Alien Renaissance
  Alien Renaissance
Alien Renaissance. what a cute puppy. Member reactions:
I should have posted a link to what she loooked like before

Funny Alien Creation

Alien Creation

Funny Alien Gothic

Alien Gothic
This Alien just wanted to be in the painting.. Member reactions:
nice clipping, but he doesn't match the painted look of the painting.
Superb Nice Placing the Alien in the centre

Funny Alien death

Alien death

Funny Lady with baby alien

Lady with baby alien

Funny Alien With A Death Star Earring

Alien With A Death Star Earring

Funny Baby Alien

Baby Alien
. Member reactions:
nice blending, but the white edges are a distraction.
Mother's love can only found on earth.... The most reason for the aliens to visit earth

Funny Aliens Too

Aliens Too

Funny Aliens fight

Aliens fight

Funny Napo-alien

. Member reactions:
good exept for the green bands. they distract.

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