Giant Alien Obama Coming Out of Hole in Siberia
Giant Alien Obama Coming Out of Hole in Siberia
Giant Alien Obama Coming Out of Hole in Siberia. The Siberian crater saga is more widespread and scarier than anyone thought
Member reactions:
Hahaha, that looks like an illustration to a modern fairy tale. Love it.
Ha ha, thanks everyone this was incomplete and had no direction.

Funny Alien with a Whoopie Buzzer

Alien with a Whoopie Buzzer
Liquefied Paul It started out as a tribute to Paul but the source was terribly grainy. So I did what the only sane thing. I liquefied him. Then it became an evolving doodle. Over time it found a reason to become a legitimate chop, but only when I realized that even alien races must have developed gag buzzers at least once in their evolution. This is a reminder to never forget there is a ten year old kid in you that loved this sort of silliness. Stay young my friends
Member reactions:
Awesome work Hit,my favorite in this competition.Congrats on the silver
... And now we know where they originated. Congrats on the Silver.
Thank you Bob, Andwhat, Luciano and Swashbuckle. It came out pretty cool considering the face was a construct in the end. Took a lot of tuning, this one. Was fun
Fantastic ALIEN, as always TOP WORK. Congrats.....
Loved your entry, very nicely done Congrats
This an awesome entry from The Maste. Our marvelous Tim. Congratulations on your Silver Win
Thanks Newsy, Chris, Robb...we try to please

Funny Joker Alien Doll in Strange Antique Store

Joker Alien Doll in Strange Antique Store
Member reactions:
Hahahahaha grim... Fine composition there lass...
Thanks Swash,lucianomorelli,and Hit 😃
You know how to make yours in dark themes, Debbie

Funny Alien Surgery

Alien Surgery
There's no need to fear. A team of alien surgeons is here. Afraid of Having Surgery. Well, Have No Fear. All Is OK.
Member reactions:
Well done. Kinda scary and comical at the same time
Another one I thought was a contender for sure. Puzzles me sometimes. Excellentastic idea and execution
That thought Hitman is quite a kudo in itself. Life ain't fair. My take on the ethical conduct on FN is just to be content with the effort and the work itself.

Funny Battery Thief Alien in the Night

Battery Thief Alien in the Night
Some sources
Member reactions:
Fantastic source
Gold congrats, Tim. Love the colors and lighting.
Many thanks Swashbuckle, Gummy, Wanderer,Newsy,Doc, Kellie, Luciano, Eric, Christine,
Great Looking battery thief, Hits Congrats on Gold..
Love this one, you are the BEST........ Congrats on another piece of art.
Thanks Hobbit, fortunately their is plenty of the "best" in this game we play or I would be embarrassed Itip my hat to Tusav, he delivered a golden chop. TY Champ, Bob and anyone I missed

Funny Alien Space Invaders in a Battery Operated Spaceship

Alien Space Invaders in a Battery Operated Spaceship

Funny Stephen Hawking with Aliens Caricature

Stephen Hawking with Aliens Caricature
Member reactions:
Excellent but, disturbing at the same time. Congratulations.
Congrats on the gold Funkwood ,awesome work
Ha. I have him cut out in a PSD on file and haven't got around to playing with it yet. off to trash it goes. Excellent.
Gold... Congrats. Pretty good charicature there matie. All components fit splendidly
Thanks for the Treat, and Congrats on the Gold...
Another real treat from Funkster. Congrats on the gold.
Absolute genius. congratulations, worthy of a platinum cup if one was available.
Поздравляю на золото, Funkwood.
Спасибо Тусав, Я не знаю, что вы были русскими

Funny Christopher Walken has a Close Encounter with Aliens

Christopher Walken has a Close Encounter with Aliens
Member reactions:
Top-notch. hair does the same thing every time this happens.
Superb, at the end he could also take again his place in "Gothic american.
Congrats on the Gold. Is that a Daisy BB gun in Christopher's hand.
You know, there've been Craigslist ads for months searching for artwork that has Christopher Walken in it -- you should look them up -- this could hang in a gallery in SF.
Thanks all. Not sure what kind of gun that is Uncle, but it might as well be cause any gun probably wouldn't do much good against aliens. Icy, couldn't be bothered but if they find me I'll be willing to help them maybe..
Congratulations Funkwood. You are one of the *best* Photo manipulators at this site.
Congrats on the gold, Funk. A stunning piece, no need for more cowbell, if you know what I mean

Funny Aliens Visit Hollywood

Aliens Visit Hollywood

Funny Space Alien Prehistoric Giants

Space Alien Prehistoric Giants
If they come they will come for metals.
Member reactions:
Thanks folks. I was trying for a WWII rewritten motif.
Yes. Orange flavor please hehe. Hey, best laid plans of mice and all that...
For an old fossil you are certainly a Master.

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