The Barack Obama Mutant Alien in the White House
The Barack Obama Mutant Alien in the White House
The Barack Obama Mutant Alien in the White House. Full view for more details..
Member reactions:
Yikes. Two terms will do that to you everytime. devolution...
Excellent necro work. Warming up for Halloween.
Mind-Blowing Great. Phenomenal piece of work.
I didn't recognize him at first sigt...then I saw is ears.... Great caricature.
Congrats on the silver canine,your work is always awesome
Simply excellent. I did not think I had a chance at gold with this one in the mix. I guess they are both gold... I am enthralled at the great necro effects on the skin. You got it to look so dead and wax like... yikes . Save some of that up for a holloween chop. I definitely want to see more of this sort. Congrats on the cup... You are a master, sir
Congratulations my friend SilverC....Keep producing more like this one and you'll be raking in the Gold trophies left and right.
Creativity Plus, congrats on the Silver, SilverC.. You have captured Obama's inner-self perfectly..
Congrats on the silver silvercanine Freaky.

Funny Alien Traffic Guard Barack Obama

Alien Traffic Guard Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Great . The only man is rapidly stepping away.
FANTASTIC, Love it., congrats on the win.
GOLD Congrats, Elegary. If it's stop guard has to be red, but green he is cool too.

Funny Queen Elizabeth Being Carried by Alien Palace Guards

Queen Elizabeth Being Carried by Alien Palace Guards
full view, please hope you like my work, friends. I used many layers, and dedication to hecer crazy.
Member reactions:
Would have made a lot more sense if the guards had been William and Harry and not some alien creatures. JMO.
Love the shoes.. The grilling fork made me giggle.
I like your work... great effort shown which creates this marvelous photo chop magic good one
Quality work, these guards will scare anyone just with their looks. I wonder how much they pay them.
So this is what she wants to do with guards Shoes are freaking crazy
With guards like theese the queen is untouchable.
Really strange and coming from me..... hahahahah well done Elegary. Congrats
Always excellent work elegantly. A fine win.

Funny Push Starting an Alien's Car

Push Starting an Alien's Car
Charlie lays out Reece's Pieces to lure tiny little aliens out of the shadows. Little did he know their mama was gonna need a push start. 29 Layers, Click To Enlarge
Member reactions:
Great job... good caricature get out of that area... like the big alien into the vehicle and kid scared
Thanks. I really wish this site would accept larger versions.
Actually Alien recharges from sunlight that's way he can not push the car...
Your Work is excellent. Please try to make it larger.
Impressive work. We accept images up to 500 KB in size. If you click the "unresized" link you will see your original submission 1807 x 1003 pixels
Clever the idea and awesome the caricatures. .
Outstanding job, Gig.. very close, with .002 difference in 4th and 5th..

Funny Alien Painting

Alien Painting
Member reactions:
Great composition and, I think, lot of work.
That could cause nightmares if framed and hanged on any kids bedroom Nice work though

Funny Alien Girl Playing Golf

Alien Girl Playing Golf
Member reactions:
Aliens are taking much interest in earthly golf atleast they get gravitation force to play gulf here
Very clean work, Sun. How awesome to see you again, girl.
Thanks for comments Lucianomorelli, Its420here, Pcr, Elegary, Newsy, Hitspinner, Geriatric I am glad too to see you
Thank you Silvercanine, I am glad you didn't forgot my style

Funny Illegal Alien Children at the Border

Illegal Alien Children at the Border
Illegal Alien Children
Member reactions:
Thank you Newsmaster, Balodiya and Sullishire
5th. That sort of pops my bubble. Overly done I suppose Thanks Pat

Funny Aliens Family Reunion in Mexico

Aliens Family Reunion in Mexico
Member reactions:
The question is why are they so desperate .
Col play on words, here, picasso. One of your best chops yet.
thank you newsmaster but yet again low numbers oh well it is.. what it is.. not stopping me from getting better

Funny Barack Obama Bug Alien on Another Planet

Barack Obama Bug Alien on Another Planet
Life on other planets
Member reactions:
strong connection of KFC with other planets......Actual freaking image
This is kinda freaky creature. As well as the one crawling out of the manhole
Silver congrats for Paul too. That 3-ciggie was a hint for trifecta methinks
Thanks, peeps. No Trifecta this time, Newsy.
Double-Congrats. This is an unusual concept for you but, gooood.

Funny Alien Saying Goodbye

Alien Saying Goodbye

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