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Funny Alien Pictures

Alien With A Death Star EarringFunny Alien With A Death Star Earring
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Baby AlienFunny Baby Alien
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nice blending, but the white edges are a distraction.
Mother's love can only found on earth.... The most reason for the aliens to visit earth

Aliens TooFunny Aliens Too
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Aliens fightFunny Aliens fight
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Napo-alienFunny Napo-alien
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good exept for the green bands. they distract.

Alien old technologyFunny Alien old technology
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Ha ha ha its Out of the world and totally different... creative idea
Nice merge of grinders to look as space ship good stary sky background used
Great concept, but I wish the image were bigger

I dream of AliensFunny I dream of Aliens
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See large please
Very good effects and clean work; Overall the rewarding chop I must say.
Awesome chop... looks like lot of sources used here like the alien concept and the big moon behind good work
Thanks to Burntfaery, Wanderer, MsgtBob, and Doc
Fantastic work on this one, love it and congrats on the win.

Alien 2Funny Alien 2
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Obama VS AlienFunny Obama VS Alien
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The Alien and Obama has a very good chemistry between them this chop looks awesome with the blue lighting and smokey effects well done
Thank you rajeshstar, geriatric, UncleChamp, pcrdds and my compatriot Ariel9. I dedicate this first medal to the power of tenacity ...
Excellent chop, but I would get rid of the black stripes on top and bottom. Congrats on the wood, Armatien.

AlienFunny Alien
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