Kalashnikov AK47 Caricature
Kalashnikov AK47 Caricature
Kalashnikov AK47 Caricature. Kalashnikov and the machine gun AK47 the shot flowers...
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I've no words.Both caricature and background are wonderful.
Freaking Awesome. Great to see you back My Friend..........Kicking butt with an AK47...Yeah
I agree gr8 caricature and presentation, I see you found an awesome BG that suits perfectly
Drat, I was going to do a caricature of good old Mikhail but you beat me too it, had to change in mid stream. But it all worked out anyway Beautiful job as always, nice to see you back
Cant ask for more Masters job done here..
Good caricature and awesome uniform and atmosphere .
No words for this chop... a great immaginative show seen here Awesome caricature and a perfect tribute given to the great inventor of this century RIP AK.... your weapon protects our earth
Fantastic. Great Comeback Victory RickyT. Love it when your around the conversations pick up dramatically.
Beautiful work---as always. The level of detail is amazing--and the whole image sort of "glows". Great.
Though I can't see Russia from my backyard, I CAN see it in your caricature of this brilliant and humble man. I genuflect before you. What an amazing rendering.
Congrats one the gold cup. You did good...
Sweet win. Congrats on the gold. And a tip of the cap to freaking news for recognizing the beauty in that 3 lb trigger pull. Bravo to all,and keep up the good work.
Congrats on the comeback gold, Ricky. ...and it feels so good to have you back.

Funny Dead Terrorist with AK47

Dead Terrorist with AK47
Since Muslims, Christians and Jews all seem to agree that RADICAL Muslim Jihadists are the root cause of most terrorism in the world today, this image should offend no-one but radical Muslims. Like most people peace-loving people of all religions, I find terrorists offensive. And it's about time we offended them back.
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Very valid point and a moving chop. I have never come to grips with the concept that any God would sanction murder no matter how justified in God's name. Shouting Allah Akbar are glorious words to rejoice in when a new child is born not when somebody is violenty dismembered via murder. If all men are God's creation, and if you believe that God is perfect, then evey man must be a masterpiece. Killing a man is thus no different than cutting the Mona Lisa to shreds. By not recognizing the logic of that by now, pretty much verifies the ignorance of the radical Muslim extremists. Somebody needs to go sit on a mountain and ponder the contradictions and illogics. That could probably be said for all religion but all religions are not putting themselves directly in the crosshairs of extinction by demanding the world converts or die. This chop moved me. Thanks
I agree-enough of the Political Correctness. Call it what it is and erase it.
Nice chop, perhaps a bit distant from the spirit of this contest. Over the past 60 years, AK47 has been symbolic of terrorists, partisans, freedom fighters, resistants, liberadores, 2nd Amendment freaks... you name it. "I'm armed, so I'm better than you".
Unfortunately, in the case of terrorists, might doesn't make right. The theme post does not suggest that we put a positive spin on the AK47. A lot of people feel that the world would be better off without them.
If the weapons that should jubto the skeleton (the weapon) will be taking.
Congrats on silver LunaC. I had to confess that job was my favourite in this contest.
Nice work LunaC. Great use of sources. Luv the touch of him scratching in the sand.
Congrats Luna. very intense and effective.
Great chop. congrats, and keep up the good work.
LunaC very nice .intense ,,. congratssss....
Impressive piece. Glad it got a trophy. Bronze congrats, Luna.

Funny Ak47 Pistol Machine

Ak47 Pistol Machine
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Nice work. Now do it with a Hello Kitty theme.

Funny Woman with a AK47 Painting

Woman with a AK47 Painting
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Very well integrated. Color, contrast, light, shadow & perspective.... all are spot on. Well done.
I love this picture...That AK fits in reeeeal well. Even though the AK was adopted in 1949. Its still used widely to this day. So great job.

Funny AK47 for small wars

AK47 for small wars

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