Alcohol can cause lifelong brain damage to your child
Alcohol can cause lifelong brain damage to your child
Alcohol can cause lifelong brain damage to your child .

Funny Psy's Alcohol Addiction

Psy's Alcohol Addiction
Psy’s Shocking Interview: Alcohol Is My ‘Best Friend’

Funny iDrink iPhone with Automatic Alcohol Detector

iDrink iPhone with Automatic Alcohol Detector
Member reactions:
Auto alcohol detector...Hmm How much for this..
That Icall feature is really great... IDrink App should have some limit or else the ICall Feature would be activated
Freaking genius concept and execution. Congrats on the silver gugu.

Funny No Alcohol for Miners

No Alcohol for Miners
Minor/Miner: He's gotta go somewhere else to get a beer. Source
Member reactions:
Thank God that ain't true or I probably wouldn't be here ..Love it
What a great pun... Other wise no Miners..

Funny Alcohol Drip Bag

Alcohol Drip Bag
Member reactions:
I couldn't get my patients to sleep until I discovered Smirnhoff.

Funny Drunk People with Alcohol

Drunk People with Alcohol
Member reactions:
That worm is just plain scary , I remember that source face of the sleeping girl.

Funny Green Powdered Alcohol

Green Powdered Alcohol
Students Invent Alcohol Powder
Member reactions:
I've read this story too. You did a fine job depicting it I think.

Funny New York Yankees Blood Alcohol Level

New York Yankees Blood Alcohol Level
Might not have been the greatest idea to celebrate beforehand
Member reactions:
If only their other stats. were that high . . .
No fair, Marlins had an angel in the out field.
Ouch. Is that why Bud Selig wants to take the champagne out of the celebration.
They certainly do look like a happy bunch. I really like this one -- super work...

Funny Mike Tyson Fighting Alcohol

Mike Tyson Fighting Alcohol
Tyson says 'on the verge of dying' from drugs, alcohol

Funny Alcohol Consumption When Married

Alcohol Consumption When Married
Marriage makes women drink more
Member reactions:
I was scratching my head over that one...honestly couldn't figure it out. It's amazing how a letter or two can change everything.
Well said... women will on their alcohol consumption more after marriage Men will cut down after marriage because they do not need it literally But will catch up after being Divorced
I love it very most in her Ring the Shining Starry effect to give this emphasize on her Married symbol... and Divorced guy

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