Saxaphone Alien
Saxaphone Alien
Saxaphone Alien. Member reactions:
Top 5 grats. (you do know I'm not going to loan you my gun this time)
Great Image Hit-man. Congrats. Love the face composition.
,you got robbed Hitspinner.I gave this my highest score.Thought this would take the gold.Its a wonderfully,mastered chop,
Creative chop, Hits, looks like lots of work went into this. Should have scored higher
I was convinced this was a winner and voted it high.
I know Chris, Thank you very much. And thanks Newsy

Funny Alien Egg Spaceship

Alien Egg Spaceship

Funny The Alien Masquerader Reading a Newspaper

The Alien Masquerader Reading a Newspaper
I was playing around with different elements and this final seemed to fit.
Member reactions:
Pretty cool I would change the blue background for some real scenery (nature, metro, etc)

Funny Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Aliens

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Aliens
Member reactions:
...The Scorpion works well. Kind of a feeble looking Alien. I bet the Predator wins.

Funny Human Alien Battle in the City

Human Alien Battle in the City
Member reactions:
Thanks coming from you that is a compliment indeed.

Funny Octopus Alien Ship in Space

Octopus Alien Ship in Space
Scientists believe Octopuses might be aliens.
Member reactions:
Great thinking of putting octopus in an octo shaped vehicle.... UFO like the way how you created it is really awesome specially that badge on that ship

Funny Alien in an Underwater Cave

Alien in an Underwater Cave
Member reactions:
Love it, really is beautiful.
Thanks so much, Doc, Andrew, Gummy, Luciano, Hobbit, DD, and Andwhat.
Congrats on the Gold, Hits. Excellent Image, for sure. Cave Fishing. I'm There...
Congrats on the gold Hit.this was a knockout chop,gave it a 10.A masterpiece
You have a super imagination, love this chop, congrats on the win.
Thank you very much Hobbit, 10 andwhat... Yes yes hehe, SplatShot cave fishing would be a definite pleasure moment and thanks goes to Bob as well. Cheers. Might miss a contest or two, got a few chores...

Funny Chimp Astronaut Finds Aliens on Mars

Chimp Astronaut Finds Aliens on Mars

Funny Freaking News Alien

Freaking News Alien
Member reactions:
Thanks for the FN tribute, Hidden. And I never looked better
I knew this was gonna get gold.Congrats on the gold win Hit.I love this chop,clean and great colors
Andwhat. Let me borrow that crystal ball, will ya. Hehe. Thanks for the vote of confidence and thank you Andrew Hobbit, Luciano, Gummy and Steve.

Funny Obama Alien

Obama Alien
Member reactions:
Yes sir, I do believe you captured his true inner essence.
Looks like a cross breed between aliens, Dicaprio, and Obama Excellent work.

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