Debut Album
Debut Album
Debut Album. Member reactions:
This is good too. S many above average chops.

Funny Bruce Willis' New Album

Bruce Willis' New Album
Member reactions:
more like dying i wouldn't buy it good he went to acting

Funny From Family Album of Moon Landing Mission

From Family Album of Moon Landing Mission
Member reactions:
He was thought about their family on this moon....
Pretty damn cool And I see the FN tag on the astronaut suit

Funny Electric Ladyland Album by Jimi Hendrix

Electric Ladyland Album by Jimi Hendrix
"When I die, just keep playin' the records" BEST VIEW
Member reactions:
Your music always soothes the ears... and keep playing always... good work on the lighting flashes like it

Funny Neil Young Crazy Horse Album

Neil Young Crazy Horse Album
Rock 'n Roll Will Never Die Neil Young Recording New Album With Crazy Horse Full View
Member reactions:
Excellent. Great colors and lighting and clean as a whistle.
Good work with horse, looks funny and crazy. good background selection and expression on the face
Super design work. I think even neil would approve, and that takes a lot.
Two trophies in one contest. Not too shabby QTR. Nice work all around.
Thank you kindly to all ... my 1st 2 in 1. Very Cool, thanks again.

Funny Michael Jackson's Posthumous Album

Michael Jackson's Posthumous Album
Posthumous Michael Jackson Album To Be Released
Member reactions:
very nicely done especially with the leaning lit up Michael.
"We're, only, in it for the money. Welcome to Hollywood, Kid." High marks.
Leaning lit Jacko really sells this image for me.

Funny Marilyn Monroe's Photo Album

Marilyn Monroe's Photo Album
An Old Marilyn's photo album

Funny White House Crasher on Beatles Album

White House Crasher on Beatles Album
Member reactions:
on this. Wish I had thought of it. Glad you did.

Funny Froggy's Favorite Abba Album

Froggy's Favorite Abba Album
Member reactions:
Great pic, but you're required to use the source provided.
Oops, my reading comprehension is a bit off today... Frog is now included, albeit non-integrally.
Pretty cool. I like it but, is that the only instance of the source frog on the guys' clothes.
Owa tagu siam.

Funny Warhol Inspired Album Art

Warhol Inspired Album Art
Always played on Ladies Night.

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