Alien Painting
Alien Painting
Alien Painting. Member reactions:
Great composition and, I think, lot of work.
That could cause nightmares if framed and hanged on any kids bedroom Nice work though

Funny Alien Girl Playing Golf

Alien Girl Playing Golf
Member reactions:
Aliens are taking much interest in earthly golf atleast they get gravitation force to play gulf here
Very clean work, Sun. How awesome to see you again, girl.
Thanks for comments Lucianomorelli, Its420here, Pcr, Elegary, Newsy, Hitspinner, Geriatric I am glad too to see you
Thank you Silvercanine, I am glad you didn't forgot my style

Funny Illegal Alien Children at the Border

Illegal Alien Children at the Border
Illegal Alien Children
Member reactions:
Thank you Newsmaster, Balodiya and Sullishire
5th. That sort of pops my bubble. Overly done I suppose Thanks Pat

Funny Aliens Family Reunion in Mexico

Aliens Family Reunion in Mexico
Member reactions:
The question is why are they so desperate .
Col play on words, here, picasso. One of your best chops yet.
thank you newsmaster but yet again low numbers oh well it is.. what it is.. not stopping me from getting better

Funny Barack Obama Bug Alien on Another Planet

Barack Obama Bug Alien on Another Planet
Life on other planets
Member reactions:
strong connection of KFC with other planets......Actual freaking image
This is kinda freaky creature. As well as the one crawling out of the manhole
Silver congrats for Paul too. That 3-ciggie was a hint for trifecta methinks
Thanks, peeps. No Trifecta this time, Newsy.
Double-Congrats. This is an unusual concept for you but, gooood.

Funny Alien Saying Goodbye

Alien Saying Goodbye

Funny Aliens Abducting a Car

Aliens Abducting a Car
Member reactions:
Would make a great poster. by the way do you know the allowed upload size has been increased to 500KB.
Nicely assembled Hidden. The reflections were handled masterfully.
Thanks. You want me to upload larger pictures, Newsy.
I just want you to know you are not limited by 350KB any more
Excellent....I could see one of the car companies using this as an ad.
Precision work with the sources, well done.
500k is super cool, I m feeling lucky. now expecting all of your HD work here . good job
Congratz Jere, Could have easily taken gold. One great idea, materialized Xtremely well.
You pulled off something pretty cool, Jere. You got two realistic style chops to garner cups over a pretty meaty fantasy chop in the A+++ class. That friggin impresses me and doesn't happen very often. Congrats my friend. KUTGW
Congratulations for the Bronze J-Mix. Very Impressive Work..
What this "Renault" car is doing here ...

Funny Inquisitive Alien Head

Inquisitive Alien Head
WIP Video
Member reactions:
Amazing photo-realistic work. Perhaps post the sources so that everyone can see and appreciate how much work went into this.
Here's an animated work in progress video. (Ran out of time waiting for youtube to publish before the end of the contest submission time.) LINK
Great WIP video. I've put a WIP link for you in the creator's comment with the entry for you.
Superlative realistic chop.Area 51 unveils his secrets.
You are welcome, Hidden. Remember, you can always edit your entry till the voting ends
Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Great tut too. Congrats on the silver... Super job
Congrats on the win and he is one nice looking alien.
Silver congrats, HOAT ... Nice work ... Thanks for the WIP
Congrats on the silver, HOAT. Great to see you again.
Congratulations on the POD. Awesome Work HOAT.

Funny Aliens Stealing the Statue of Liberty

Aliens Stealing the Statue of Liberty
The visitors

Funny Alien Attacking the Earth and Moon

Alien Attacking the Earth and Moon
Member reactions:
This made me laugh. I like the guy in the pink saucer.
The burning world and he looks like balloon alien

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