Six Aliens are Laying at Christmas
Six Aliens are Laying at Christmas
Six Aliens are Laying at Christmas. Twelve aliens drumming, Eleven aliens piping, Ten aliens a-leaping, Nine aliens waiting, Eight aliens a-milking, Seven aliens a-swimming, Six aliens a-laying, Five alien rings. Four alien birds, Three alien hens, Two alien doves, and an alien in a pear tree...
Member reactions:
very impressive hidden,I hope to survive such Christmas .
I agree with Luciano - some decent work here
Dang it, At this time of night I should be counting sheep and you have me counting aliens. If I have nightmares I'm going to be mad at you. But there is something about this one, great composition.
Amazing chop.... all the aliens were well chopped and great work on the multiple hands and legs of the creeping creature and good lyric indeed
Gotta love it. Creepy stuff and irreverent. Congrats on the cup.
Creepy cool work. Congrats on the Bronze, maiden.

Funny Alien Christmas Card

Alien Christmas Card
Member reactions:
Great chop, but we had to move it from Celebrity Christmas Cards to Freak Show, because it does not feature any celebrity character/person.
Ha. You had way too much fun doing this one Marvelously silly.
Kewl. You better watch out. Looks Like Santa Claws is coming to town.

Funny Alien Chickens Landing in Egg Spacecraft

Alien Chickens Landing in Egg Spacecraft
Now we know which came first.
Member reactions:
This is freaking brilliant. The best interpretation of egg & chicken dilemma I've seen.
Yay, my first Gold. Thanks for the comments.
Congrats on your first gold, Bob. Four more golds, and you graduate from the apprentiece league, see.
Congratulations and if you keep it up, U B moving soon to the big time.
Congratulations my friend. Love you.

Funny Brad Pitt The Old Alien Gentleman

Brad Pitt The Old Alien Gentleman

Funny Aliens in a Monet Painting

Aliens in a Monet Painting

Funny Robotic Alien Painting by Vermeer

Robotic Alien Painting by Vermeer
Member reactions:
Its a New Avatar from Vermeer from outer space
Dang, you covered the top. Clever use of Sonny.

Funny Aliens in a Tunnel

Aliens in a Tunnel
Had a dream about this one night a while back, woke up and got right to chopping it up.
Member reactions:
Pretty cool
I can't figure out what I did to get the kinda broken glass affect to the aliens, kmsl

Funny Ancient Egg Aliens

Ancient Egg Aliens
Some say Giorgio Tsoukalos is just a yokel, but in this Universe he is the Eggman (and Erich von Däniken the Walrus). After all, if it's on the Eggstory Channel, it must be true. Is Giorgio right about the coming Lunar Egglipse being a harbinger of the return to Earth of Ancient Eggliens who laid human eggs here thousands of years ago. What other possible eggsplanation could there be for our Eggistence. It's all about Ancient Eggliens. Q.E.D.
Member reactions:
Like the concept of the oval shape or Egg shape world
Loved the text you wrote to go with the entry. Good comedy.

Funny Will Smith the Alien

Will Smith the Alien
It is revealed in the new sequel to Men in Black, that Will Smith's Character was an alien all along. This was started for the Will Smith Birthday contest... ran out of time so thought I'd submit it here. View full the alien head is hand made.
Member reactions:
I tell you - this is an amazing work... I can appreciate it even more since I watched all MIB movies. Hats off.
Here's a Work In Progress link
This is amazing art of photography.... great blend of Will Smith into an Alien fantastic
I like the way you chopped his head and showing inside of his heads portions as well, sparklingly chop
Congrats on the gold, Hack. Great to see you back. Your past Hillary Jocker chop became a really big hit.

Funny Aliens Invade House

Aliens Invade House
Member reactions:
I'd move the moon away from the helmet - otherwise it looks strangely attached, like Mickey Mouse ear. Anyhow, it's a twisted and excellent chop.
Well illuminated chop... like the Cat holding the balloon
Very cool peace of work with some speedy effect /reflection of the alien
Bronze congrats, Hits. and thanks for the edit.
Next week I want to see what this pic looks like just after the cat pops the balloon. And it looks a lot better without the one eared Mickey Mouse.
Another great chop, the cat is fantastic.

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