Ali Galor
Ali Galor
Ali Galor.

Funny Ali The Greatest

Ali The Greatest
RIP big fella, was an honor to see you fight....
Member reactions:
he looks so young here. the colors work well.
The light coming down on Ali is a nice touch.
Nicely done Goat, it all works together very well.
thanks guys, he was a true ledgend.. I couldnt miss doing something and showing it to the world..

Funny Ali gone

Ali gone
Ali gone
Member reactions:
nice and original take on the famous quote.
This is really cool, enjoy looking at it.
thanks guys. Im a huge fan of Ali. sad sad times

Funny Ali

'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee' Ali
Member reactions:
nice tribute and i like the bees/butterflies idea.
This is really nice pree. Was that source all him, and if so, where the heck did you find it. Even if its just a face, great source.
I notices the quality of that source photo too. Every source I researched was krap. You hit pay dirt.
Nailed it Pree. Captured Ali and his favorite phrase, superbly..
deaddog your so right ...most Ali sources were terrible .I found this it wasn't that bad so I painted it ,and did a different style to bring out its best properties..
Great tribute and reference to the bee butterfly quote.

Funny Muhammad Ali Poster Knocking Out a Man in a Gallery

Muhammad Ali Poster Knocking Out a Man in a Gallery
Click Here For The News Story

Funny Ali Landry with a Beard

Ali Landry with a Beard
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze bearder 😄
, Well done. You couldn't wait for Newsy to announce the bearded lady contest, huh. How long have you had to sit on these. I have done a few that I put on the back burner befor and it drives me nuts...waiting...waiting....waiting Well done my friend. Glad you got a well deserved cup.
Nicely done, I'm trying to figure out if it's a man pic changed to half woman or woman pic changed to half man.
If there is a beard contest I wouldn't enter because it would be dominated by the beards experts. I didn't enter the Freak show as soon as I saw all the beards. I am so pleased the top three were original and interesting.
She looks totally natural. Congrats on the wood, berdu. You are the beard ladies man.
Azure these beard entries are also original & interesting & too say anything else is insulting.

Funny The Greatest Mahammad Ali and the American Flag

The Greatest Mahammad Ali and the American Flag
It may not be the greatest, but there are a lot worse looking flags out there.
Member reactions:

Funny Ali's Hammer Hand

Ali's Hammer Hand
"One of Boxing's Finest Showmen, he was a pleasure to watch."
Member reactions:
see, i realize that this was hard bc i've done aged material before. a lot of voters are too young to understand that the seventies had bad film. it makes it hard, AND people don't understand. but i do. you did good.

Funny Hairy Ali Landry

Hairy Ali Landry
Member reactions:
She looks so funny
Excellent designer beard and mustache very well done with the hair on the chest also

Funny Ali Baba and The Forty Al Queda

Ali Baba and The Forty Al Queda
Member reactions:
So funny, and very well organized with great tags.
Ha ha ha, very funny I am waiting for the movie to release

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