Uncle Joe AKA Mr Touch
Uncle Joe AKA Mr Touch
Uncle Joe AKA Mr Touch. Able to creep you out with one touch
Member reactions:
Funny Stuff, Fugit. Congrats on the Silver.
, Congrats on your win Fugit, good one, he is Creepy.

Funny Donald Trump aka Santa

Donald Trump aka Santa
God blessed America
Member reactions:
Congrats on your win, very nice pic, I feel for Trump, he gets kicked down to much....
This is next level choppage, Congrats on the win
Agree with Hits, next level and a fantastic build.. Congrats on a winner..

Funny Preemiememe aka Kerri Matuzszak

Preemiememe aka Kerri Matuzszak
She will be missed. My heart still aches
Member reactions:
So Beautiful, she seemed very sweet, God Love Her, RIP Kerri.
Beautiful Tribute Hits. Hope her children are well taken care of.
A wonderful tribute for Pree, and awesome source used to build it.
Such a nice tribute, suitable for framing. Silver Congrats Hits .
lovely tribute Hits. Another sad day in the chopping world. RIP
Congrats on a Beautiful Win, I was wondering about her TRIPLETS, she was a SPECIAL LADY.
Wonderful tribute Hits.congrats on the Silver.
Kerri Matuszak, New York RIP

Funny Abigail Breslin AKA Little Miss Sunshine

Abigail Breslin AKA Little Miss Sunshine
Member reactions:
Thanks John. It was a crap shoot to pick Abigail but hey, it worked out.
I need the money, what can I say Thanks for the comments and votes, guys.
Your blending is admirable, one of a kind

Funny Pocahontas AKA Elizabeth Warren

Pocahontas AKA Elizabeth Warren
Trail of Tears
Member reactions:
very good she is a member of the putz tribe

Funny George Papandreou AKA Horse's Ass

George Papandreou AKA Horse's Ass

Funny AKA 47

AKA 47
From Russia with love.
Member reactions:
I've seen these, wicked ice cubes Nice work with this.
Great work slixter I thought it's would get high marks as I give it .. congrats on the master pace keep going
Sweet perfume design from Slixtashnikov. Wish it got a trophy too - loved it so much.

Funny Princess Leia aka Rosie the Riveter

Princess Leia aka Rosie the Riveter
Based on the painted poster of Rosie the Riveter used to rally women to work in factories during wartime.
Member reactions:
I think she looks too smooth compared to the rest of the poster. Some noise added to her face and hair would blend it in even better.
Fun entry. The look on her face is perfect. Good Job, KB.
I agree with the above comments, but I really love the concept. You usually come up with creative ideas, bee.

Funny Rowan Atkinson AKA Bean

Rowan Atkinson AKA Bean
Member reactions:
which the program are u using for make this draw. any filter of photoshop make this effect, change tone. or jasc photo paint. contest here please. wmwmfutbol.com, spain

Funny `Little Adam Schitt` AKA Adam Schiff

`Little Adam Schitt` AKA Adam Schiff
a new and profane last name

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