Alien Penguin
Alien Penguin
Alien Penguin. Adapt
Member reactions:
Excellent work.... Do not fight to penguin they are very powerful
Never imagined to see Penguin bird can also be make to look like Alien great work over all well merged
Fantastic chop,creative and cool.Great blending and texture. Love the alien theme
TY balodiya, andwhat, Rajeshstar, Ericnorthend. The trick is to think like a 10 year old and it comes easy
Outstanding job giving the predator penguin features. I also love how the penguins look back at the predator with fear.
Super Idea Hitz. Love the fearful/concerned expression on the fat ones face.
Great work "spinner of Hits" big fan of the Alien movies and I love how you have the penguins looking at the penalien Congrats on the Silver.
Cheers, thank you very much Doc, SS, 1/4Moon and Pat

Funny The Alien Graffiti Stalker

The Alien Graffiti Stalker
Watch Out Dude. Elvis Source
Member reactions:
This is freaking brilliant. You made the source perfectly match the stalker theme. There's a feeling of suspense, as the left guy is walking and turning his head to check on the stalker behind his back. The look on the stalker face is priceless - he is one cold blooded fella, probably from another planet too Love the added graffiti on the wall and the trash on the road too.
The grafti painting on the wall is awesome and the stalker face attached to the source pic is great...
Thanks Doc., Bob, Lu, Newsy, Eric, Balo, and Raj. Thanks for all the great comments and vote. I'm on my cell so I'm having to keep it short.
Thanks Hitz. Much appreciated. These speed contest are a little tricky. Sometimes I start them and just don't have the time finish..The Elvis came in handy from an earlier contest I failed enter.
Thanks Bunacode... Glad you like it Loved your Fin and Feather. Your work is improving rapidly. Keep on keeping on.
Thanks Newsy. He is one cold blooded fella. I would love to see the frantic fight scene that evolves about 5 seconds from now. I think His big bobbing head would be hilarious. and your right he is an Alien...North Korean, I think.

Funny Barack Obama Alien Causes Cosmic Global Inflation

Barack Obama Alien Causes Cosmic Global Inflation
Member reactions:
Decent work - kinda "the end of the world" style.
Thanks Newsie,I guess I was in an apocalyptic mood that day

Funny Alien Holding a Nebula Christmas Ornament

Alien Holding a Nebula Christmas Ornament
Member reactions:
Good one. it reminds me a peaceful version of the "War of the worlds" poster
It also remembers me as if mother nature is protecting our planet from external forces.... good imaginative art work and awesome composition over all
Stunning work, especially now that it's Christmas time.
Congrats on the gold, Opcrom. Setup an avatar - we use them in many site sections in the new site design.
Nice win. Dig the use of the eagle nebula.
Aha, I see you uploaded an avatar now. Cool beans.
Thank you all voters for the Gold, it has been an unexpected christmas present. Happy holidays to everyone.

Funny Alien Press Conference in Russia

Alien Press Conference in Russia

Funny How to Get an Alien Off Your Face

How to Get an Alien Off Your Face
NEW Alien-Off. Why bother with old fashioned crow bars. National Geographic: What might alien life look like.
Member reactions:
Very eager to know how the Aliens look like. This format could be the one of them
I can hear him saying " MmmMmMmMMMm... M Mmm MmMmmMM." She'd better spray fast so he can talk. Me loves this one.
Nice. Apparently there are no good options for the removal of face sucking space aliens. I think I'd opt for the cro-bar.

Funny Six Aliens are Laying at Christmas

Six Aliens are Laying at Christmas
Twelve aliens drumming, Eleven aliens piping, Ten aliens a-leaping, Nine aliens waiting, Eight aliens a-milking, Seven aliens a-swimming, Six aliens a-laying, Five alien rings. Four alien birds, Three alien hens, Two alien doves, and an alien in a pear tree...
Member reactions:
very impressive hidden,I hope to survive such Christmas .
I agree with Luciano - some decent work here
Dang it, At this time of night I should be counting sheep and you have me counting aliens. If I have nightmares I'm going to be mad at you. But there is something about this one, great composition.
Amazing chop.... all the aliens were well chopped and great work on the multiple hands and legs of the creeping creature and good lyric indeed
Gotta love it. Creepy stuff and irreverent. Congrats on the cup.
Creepy cool work. Congrats on the Bronze, maiden.

Funny Alien Christmas Card

Alien Christmas Card
Member reactions:
Great chop, but we had to move it from Celebrity Christmas Cards to Freak Show, because it does not feature any celebrity character/person.
Ha. You had way too much fun doing this one Marvelously silly.
Kewl. You better watch out. Looks Like Santa Claws is coming to town.

Funny Alien Chickens Landing in Egg Spacecraft

Alien Chickens Landing in Egg Spacecraft
Now we know which came first.
Member reactions:
This is freaking brilliant. The best interpretation of egg & chicken dilemma I've seen.
Yay, my first Gold. Thanks for the comments.
Congrats on your first gold, Bob. Four more golds, and you graduate from the apprentiece league, see.
Congratulations and if you keep it up, U B moving soon to the big time.
Congratulations my friend. Love you.

Funny Brad Pitt The Old Alien Gentleman

Brad Pitt The Old Alien Gentleman

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