Iran Building a model Aircraft Carrier
Iran Building a model Aircraft Carrier
Iran Building a model Aircraft Carrier. kaboom
Member reactions:
Wao.... to see the Aircraft Carrier and the missile is directly aim to destroy that.... good visuals
Nice chop with very good perspective. I like it.
Total congrats, Great chop, alarming story. These guys just will not stop until we elect a psycho president that will declare an American style, nuclear extinction Jihad on them. They really need to stop the antagonism and bull baiting or they WILL get horns right up their A55.
Congrats Slixter... interesting article too.

Funny Aircraft Carrier Golf Course

Aircraft Carrier Golf Course
Member reactions:
Awesome view from the Top... an entire golf court is on the moving cruise great thought... Love the trees growing there well done
Genius and useful chop...this can be proposed to Obama

Funny Low Flying Aircraft Warning Sign in Syria

Low Flying Aircraft Warning Sign in Syria

Funny USS Aircraft Carrier Guitar

USS Aircraft Carrier Guitar
Member reactions:
Great to see a Guitar works like an AirCraft Carrier not only carries Air Crafts but also big ships even Nice thought

Funny Plane Gunners Shoot Enemy Aircraft

Plane Gunners Shoot Enemy Aircraft
Member reactions:
Thanks, rarely
Clever, clever . . . and well done. Thumbs up

Funny Space Aircraft Acorn

Space Aircraft Acorn
Member reactions:
Super creative. This contest is a feast of ideas and chops.

Funny Flying Bottle Aircraft

Flying Bottle Aircraft
Member reactions:
Wonderful aircraft work. I like the paratroopers. Go Sarah.

Funny Crocodile Crashes Aircraft

Crocodile Crashes Aircraft
Crocodile blamed for aircraft crash
Member reactions:
OMG. An old fashioned honest to goodness FN chop. Fantastic. I was afraid the place was going to have to change its name to Freaking Comicbook. This is great.
Freaking hilarious. I hope the right pilot is not for dinner.

Funny Aircraft Carrier Going Over Waterfall

Aircraft Carrier Going Over Waterfall
Member reactions:
Gotta see full size for full entertainment. Love the whole thing, but Dino peeking out of the cave sells the image for me. L
i still need to figure it out what that means, not bad tho
I disagree with Newsmaster. The Dino is the one part i dont like about it.
I should have known it was Master 'F' but, you fooled me this time. Great undercover work.
Great work as always, D. I knew it was yours, wink. You inched me out of wood by a decimal Hhahahah Oh what the heck, you are up there in the cold country and can probably use more firewood than me hehehehehe

Funny Ship AirCraft In Clouds

Ship AirCraft In Clouds
Member reactions:
Thanx NewsMaster
Freaking brilliant. Awesome work here, indeed. Thanks for posting your sources.
I can imagine just cruising thru the clouds in this, very imaginative & well bought together.
Good use of sources. I like the work. Congratulations. Although at the top of the vehicle lacks luster or a flash of light from the sun. But overall this very good work. Buena utilizacion de las fuentes. Me gusta mucho el trabajo. Felicidades. Aunque en la parte superior del vehiculo le falta brillo o un destello de luz que viene del sol. Pero en conjunto esta muy bueno el trabajo.
Aqui si da gusto felicitar por el primer lugar. gano el que tenia que ganar, gano el mejor trabajo. Felicidades por el oro. Here if it like to congratulate on the first place. I had to earn the win, won the best job. Congratulations for the gold.
Excellent work here, Kratos... Congrats..
Congrats Kratos Excellent job, I like how you put all that together.
Agree with AZ. Excellent managment of elements. Congradulations on the gold, Kratos.
Congrats on the gold, excellent overall style. It just looks like a professional illistration in a national magazine. I knew you were good from the first chop that I saw of yours (a semi truck with great lighting) I thought, it looked like Rain but it's different somehow, and very cool and now you're #35 and climbing fast. WTG Kratos.
I missed this contest... What Master Rainman said : awesome work, superb creation . Congrats Kratos .
thanx All glad all you like my fast chop I didn't got alot off free time only 3 hours ,, I don't know if it's can surf on the clouds very fantasy thanx for Great comments
Very nice clean work. congrats kratos5saif, a worthy winner
Very nice clean work. congrats kratos5saif, a worthy winner

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