Alex Ronaldo Morgan
Alex Ronaldo Morgan
Alex Ronaldo Morgan. Thought it topical to highlight The U.S. women's soccer team filing a gender discrimination suit against its own federation.

Funny Alex Jones

Alex Jones
Member reactions:
Perfectly done, great job. Congrats on the Bronze, Ollie.

Funny Alex Tsipras with a Little Head

Alex Tsipras with a Little Head

Funny Alex Honnold Caricature

Alex Honnold Caricature
This kid is freaking amazing. He climbed El Capitan, or better known as The Nose to climbers, pictured behind him in Yosemite national park..... FREE HAND.... with nothing but what you see, climbing shoes and a chalk bag in world record time. Alex has turned the entire worldwide rock climbing community on it's head, google him, watch a video, it will blow you away. Climbing Legend Alex Honnold Part Of Discovery's Line-Up SOURCE
Member reactions:
that's one impressive individual, and a cool caricature
Rocking, out of the box. Very nice caricature wishing him good luck for future
Great caricature, also perspective is perfect.
Actually you got robbed. This is excellent and deserves a cup. But there are only 4. With the bear in the back I thought it might have been HoHouse but as I studied the character details I started thinking this might be yours and I was right haha.

Funny Baseballer Alex Rodriguez Returns To The Yankees

Baseballer Alex Rodriguez Returns To The Yankees
Alex Rodriguez, "A-Rod,," was banned from Major League baseball for a year for using steroids and will probably return for the 2015 season.

Funny Pinocchio Alex Roidriguez

Pinocchio Alex Roidriguez
BEST VIEW Commentary: A-Rod has never stopped lying The facts donít lie; A-Rodís delusional Alex Rodriguez can't stop lying SOURCE IMAGES
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Brilliant chop.. The bat nose id priceless
Is this brilliant or what. The nose bat and the hole in the wall (with a cricket) are nice additions to already an outstanding caricature composition.
Thank you Disasterman111, Hitspinner, balodiya, ericnorthend, and Newsmaster.
Excellent work... like the the truth syringes to him and his ears are really crazy good chop...
Congrats on the gold, Bill. How very awesome to see you again.
Thank you very much everyone. It sure was fun to chop again.

Funny Alex Rodriguez Caricature

Alex Rodriguez Caricature
A-Rod pulled late in rout of Rockies, expects to play today
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And wood also. You are on a roll, PSM. Congrats.
too much burger king food

Funny Alex Trebek & Watson in Vegas

Alex Trebek & Watson in Vegas
Alex Trebek & Watson Tear Up Vegas

Funny Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter

Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter
I wish I had a larger source.
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I don't think that distraction tactic is going to work, Alex.
Hilarious chop. Meert.

Funny Alex Rodriguez Holding a Yankees Go Home Sign

Alex Rodriguez Holding a Yankees Go Home Sign
A-Rod was quoted as saying, "Now I can go back to New York and bask in my popularity." Story here

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