Funny Robin Williams and the Genie From Aladdin

Robin Williams and the Genie From Aladdin
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Aah.... Now he has the control of a Jenie good one
This is of course, excellent. Congrats on the silver B3X

Funny Modern Aladdin's Birthday

Modern Aladdin's Birthday
modern aladin make a wish
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Excellent, I love the basic chopping style. It looks like you maximized the chop without help from plug-ins. Extra points for that. Totally bitchin sources too... So what's the deal with Ala a din. Did somebody actually invent a birthdate for him and celebrate it or is this just fanciful imagining.
i'm glad u love this pic, Hitspinner. , i chop without plugin. It is my bestfriend birthday gift from me. And i'm interested celebrate his birthday here too as aladin birthday. thank u for your appreciated.
Nice one, Yosi. Looks great in FULL view.

Funny Aladdin Camel

Aladdin Camel
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Nice and funny chop, but (in my humble opinion) the camel does not have much additional human or animal parts (ok, it now has human teeth, though).
Paul. It has 4 prime features. Teeth, lips, nose and eye, just subtley blended to look as close to natural as I could push it.
I already noticed the teeth, lips and the change made for the eye, but not the nose. Lol. Very subtly blended, indeed. A cool chop, once again, but I still like another entry of yours in this contest a lot more, though (matter of personal taste, of course).
Thanks The other one. Are you trying to "out" me. Heheh as if that's hard to do. Yep, it's the difference between a 10 hour chop and a 20 hour chop. The genie took some time though, converting from a real life crappy costume and plastic head to a cartoon version. View the source and you'll se what I mean. Sometimes the source pics leave one wanting and make you put on your illustrator hat
Congrats on woody, Hitspinner. That's exactly the same camel head I used for my chop.
It's a great satire. Not sure what you've been drinking, but it seems to be working
Congratulations once again, Hitspinner. By the way, if your style were not recognizable enough yet, the location of your source file (in your personal repository at FN) eliminates any doubt about your identity...
Huh, you can access my media folder/source files... I didn't know that could be done. Anyway, I am taking a break for a bit so will come back with a different style just to keep you guessing
Hitspinner, just looking at the URL of your source file and we can see your user number (20474)... The rest is not rocket science: one just has to enter the user account number in this other URL: That's all, man.
that was amazing one too congrats on the woody

Funny Aladdin Armageddon

Aladdin Armageddon
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Great blend of sources, very appealing visually.
The Last Arabian Night. I really like the way the swirl draws up from the mushroom cloud into the illustration. Very nice.

Funny Aladdin Christmas

Aladdin Christmas

Funny The Simpsons in Aladdin

The Simpsons in Aladdin
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May be 'A' certified Aladdin movie

Funny Obama the Genie in Aladdin

Obama the Genie in Aladdin
Off to agraba..
Member reactions:
Michaell is enjoying the joy ride with fakir

Funny Aladdin's Magic Lamp

Aladdin's Magic Lamp
Aladdin's Magic Lamp

Funny Barack Obama in Aladdin

Barack Obama in Aladdin
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Obama's face is too big for the head. Also the whole picture is too small

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