AirForce One with fighter escort
AirForce One with fighter escort
AirForce One with fighter escort. Member reactions:
Good idea ... our target to protect President, and this is a cheaper method of transport, no oil, no engine, only wind will carry and u can give protection from rain and sunlight also

Funny Airforce and Pilots

Airforce and Pilots
Member reactions:
haha love the way you did these faces here nice work
Yeahm this is a lot of fun.. Nicely done.
congrats on the woody anavrin great work
Congrats on your woody Anavrin. really enjoyed this one
Would make a nice satirical movie poster. Congrats on the wood, Anavrin.

Funny Airforce Attack on City

Airforce Attack on City

Funny JFK in the Airforce

JFK in the Airforce
Member reactions:
Love the composition. JFK's head may use slightly higher contrast to match the main source I think
Great one VitalSpark welcome to freakingnews hope to see more from you

Funny Fat Airforce One

Fat Airforce One
Shocking. Photo. Reveals Air Force One over New York. Photoshopped. Before Public Release. Much Fatter. ...Than Anyone Thought Before.

Funny Vladimir Putin Airforce

Vladimir Putin Airforce
Putin Here Putin There Putin Everywhere...

Funny Airforce One

Airforce One
Member reactions:
Love this.Especially the "impeaches" on his ears.Outstanding..

Funny AirForce One on Daytona 500

AirForce One on Daytona 500
Bush is a big NASCAR fan. (can ya tell.)
Member reactions:
And with the money that I got for this, I can start my own off-shore business to take more american jobs. BUSH

Funny Abraham Lincoln in the Airforce

Abraham Lincoln in the Airforce
Member reactions:
I like the concept, but Abe's face needs a better color match

Funny US Airforce Greeting Alien Ship

US Airforce Greeting Alien Ship
Member reactions:
Me too but, the voters must have wanted to see an Obama 'fall to his death' chop. Also, noticed changes you made before contest voting began. I expected your image to win some award but...but...but. Nice job-liked it.
OH...and 'I feel that 'you wuz robbed.' Better luck next contest.
Yea I Got Robbed I could did them some of the winners in less than 20 minites.I guess simple is better.
I think you have to be clairvoyant to figure out the winning strategy so, do what you will and enjoy the image you create. Pat yourself on the back, later.
A great job by everyone, one of the reasons most of my voting was 7's, cover my aces.
Well instead of talking about it do "One of those Winners in 20min" as u said & lets see you up on the Podium This was an ok image, the shadows (bar spaceship) are all wrong though.

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