AA Amish Airlines
AA Amish Airlines
AA Amish Airlines.

Funny United Airlines hospitality

United Airlines hospitality
You are the lucky winner of a punch

Funny Air Koryo is the most excited airline in the world!

Air Koryo is the most excited airline in the world!
Dear comrade Kim did not finish his snack on the plane and took it to eat at home
Member reactions:
Yes Very well said.. there is no exit from NK

Funny Surbooking Airlines

Surbooking Airlines
I did not have time to submit it in the "New Airline Advertising" contest so I put it now

Funny Freaking News Airline

Freaking News Airline

Funny Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

Funny Eagle Airlines

Eagle Airlines
no explanation needed. just another airline...
Member reactions:
Very clever. I wonder if they serve on-board meals.
thank you, master. ofc, and only the best for the passengers, self hunted food. vegi-burgers in this situation.
Woody congrats, vetleba. One question: why the prop on a jet.
hmm, this kind of planes uses muscular power to fly, so the prop is a generator to keep the passengers with electricety, hehe. and thank you
Congrats on the wood, vetleba. I still hope they serve peanuts too
Congrats, Vetleba. Incredible Art.

Funny Southwest Airlines Captian in a Toy Plane

Southwest Airlines Captian in a Toy Plane
I did this to honor a good college friend and fraternity brother, who was a Captain for Southwest Airlines for some 30 years.
Member reactions:
I love the naughty cat.(although it's shadow has a life of it's own)
Thanks, jeremix. The shadow is now behaving itself. D'OH.
Hey, it's a good kitty...it's helping to wind up the engine.
Funny chop. The cat is sure an adden value.
Thanks, everyone. Got me figured out, huh, jeremix. .
Quality work, I am sure your friend loved it. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. Yes, he loved it. Thanks, Andrew.
Congrats on the bronze pcrdds Love the tiny vehicles you make.
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, its420...I wish I could take credit, but that's a child's pedal car.
Congratulations. Last time I flew SW was when I asked the Captain if he had enough gas to get to our destination which forced a disturbing frown from him and the Stew next to him. Years ago during a fuel shortage crisis with a particular SW plane. I wonder if he was the Pilot.
Thanks, G-Man. Who knows if he was the pilot.
jeremix...HA............ Thanks, hidden jere.

Funny Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet Taken By a Dinosaur

Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet Taken By a Dinosaur
Member reactions:
This can be one of the possible seniario of lifting the Jet by gaint jurrasic birds into a distant land beneath the sea good view from the top
Good news for Malaysia Finally freaking guys has found it

Funny TSA at an Airline Crash Site

TSA at an Airline Crash Site
Government instantly responds to crash
Member reactions:
Nice way to build up of events together near the crash site TSA doing the good job
Nice one. Should have shown the emergency vehicle running over the girl, too (groan).

Funny New Airline Advertising

New Airline Advertising
You would think that other airlines would be a bit more careful in their handling of passengers after the fallout of United Airlines and the forced removal of passenger Dr. David Dao, who was dragged from a United Airlines flight and suffered injuries in early April. Apparently the other airlines haven't learned much. This week an American Airlines employee had a confrontation with a mother carrying twins. Both of these horrid events caught on video for the world to see. Create Airline Advertising that includes new services, enhanced in-flight perks, new rewards programs, including features or services that we could see in the near future that reflects these news stories. For more background on this story involving United Airlines and American Airlines Click Here for the news.

Funny Airline Paint Jobs

Airline Paint Jobs
With the rising cost of fuel, airlines are looking for all possible ways to offset their costs. More and more airline companies agree to commercial paint jobs to display advertisements on the inside or outside parts of airplanes, effectively turning their aircrafts into marketing machines. Show what creative paint jobs airlines could have on the inside or outside of airplanes. Any airline paint jobs are allowed in this contest: commercial, graffiti, or even arts and paintings. You can use any existing airlines or create a new carrier if you wish.

Funny Budget Airlines

Budget Airlines
The future of air travel may not be so bright - airlines try new designs to put more passengers in the same space, even seating them facing each other like sardines in a can. What can budget airlines and other air carriers do in order to improve their profitability? Create images of how you think they can reduce costs or change their service in order to improve their profits and stay in business.

Funny Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines announced that they are merging into one carrier. The merger was approved by the director boards of both companies this week. This merger will create the world's biggest carrier valued at over $17 billion. The combined airline will be called Delta, will be based in Atlanta and Delta's CEO Richard Anderson will head the combined company. Let us imagine that Delta and Northwest combine not only companies but actually their airplanes too. Photoshop Delta and Northwest AIRPLANES merged together one way or another. Some examples are: place one plane on top of another (vertically), or next to each other (front view, horizontally), create tandem airplane (one long airplane with two sets of wings), etc.

Funny American Airlines

American Airlines
American Airlines canceled 570 more flights this Friday, bringing its total number of this week's canceled flights to 3,000, and the total number of bumped passengers to over 250,000. The company said it expects to cancel more flights on Saturday and possibly next week. Many fed-up travelers headed for trains and said that it's the worst management they have seen from an airline company in their lifetime. One bumped AA passenger said that it's not a coincidence that AA also stands for "Alcoholics Anonymous". Photoshop demotivational posters mentioning American Airlines one way or another. Try to make them mimic the classic motivational posters format like in these examples - black background, image in the middle, followed by the title word(s), and demotivational message below. NOTE: as an exception to our rules, in this contest you are allowed to recycle any of your previous entries of FN and use it for the central image in your demotivational poster. Remember that your entry in this contest HAS to refer to American Airlines, and include the title word(s) and a de-motivational text message, like in the examples above.

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