Funny Will Smith the Alien

Will Smith the Alien
It is revealed in the new sequel to Men in Black, that Will Smith's Character was an alien all along. This was started for the Will Smith Birthday contest... ran out of time so thought I'd submit it here. View full the alien head is hand made.
Member reactions:
I tell you - this is an amazing work... I can appreciate it even more since I watched all MIB movies. Hats off.
Here's a Work In Progress link
This is amazing art of photography.... great blend of Will Smith into an Alien fantastic
I like the way you chopped his head and showing inside of his heads portions as well, sparklingly chop
Congrats on the gold, Hack. Great to see you back. Your past Hillary Jocker chop became a really big hit.

Funny Aliens Invade House

Aliens Invade House
Member reactions:
I'd move the moon away from the helmet - otherwise it looks strangely attached, like Mickey Mouse ear. Anyhow, it's a twisted and excellent chop.
Well illuminated chop... like the Cat holding the balloon
Very cool peace of work with some speedy effect /reflection of the alien
Bronze congrats, Hits. and thanks for the edit.
Next week I want to see what this pic looks like just after the cat pops the balloon. And it looks a lot better without the one eared Mickey Mouse.
Another great chop, the cat is fantastic.

Funny Lady Alien Painting

Lady Alien Painting
Member reactions:
Fantastic.... so perfectly done her texture of the original art is perfectly matched to the alien body

Funny Aliens in Caravaggio Painting

Aliens in Caravaggio Painting
The alien alliance preparing for the assault on planet earth Source Painting WIP
Member reactions:
Looks like the alien version of the famous painting
Super cool work with the group of all freaky faces
Congrats on the gold, Luna. Great creativity.

Funny The garden of Aliens

The garden of Aliens
Member reactions:
amazing.... art work... iike the some hidden aliens appear in this chop

Funny Portrait of an Alien

Portrait of an Alien
Member reactions:
Like her ears.... and the confused face of an Elderly alien
Nancy Pelosi in her younger years GREAT WORK ...............
Love this one, she looks angry and congrats on another win.
Hello Hidreley, Do you know what happened with your first picture in contest. I like it. THX W
Hi friend Wanderer, I was not allowed to use the source..
Silver congrats, hid. Perfect blending - looks authentic.

Funny Sir Alien More Painting

Sir Alien More Painting
Member reactions:
he looks like he belongs in the painting.
Wood congrats, Andrew. Freaky and important alien boss here
Congrats on the win and the second picture might have been copyright. Good job.
Thank you, my Friend. We will continue our adventure.

Funny Alien Pope

Alien Pope
Hope you like it XD

Funny Alien Renaissance Painting

Alien Renaissance Painting
what a cute puppy
Member reactions:
I should have posted a link to what she loooked like before

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