Albino Strawberry
Albino Strawberry
Albino Strawberry. Member reactions:
This is very different from standard freakshowe fare
This does have a certain beauty about it.

Funny Albino Friends in the Forest

Albino Friends in the Forest
Albino Friends
Member reactions:
I am confused Is he is He or She .. but the image is beautiful and the Rat with Red eyes is cute

Funny Albino Strawberry

Albino Strawberry
Member reactions:
Nice work on the berry. Just clean up the edges a bit on the leaves and add a slight shadow to show some separation between the leaf and the berry.

Funny Albino Photoshop Sheep

Albino Photoshop Sheep
Don't get your software from the blacksheep market. It's baa-aa-aad news. Someone will definitely try to pull the wool over your eyes and fleece you for a lot of money. Anyways, I hope you like my lamb chop...You can view it full here.
Member reactions:
AWESOME idea. Great Out Of Bounds effect too. And of course it's the best software for the Freak Show.
I've been using Photosheep 7, after this contest it looks like I will have to upgrade....Congrats
Thanks everyone for the comments and the votes. My friend was over when I first pulled up this contest, and she said, " are you going to Photosheep that shop." This is a result of her accidental juxtaposition of words.
Congratulations, Chaos - you are on a roll, gold after gold.
and Photosheep contests sounds like a good name - thanks for posting the story behind the chop, Chaos.

Funny Michael Jackson the Albino Lobster Boy

Michael Jackson the Albino Lobster Boy
This is my first entry. I'm not great yet,..but hopefully I will get there.
Member reactions:
We all start somewhere, you picked a gr8 subject Welcome.
Isn't it funny how when the catagory is "Freakshow" the first thing that comes to mind is Michael Jackson. Ha ha. Good caption would be; "Free admission to anyone under 11 years old"
You get a point for using lobster boy. I did a paper on the real lobster boy, Grady Stiles Jr., in college. Welcome to Freaking News. We are a strange crowd but we are good people. When the going gets weird the weird turn pro.
Pretty cool for the first entry. Like the concept. His hands look a bit blurry on the edges. Otherwise decent job. Big welcome to Freaking News.

Funny Albinos

The new success show Albinos with flying Colours. (view full for those red eyes)

Funny Simply Albino

Simply Albino
Shhh.... don't tell anyone the secret.
Member reactions:
Don't tell Michael this is marketed as whiteout...
if he use this,he may have no problems in court

Funny Albino with Lavender Eyes

Albino with Lavender Eyes

Funny Woman Wearing an Albino Octopus Hat

Woman Wearing an Albino Octopus Hat

Funny Albino Owl

Albino Owl
ewwwwwwww, pink eye.

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