Mile High Airways
Mile High Airways
Mile High Airways. Dream airliner
Member reactions:
Cool Once I saw a T-shirt in Amsterdam which said "Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly." - this would be a perfect slogan for this airline

Funny Upside Down Airways

Upside Down Airways
Member reactions:
Seriously.. I love this molding very nice

Funny Paper Plane AirWays

Paper Plane AirWays
Member reactions:
Full view is sweet. How much is full flight fare.
Congrats Fleek How many gigawatts does that hand use....
m what a cool idea. Now that is way out of the box. Super chop too.
Doesn't look like the seats would be very comfortable with the narrow body Good idea. Congrats on the bronze win.
congrats fleek , that was amazing one as always keep up great works friend
very clever idea, an nice job making it look great. congrats
Bronze airline for Fleek. Congrats, mate.
great chop ..loveeee the airline tooo ..

Funny Slingshot Airways

Slingshot Airways
Member reactions:
Hilarious. How much is the fair for those that survive.
Oh man, this is a crack up... Instant fav.
thats my favor in this contest great work renegade , keep up fantastic works friend

Funny Spitfire Airways

Spitfire Airways
While Luxury class holds a family of four...Tourist class has been known to hold 18.
Member reactions:
interesting concept. Id' put "Spit airlines" text right on the plane, without any white frame background. You could simply choose the white text for it too
I liked this concept Grumpy... strong entry.

Funny Skeleton at the Jetblue Airways Desk Selling Pillows

Skeleton at the Jetblue Airways Desk Selling Pillows
jetBlue Sells Pillows $7 a pop
Member reactions:
With the flight delays no wonder the salesperson is dead
was an attempt at saying that $7 a pillow aint gonna get you any business for a long time yet, based on a lemonaide stand style

Funny Single Airways

Single Airways

Funny British Airways Protection

British Airways Protection
Gotta love the British
Member reactions:
Nice work with the lettering on the side.

Funny ICE Plane Airways

ICE Plane Airways
Just when you thought air travel couldn't get anymore frosty.
Member reactions:
Perfect paint of Ice on the Plane when it flys on the sky great job

Funny Alaska Airways

Alaska Airways
Member reactions:
Is that sinking ship a metaphor for their campaign or Palin's chances for reelection as gov..

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