Life Alert Advert
Life Alert Advert
Life Alert Advert. Member reactions:
Clever thinking. Whar a pity for shadowing.

Funny Kim Jong Un Signalling a Red Alert

Kim Jong Un Signalling a Red Alert

Funny Hurricane Alert on Billboard

Hurricane Alert on Billboard
Member reactions:
This really more innovative sign board works in favor of Obama... need to see what Romney replies to it

Funny Tornado Alert

Tornado Alert
More deadly storms wrack central U.S.

Funny First Date Alert System

First Date Alert System
"First Date Early Fart Alert Catching System" (FDEFACS) is designed with the concerned single man in mind. to prevent any slips or accidental gas leakages, FDEFACS catches any embarrassing fumes and alerts you to their presence using you own body's aroma detection system. Happy dating, thanks to FDEFACS ..
Member reactions:
Please see larger view... for some reason the smaller view looks blurry .
Larger view always. This is funny. I farted on the first date once and encouraged the girl to do the same. I said, "Once we get those formalities out of the way we can really begin to become friends."
Hilarious concept. I'd add some slight shadows from the mask onto the collar and the suit. Hits.

Funny Plane Alerting Swimmers to Sharks

Plane Alerting Swimmers to Sharks
Beach friends will soon become beach snacks.....
Member reactions:
Smart. I especially like how well you blended the shark in the foreground
never seen a sky writer write so exact... .. not bad..
Thankyou all, really enjoyed doing this one....

Funny Santa Terror Alert

Santa Terror Alert

Funny Orange Terror Alert

Orange Terror Alert
Federal apple going orange.

Funny Christmas Terror Alert

Christmas Terror Alert
Keeping the skys safe
Member reactions:
Clever concept and execution. Sort of like TheOnion but better
I like the idea, but Santa Claus doesn't have an "E" (Unless you're refering to the movie.)
Oops. Thanks. Revision posted
I think it would be grand to actually finish up those news stories.

Funny Flight Terror Alert

Flight Terror Alert
What really goes on in the man-meaty goodness pit at "Level Orange".
Member reactions:
So is there a script that edits words perceived as being naughty like where pilots sit.
This left me in awe - it's clever and hilarious. Saving it to my favorites.
Yeah, there's a filter for all text on the site. I think I'll disable the filter for the submissions though.

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