien Life on Other Planets
Member reactions:
Why search in other planet as you can find plenty of them here nearby you Like this in pic

Funny Alien Practical Joker in a Loch Ness Monster Submarine

Alien Practical Joker in a Loch Ness Monster Submarine
Member reactions:
Nice one Dr Paul. You always add a humorous angle to everything you do. Congrats
Top Job, Paul. I always knew aliens were pranksters Congrats on the silver.

Funny Alien with Loch Ness Monster Babies

Alien with Loch Ness Monster Babies
But Daddy wouldn't go back to Earth. He said, "that's how it goes, son, you have to be careful not to lose your alien species."
Member reactions:
Thanks, Uncle Champ. I'm going to adopt you.
Wild stuff. Love the sci-fi angle here - even "the guide" and a "milky way", .

Funny Alien Octopus Attack

Alien Octopus Attack
I was short on time. So here's a real quickie with a shortcut or two. Props to Roy's Art for a number of the great images here.
Member reactions:
Awesome chop...nice feel of a hollywood movie
Impressive art. When I look at it I start hearing strange sounds in my head
Thanks Geri, Balo, Gummy, Raj, Lu, Newsy, and Bob. My cousin told me not to sit on this one. Glad I listened now. Thanks people for all the great comments and high scores. . I hear voices too, NewsMaster. Thanks.
Congrats mr Splat. it's like what Dali would make after seeing Alien vs Predator.Love the jumping lion(.) in the back.
Thanks Jere. I think it's a little too tame for Dali. Yes it's a lion.
nonsense. Dali is a pus$y compared to the one and only mr. Splat.
Thanks Andrew, Hits, and Newsy. A Fun Contest.
Great job SplatShot. Congrats on the Bronze

Funny Alien Woman on Time Magazine Cover

Alien Woman on Time Magazine Cover
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver, Hits. Nice alien look.

Funny Alien Samuel Jackson

Alien Samuel Jackson
Sort of a Robocop theme transformation. The full story is in your imagination. Some sources
Member reactions:
Love the vibrant colors and crispness of detail. Super Choppage , Hidden.
Thank you gentlemen. It is photo manipulation and illustrative detailing. We call this a super chop as it varies from 3D which is building over a matrix whereas the build in this case is assembled and modified from existing sources. But it can all be done using a 3D matrix, might even be easier. I do all illustrations in PS and not 3D. It is an old fossil thing...
I got lost in your narrative, heheh....In any case great texture and color contrasts...and pretty cool chop in general.
I can really simplify it. They are pictures stuck together and scribbled on TY Dan hehe
Great thinking and realization. Not easy for me to recognize him, but not a problem.
Congrats, Hit-man. "I agree with what SplatShot said above" Ditto.
Are we speaking in the third person, SS. We feel you are correct. Pretty vibrant.. Hehe. But hey, ya'll seem to like the subdued colors too, like in Dan's masterpiece. So it is hard to judge what is the flavor of the week. So I mix up some technical acrobatics and variations on intensity just to see what sticks to the wall. I am a bit surprised the top 3 did not break 9. Actually very surprised. Gonna go break down the numbers and see why. Thanks for the votes and comments. Cheers
Great work, Hits. I saw it, said it's a winner, and it is. However you made it, you made it good. Congrats on the Silver.
Congrats Hitspinner. 2D...That's wild, it has that 3D look to it, that you got that out of 2D is fantastic.
Thanks Andwhat, Icy Bob and Rob. Yeah, I have tried that 3D before. Loaded a free program and putzed around but I am afraid I am far too stupid and backwards to catch up to that technology. I mean, I understand it perfectly well, but getting myself dialed in to all the bells and whistles looks like it will take more years than I have left But I sure like looking at the stuff when it is well done. Gotta go for now. going to have a nice little dinner and maybe a little birthday cake for desert. German chocolate is my favorite. Cheers
Nice work Tim, this one was a pretty close call. It could've gone either way. Congrats on the silver.
Silver congrats, Hits. Quite a transformation you did on him.
Ohhh glad I came back to this. Thanks Pat, Newsy, Doc and Dan. Yeah, it was pretty close, Dan. But you did a perfect traditional chop that really speaks. We don't do many of those anymore because they literally have to be as good as you made it to score decently against the super modified chops. It is good to see one win, especially against two really solid modified entries.

Funny Giant Alien Obama Coming Out of Hole in Siberia

Giant Alien Obama Coming Out of Hole in Siberia
The Siberian crater saga is more widespread and scarier than anyone thought
Member reactions:
Hahaha, that looks like an illustration to a modern fairy tale. Love it.
Ha ha, thanks everyone this was incomplete and had no direction.

Funny Alien with a Whoopie Buzzer

Alien with a Whoopie Buzzer
Liquefied Paul It started out as a tribute to Paul but the source was terribly grainy. So I did what the only sane thing. I liquefied him. Then it became an evolving doodle. Over time it found a reason to become a legitimate chop, but only when I realized that even alien races must have developed gag buzzers at least once in their evolution. This is a reminder to never forget there is a ten year old kid in you that loved this sort of silliness. Stay young my friends
Member reactions:
Awesome work Hit,my favorite in this competition.Congrats on the silver
... And now we know where they originated. Congrats on the Silver.
Thank you Bob, Andwhat, Luciano and Swashbuckle. It came out pretty cool considering the face was a construct in the end. Took a lot of tuning, this one. Was fun
Fantastic ALIEN, as always TOP WORK. Congrats.....
Loved your entry, very nicely done Congrats
This an awesome entry from The Maste. Our marvelous Tim. Congratulations on your Silver Win
Thanks Newsy, Chris, Robb...we try to please

Funny Joker Alien Doll in Strange Antique Store

Joker Alien Doll in Strange Antique Store
Member reactions:
Hahahahaha grim... Fine composition there lass...
Thanks Swash,lucianomorelli,and Hit 😃
You know how to make yours in dark themes, Debbie

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